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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Prophet and the media.

Just like Soviet Russia or Nazified Germany.

by StFerdIII

The prostration is obscene. The lack of analysis alarming. The sycophancy simplistic. The US main-stream media long ago ceased being the 5th estate. It more closely resembles the state owned propaganda machines employed by the Nazis and Soviets, or the academic organs now used sneeringly and jeeringly by Arab and Muslim propaganda. The entire industry needs to disappear. It is rotten with corruption.

The media fascination with a Black man who can use a teleprompter is bizarre. No policy analysis. No skepticism over his nationalisation of the US economy. No concerns over his lack of foreign policy coherence. No questioning about his background in a racist church, or as a 'community' organiser, or as a loyal sub-lieutenant of the Daly mafia in the corrupt city of Chicago. No appraisal of his radical voting record; his admiration for statism; his feverish support of abortion; nor his university career and studies mired in left-wing dogma and irrelevancies. Nothing but admiration.

It is frankly bizarre and frightening.

Now we have ABC and NBC setting up a permanent base inside the White House. This is akin to Pravda-izing the US 'views' coverage. News long ago disappeared from the US media. It is now a collection of left-wing liberal 'views'. Two views organisations establishing a ground zero base inside the Prophet's HQ [or cave perhaps] is another sign that the 5th estate no longer exists in the US.

Both NBC and ABC reach about 20 million people per evening on their views broadcasts. That is a significant 'megaphone' to quote the Prophet words about his nemesis Fox News. Fox reaches about 4-5 million per evening at any point in time. Yet the White House goes out of its way to criticise Fox's supposed criticism of the Prophet. Why bother with casting aspersions upon this one lonely channel when 90% of the mainstream views and newspapers are supplicated and leashed and barking in unison ?

In reality according to Pew research Fox's news items on the Prophet were evenly split – about 40% negative and about 40 % positive in some way. In the mainstream US views and newspapers, the opposite is true. About 2/3 or more of the views about the Prophet are positive, with only a small percentage containing any criticism - “About four out of 10 stories, editorials and op-ed columns about Obama were "clearly positive in tone," the study said, “compared with 22 percent for Bush and 27 percent for Clinton in the same mix of media outlets during the same first two months in office.” Add in 'somewhat' positive and you have 2/3 positive coverage for the great Prophet. Not even the media's darling Kennedy achieved that level.

The media bias for the great Prophet is the only reason his poll numbers are at 62 % - average historically after 100 days for a President and below those of Eisenhower, Kennedy, Reagan, and just slightly ahead of G. W. Bush. As Bernie Goldberg says, the mainstream media do not have journalists but stenographers. Whatever doth the King Prophet stateth, willeth the media believe.

There is no in-depth coverage of Iran, massive deficits, future inflation, the socialisation of health care, the nationalisation of large swathes of the economy, the war in Afghanistan, the rise of petro-fascisms in Russia and Venezuela, the corruption of the UN, the climate-change baloney and far ranging eco-regulations. Nothing. Even the Prophet's abysmal apology to Islam and his indifference to Iranian reformers risking their lives has generated little media-views interest.

And note the hypocrisy. Every move made by the hated G. W. Bush was lampooned and viciously denounced. Even when the economy was growing and even after the Iraq war was an obvious victory [2 years ago now], Bush was castrated in the main-stream media. Almost every news item on Bush was negative, with ad-hominem attacks and base name-calling permeating all media views coverage. But now of course every move made by the tele-prompter Prophet is smoothly accepted and benignly affirmed. As Victor Hanson writes on his blog, the double standard indicates an Orwellian view of the world, possessed by the chattering elite and their effeminate media friends:

“1. The Budget. Wanting to cut $17 billion from the budget, as President Obama has promised, is proof of financial responsibility. Borrowing $1.84 trillion this year for new programs is "stimulus." The old phrase "out-of-control spending" is inoperative.

2.Unemployment. The number of jobs theoretically saved, or created, by new government policies — not the actual percentage of Americans out of work, or the total number of jobs lost — is now the far better indicator of unemployment.

3.The Private Sector. Nationalizing much of the auto and financial industries, while regulating executive compensation, is an indication of our new government's repeatedly stated reluctance to interfere in the private sector.

4.Race and Gender. ..For example, an Hispanic female judge isn't being offensive if she states that Latinas are inherently better judges than white males.

5.Random violence. ...When a crazed lone gunman murders someone outside the Holocaust Museum or shoots an abortion doctor, we should worry about growing right-wing and Christian extremism. But when an African-American Muslim convert brags about his murder of a military recruitment officer or an Islamic group plots to kill Jews and blow up a military jet, these are largely isolated incidents without larger relevance.”

The decay of a state has occurred when the 5th estate becomes a part of the governing machine. When the 'watch dogs' are now inside the compound playing cards with those they are supposed to watch, the logical consequences are not hard to divine. One of the great truisms about statist fascism's is their unbridled and breathtaking use of propaganda and Orwellian double-speak.

So in the era of the great Prophet, lies are truths; nationalisation is salvation; deficits are healthy; relativity is better; and historical rewriting is now factual. When words mean nothing it leads to the inevitable allocation of all meaningful power within the state and its largely unknown and unfettered bureaucracy.

At some point either the Prophet's administration will simply take over the views networks, or perhaps a public revolt might enjoin a return of these networks to independence. Given the current propensity by people for statism, and their indoctrination by the views organisations, the former looks more likely than the latter. When the news turns to views, part of freedom is irretrievably lost and the future looks a lot darker.

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