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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Monday, July 18, 2005

BBC and CBC – State owned garbage

BBC erases word ‘terrorist’ from its Web site after July 7 attacks

by StFerdIII

Every week in the mid and late 1930s, German families would amble over to the local theatre and view state produced films and ‘news’ documentaries that followed a simple format. There would be news of astonishing German greatness, innovation and progress, followed by diatribes against Jews and lesser humans, than topped off with a rousing German big band musical. Apparently such state managed ‘shows’ were extremely popular with the Nazi tranquilised German populace. The Nazi’s were expert at using state resources to socialise, nationalise and demonize. The German people bought the package, media manipulation helped to create a ferociously patriotic volk.

Fast forward 70 years and the little minds are still at work in the West. Outside of the
US every single country has state owned broadcasters and newspapers. The control can be direct or indirect. In many countries newspapers are virulent supporters of the national ruling party and curry favour through white washing the news, supporting their political friends and getting some cash on the side in various forms being they subsidies, protection from competition, or corporate cross-ownership. Such is the wonderful world that exists in Britain, France, Canada, Holland, Belgium, Germany…..just to name a few.

State owned media is a complete nonsense and is divorced from reality. The BBC after one of the worst attacks in
London in recent memory scrambled to erase the word terrorist from its website. It issued an editorial cover stating that the word terrorist does not help in the debate to understand terrorism or its supporters. According to the BBC the word terrorist is too emotional to be of much use in understanding the world wide war the West is engaged in. To say that this is mind-bogglingly stupid is rather obvious. Acts of terrorism generated by Islamic fascists are the problem. Islam is the core issue, fanatical fascists continuing their 1500 year jihad against the West, is the manifestation of the Islamic and terrorist threat facing world civilisation.

Over at the CBC, the so-called journalists trip over themselves trying to avoid the obvious that Islam and Islamic terrorism are the problems. Like the BBC, the CBC prefers calling suicide terrorists that destroy civilian targets, ‘bombers’, ‘insurgents’, or ‘rebels’. The CBC refuses to recognise that we are engaged with fascist, Islamic funded, Arab based, Arab financed and brainwashed Muslim terrorists. Period. White-washing a name to appear politically correct, is not sensitive but irresponsibly ignorant. I can’t imagine the media in 1940 describing the Nazi’s as ‘revolutionaries’, or ‘German nationalists’. The Germans were fascists and had to be dealt with through blood and steel. So it goes with Islam’s jihad against the West. There is no metaphysical abstraction of Islamic jihad, a cat as the saying goes, is still called a cat.

The CBC a tired old, irrelevant and socialist supporter of the corrupt
Quebec biker gang a.k.a the Lie-beral party, receives U$800 million in subsidies per annum. Besides bad product the CBC’s market share is in a free fall – about 5 % of viewers tune in to watch liberal slap-dash reporting and black comedy. The BBC takes in U$4 billion per annum with each household owning a TV paying a U$200 per annum tax. However unlike the CBC, the BBC and its channels command a 37 % market share. Annual turnover is U$7 billion making the BBC a noticeable media giant. The BBC suffers from less competition than the CBC and has tighter protectionism from government to limit market share losses.

It is sad that Canadian and British taxpayers have to hand over money to fund left-wing media groups. There is enough liberal-socialism in the world without state owned broadcasters. Both the CBC and BBC have been against the war on terror. They both ran documentaries on the millions of dead babies that would be strewn all over
Afghanistan and Iraq – due to American bombs. They both supported the Oil for Food Scam that killed thousands of Iraqi’s as Hussein, Chirac, Primakov, the UN and other enlightened hero’s made millions, including terrorist groups. They repeatedly run anti-Israeli propaganda and anti-US ‘specials’ which masquerade as documentaries but are little more then lunatic ravings against the US. Both the BBC and CBC have been found to lie about the news and in the case of the BBC the extent of lying over the war in Iraq, caused the dismissal of top management.

There is nothing balanced, intelligent or interesting on any of the state owned media outlets. For instance on the BBC's reporting of U.S. President George Bush's pledge of $15 billion to fight AIDS in Africa makes a good case study. Approximating as it does to four times the entire GDP of Zambia, one might expect that such a gigantic aid package would be reported positively. However, a search of the BBC's Web site reveals an altogether different picture.

Of the articles that relate to the AIDS initiative, one reports President Bush's summer tour of five African countries, entitled: "Is the US Africa's friend or foe?" Within the piece its author remarks: "others saw ulterior motives behind Mr. Bush's visit. Some of the AIDS cash is dependent on deals with
U.S. pharmaceutical companies, while others saw America's thirst for oil as the key motivation. Meanwhile the U.S. has refused to commit help to Liberia during [the] recent heavy conflict."

This is one way that the BBC achieves "impartiality" -- countering positive, real news about the
U.S. with hostile "quotes" ascribed to anonymous "sources" or rent-a-rant pressure groups.

The CBC adds 'The president's interest in the continent is a big change from his attitude during the 2000 presidential campaign, in which he called the continent a country and said the U.S. had no "national strategic interests" there.'

Again the CBC does not add that
Canada does nothing on AIDS relief and has no pharma industry to produce an antidote to the disease. They side swipe Bush's package with belittling comments.

When the BBC reported how
U.S. troops had unearthed in early May 2004 a mass grave containing the bodies of 15,000 Iraqi men, women and children murdered by Sadam Hussein's regime, the BBC's radio newscaster announced the discovery thus: "Human-rights groups have today criticized the U.S. military for failing to protect the site of a mass grave in Iraq." In other words, the BBC reported the inconsequential (invented?) anti-U.S. reaction as the main issue rather than the far more newsworthy event vindicating U.S. policy from which that reaction emanated.

The CBC adds: 'Some people who lost relatives [in
Iraq] told a CBC news crew that the world should be ashamed of itself for not doing anything to help protect them from a brutal dictatorship until now.' Again the CBC does not state that the war was moral, justified or a force for good, nor does it add details on the US efforts to secure the mass grave sites or the lack of Canadian efforts in anything to do with Iraq qua grave sites, security or military aid. Indeed the CBC goes further:

”But that was not fast enough for George Bush, who maintained war was the only option. "Time is running out on Saddam Hussein… he must disarm. I'm sick and tired of games and deception," Bush said. Even though the Bush administration has been caught in its own deceptions. The
U.S. insisted it had proof Iraq was trying to buy uranium for a nuclear bomb, but the documents themselves were false.” Actually no the documents were not falsified. The UNO, Canadian, British and other intelligence services vouchsafe the documents relating to Iraqi WMD and armaments purchases, most of which was done while the Oil for Food program was in full train. In fact it is estimated that Hussein and his circle made $10 billion off the program, much of it was being used to rebuild Iraq’s armed forces. Yet the CBC would never add such a corollary.

I could go on and on and on with examples of bad journalism. Citizens in
Canada and Britain are giving money to subsidise jingoism. National-Socialists are masters at this. The entire socialisation of a country can take place within one generation. Indeed in Britain and Canada, the socialised media combined with socialised education has produced an apathetic, rights demanding population. Free up the media, free up debate, free up thinking. Yes corporate private media is not perfect but nothing in the market place of ideas or products is perfect. But at least you can pick and choose what you want, and not have to pay unaccountable, non-transparent and dishonest media outlets for the privilege of having them produce state owned porridge, posing as news. If private corporations produce bad product they either change or go out of business.

So it is with the media. If the CBC and BBC are so good, righteous and accurate let them compete in the marketplace of ideas without government protection and subsidies. ©

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