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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Saturday, March 3, 2007

Hollywood’s oligopolistic control of low culture

Unlimited power to promote vice, counter-culture and uninformed unanimity.

by StFerdIII

In a competitive market Hollywood as an industry would fail. Hollywood is an oligopolistic industry that has excessive power and little restraint. In general Hollywood provides bad product, repetitive models, less than exhilarating and uplifting personalities, and a culture that is extremist in its anti-Western, anti-capitalist and anti-Republican posture. In a normally functioning and competitive market, Hollywood would be dead-wood. But sadly in its oligopolistic position it just accretes more power. Its impact is devastating.

According to a New Times story, the entire Hollywood complex generates almost $90 billion per annum in revenues. Movies alone amass $10 billion per annum in revenues. Inside this industrial chaebol we find the production and sales of DVD movies, TV entertainment shows, pop-music, and consumer goods of all varieties. Hollywood is more than just movies. The ancillary spin-offs of Hollywood are vast and are important contributors to the US economy and the world’s perception of what it means to be an American.

Political power is always tied to money. Hollywood has great influence in American and increasingly world politics. The creation of an oligopoly in any industry allows controlling interests to accumulate incredible store-houses of wealth. This wealth finds it way into political activism. So it goes with Hollywood. From Sean Penn, to Michael Moore, to various elites that run the studios, the Hollywood money machine pours money almost exclusively [with exceptions like James Wood, Bruce Willis or Jack Nicholson], into left-wing causes. The reasons for this are not clear but 3 propositions can be forwarded.

First, Hollywood is a cabal of self-indulgent liberal-socialists because most Hollywood power brokers are uneducated in what constitutes the construction and history of modern civilization. Their ignorance is obvious when you hear them discuss any matters of gravity. Actors and actresses with a high school education have little credibility in lecturing the world about non-entertainment matters. This leads them to assume that the modern world has always been here, always will be here, and that it was only created by corrupt, self-serving white men, who exploited others for gain. What this says about their own methods of getting their large fortunes, they don’t say.

Second, Hollywood as a general group, believes that capitalism and anything related to a market system is bad. It is hard to understand this sick obsession Hollywood has with destroying market forces but it may be related to living in an unregulated, but powerful oligopoly. Hollywood insiders and ultra-millionaires are drunk on their expansive power and like all ego’s tend to view life [and society] as something that should conform to their tastes and style, not something that is organic, full of independent ideas and meaningful variety. A complicated world outside of Hollywood does not exist for such people.

Coming from a bubble-environment where little real competition exists [outside of fighting internally over money, power, contracts and acting roles], Hollywood sees little need for discussion over complex and arcane issues such as price points, supply and demand intersections, the morality of individualism, or the need for faith. A lack of understanding of what constitutes civilisational development and the roles of the family, the market, the state, faith, and the Western Enlightenment tradition permeates Hollywood. Their product makes this obvious. The insidious result is an industry that opposes almost all of the traditions that gave rise to the prosperous nation state.

Hence most Hollywood movies, with some exceptions, are popular pulp nonsense full of unfunny comedies, and repetitive, unserious themes usually denigrating various ideals that don’t conform to Hollywood’s view of the world. And Hollywood’s vision of the world is very confused. Setting itself up as the anti-thesis of market-capitalism and responsible government Hollywood supports only those causes and institutions that were once marginalized or are now anti-thetical to our own survival.

When George Clooney made his terrible fantasy movie Syriana – which implicates the CIA and US government in fostering terrorism – he gave the typical left-wing Hollywood/liberal viewpoint on the current war against fascist Islam and terrorism: "They (the terrorists) are, in a way, the most sympathetic (characters in the movie), but I think that’s important. Because if you are going to fight a war on terror, which is not a state that you can go and bomb, then you need to understand what it is that creates the people that would do such horrible things, rather then just saying — labeling them as evildoers." [Source: Media Research Center]

So Clooney lists the simpleton view of the world that the UN, Hollywood, and the EU subscribe to. Terrorism is our fault. The root causes are Western ignorance. We don’t understand them enough to make a judgement. Terrorists are nice people really, who have just gone a little bad. Understand their root causes please. Don’t bomb indiscriminately and kill people etc. etc. Mindless nonsense which finds its way into all sorts of Hollywood productions and exports.

When Al Gore publishes fear-mongering tripe on Global Warming and receives an award for his scare-mongering efforts to gain political power during one of the coldest and nastiest winters in recent memory, Hollywood is too vapid to note the irony. While New York sits under 10 feet of snow and whole areas of the globe have experienced one of the coldest winters on record, Hollywood bestows on Gore a 2nd place prize for losing the 2000 election by acclaiming his seriously flawed piece of theatre ‘An Inconvenient Truth’. It is doubtful that Gore the Marxist politician would have received an award for a documentary entitled, 'What made America great'.

We will witness an ice age long before a 0.010 % increase in C02 emissions cooks up the planet in a human inspired microwave. Hollywood’s lockstep salute to Al Gore reveals deep bathos. No debate, no inquiry, no deviation from the elite’s view of the world is tolerated. Hollywood’s open support of eco-fascism, Gore, and other left wing politicians is deeply troubling. Since its influence is immense and global, Hollywood’s Marxist activism influences all age groups and distorts real facts and political debate. It is a hard juggernaut to overcome.

Clooney, Gore and others illustrate a third reason why Hollywood is so Marxist. Like most matters in natural science politics abhors a vacuum. If you want political power and influence and you are sitting in Hollywood with millions what makes more sense? To compete with other well entrenched, high powered-monied and corporate interests to influence right-wing Republican policies? Or should you moralize with the left-wingers who are in need of cash and support outside of their typical union-lawyer support base? Not only does left-wing activism need Hollywood money, the ego-assuaging and moralizing back-patting appeals to those whose sense of self is somewhat smaller than God’s but larger than life.

But Hollywood should note this. When a movie with some serious content comes out, such as Lord of the Rings, it tends to do incredibly well. The reason is obvious – many in the general public are exhausted by Hollywood’s bad, immoral, self-indulgent product and rush out to view something with intelligence and meaning. Traditional values are dormant not dead. Hollywood is now so out of touch with the average person that one can only hope for a sharp reduction in the monies that consumers will send to the millionaire supports of cultural and political Marxism. Without a serious competitor to Hollywood’s oligopoly, this is more a hope than a certainty.

At one time, from its inception to about the 1980s, Hollywood was a different animal. It produced reasonably good quality product, was pro-American, proud of its Western heritage and reasonably supportive of higher culture. Movies had serious themes. Actors and actresses had class, dressed appropriately [with some exceptions], and took seriously their jobs as public role models. They were flawed, but the quality of their performances and their public demeanor shames today’s Hollywood elite. Sometime during the 1970s all this changed for the worse.

Hollywood has transformed itself into a parody of cultish group-think. The cult has turned away from the spirit of the Western tradition towards sinister concepts supporting eco-fascism, cultural Marxism, rampant socialism, widespread sexuality, anti-Christian ideals and low standards. Hollywood’s obsession with sex and homosexuality is pathological. More important things exist in life then satisfying bestial passions. If culture is king, then Hollywood is certainly the leader of low culture, and is thus a huge problem in our society today. Civilisations collapse when culture disappears.

Hollywood represents all that is wrong with the liberal-socialist club that is becoming dominant across the US and is entrenched in Europe and Canada. Britney Spears, Anna Nicole Smith, Susan Sarandon, Sean Penn and others have nothing intelligent or compelling to offer, or say. Yet the general public supports them by buying their low quality product, and listening and even acting on their misguided rants and Marxist opinions.

It is peculiar that Western civilization has now created a powerful oligopolistic industry intent on destroying its host society. Even in the animal kingdom organisms don’t create parasites which kill them. Yet the Western world through US low culture seems intent on doing just that.

The only anodyne for Hollywood? More competition and the creation of technologies and entertainment studios who oppose Hollywood’s ideas and who will battle for the consumer’s entertainment dollar.

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