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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Friday, August 7, 2009

The nonsense of 'nuance' and other Left-wing code speak

A handy guide for those living in reality

by StFerdIII

Muslims screech absurdities in code. Vote hungry politicians grovel in code. Bureaucrats babble in code. The media, disinformation enablers, prattle in code. When you hear someone use the code words, 'moderate', 'centrist', 'normal', 'mainstream' or 'not extreme', you know that the opposite applies. When the Prophet Obamed says his approach to Islam is 'nuanced', you know that it really means 'totally clueless'. Here is a guide to help decode the codified babble.

Liberal/Marxist/Leftist Political New-speak

-My views are not 'simplistic':
Translation: I don't have a clue about the topic and don't want to give an opinion for fear of making someone cry. Using the key world 'simplistic' immediately elevates me [in my own mind] to the ranks of the sophisticated, hair-flicking, Letterman-watching cult.

-My views are 'moderate':
Translation: I am a screeching, partisan lunatic. Anything you say which disagrees with my opinion is extreme and wrong. In fact you are a psychotic nuisance for daring to disagree with my superficial ideas covered by the description, 'moderate'.

-My views are 'mainstream':
Translation: I am educated by the mainstream media, believe what Hollywood and state propaganda tell me; and enjoy being part of the great Sheeple herd. Thinking independently is not recommended. Group-think rules. If you disagree with this 'mainstream' concept you are an extremist madman who should be castrated.

-My opinion is 'centrist':
Translation: Marxism is the new centre. So any concept which disagrees with the various strains of Marxist, socialist, and fascistic thought is 'way out there'. For instance the belief in free speech, individualism, capital and responsibility are positions held by extremists. Wow. You must be nuts.

-The issue is 'nuanced':
Translation: I am a coward and won't state a viewpoint. Or, I am clueless about the topic and too tired to become educated about it. Better to do and say nothing. After all no one beats up a mannequin.

-I am not 'extreme'....unlike...:
Translation: I am a raving, arm-waving, slobbering, asylum escapee. My views are so weird that even I can't understand them. If you contradict my world view I will get nasty and call you names and threaten your family.

-It is my 'opinion' that.....
Translation: I have no facts or evidence for my thoughts, but since I was taught that all opinions are valuable than I will make you listen. If you disagree with what I or my group says, we have the right to beat you, or at the very least, verbally rape you.

-You are a 'racist'....
Translation: I will call you bad names if you disagree with me. Don't want socialized health care ? Well that is because you are a southern conservative-bible thumping, racist, toothless freak. You want to wage war against Islamic fascists ? Obviously you are a knuckle dragging anti-brown racist.

-Everything is 'grey'....
Translation: I am too mentally lazy to make a distinction between right and wrong, up and down, black and white, forwards and backwards, and the number 1 and 5. After all, 5 could be 1 sometimes. It is well known that wrong is oftentimes right. And usually left is actually backwards.

New-Speak is everywhere. When the Prophet Obamed says he does not want to own a car company, you know that he already owns it. When a politician speaks of 'children's, children's' future, he is referencing massive debt financed spending to pay off the various lobby groups which thrusted him into power. When some Eco-fascist bore like L Ron Gore discusses a topic he has no clue about – climate – you know that the real issue is government expansion and increasing taxes under the guise of saving something or other. Language matters and talking in code is dangerous.

Some rather common New-Speak words and translations which one can hear every day from some 'nuanced' political 'expert' or professional:

Equality --->>>> Means wealth redistribution
The Religious Right ------>>>> Means hatred of anything opposed to state power
Female Rights --->>>>> Means unfettered abortion and child killing
Diversity --->>>> Means special rights for politically sensitive groups
Tolerance --->>> Means expanding government programs for non Western cultures and alternative lifestyles
Environment -->>> Means government must control markets and capital and micro-manage people's sordid little lives.

Well the list is actually quite endless.

There are some on-line software programs which will allow a normally functioning person, living in reality, to write something and have it translated into New-speak. Here is one. So a sentence such as 'I believe in freedom, individual rights and limited government' could be translated into Leftist/Greenist New-Speak as; 'I hate all poor people, do not believe in justice and equality and am opposed to a caring and loving community premised on diversity and Mother Earth worship.' Or something like that.

New-Speak is real. The Prophet and friends are experts in its usage. It is only a matter of time before the Ivy League dis-information centres offer PhDs [Pretty Happy Dude] degrees in New-speak realism. Just by itself New-Speak has the power to obliterate the modern world. Nuanced isn't it ?

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