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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

Tempus Fugit Memento Mori - Time Flies Remember Death 

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Friday, May 29, 2009

California and GM – welcome to America's future

Hard to blame these two colossal failures on Whites, Jews, 'the Market', or Wall Street. But many will try.

by StFerdIII

Hard to blame these two colossal failures on Whites, Jews, 'the Market', or Wall Street. But many will try.

Mexi-fornia and Government Motors [or Morons] - both are too big to fail or so the peasant mass are told. Both were apparently too big to be managed properly. They were too big to incentivized by the market. They were too big to be left alone to the capriciousness of individual choice. They were too big to compete. They were too big to be viewed as part of the adult world. Too big to fail simply means too important for government to leave alone – even when government's cause their demise in the first place.

California has not elected a conservative government since the early 1990s. And it is now paying the price. According to the published 2009 budget Mexifornia's $1.7 Trillion economy runs a real structural deficit of at least $50-75 billion per year. It exports to other parts of the US – thanks to Federal taxes and welfare redistribution about $40 billion per annum. But it spends about $150 billion in trying to cope with illegal problems – jails, border security, hospital care, illegal education, police, drugs, gangs and crime. Transfers to other states is not the problem, though 'equalization' is a legitimate grievance and one that should be stopped. California's internal disorder and massive statism is of course the real problem.

California has the 6th highest total rate of tax in the US, in a state which accounts for about 15 % of US GDP. It has the highest personal income tax rate in the union, and one of the worst environments imaginable for businesses. High taxes and increasing regulation are not the smartest ways to stimulate an economy. California already has European styled tax rates – when one considers taxes paid and all 'fees' paid. Yet the hue and screams are for more - to close the 'budget gap', or so the deep thinkers intone.

The middle class of Blacks, Hispanics and Whites are literally fleeing the state and the eco-fascist, statist nonsense which is killing businesses, investments and ensuring over-inflated land and house prices, through a gross and insane diminution of land available for development. Budgets increase by over 10% per year – yet the cry is the same – not enough money! California already has European styled tax rates – when one considers taxes paid and all 'fees' paid. Yet the hue and screams are for more - to close the 'budget gap', or so the deep thinkers intone.

The mixture of profligate spending; unions running politicians and the government; eco-baloney activists managing policy; massive unfettered illegal immigration; and cultural breakdown, you have a failed state. California is the best example in the US of the failures of un-assimiliated multi-culturalism, government activism, union control, and the eradication of conservative culture.

The only thing missing in California is the replacement of the state flag with the hammer and sickle.

GM is the corporate equivalent of California. It ceased being a car company in the 1970s and became a welfare-state. One million non-active workers receive health care and pensions for life. The current group of 200.000 workers are unionized with until recently, unlimited demands on the 'profits' fictitious as they were, of the company. Unions despise innovation, productivity, technology and flexibility. They are created to instil the opposite inside the firm, to 'guarantee' jobs. What they guarantee is that the firm will eventually collapse since the workers are not working in a competitive landscape of labor, wages and profit-sharing, but against management and the company. No firm of any size will survive a union.

GM is also a victim of paralysing government. For 50 years across North America GM and governments created 'partnerships' in investments in plants and various centers. These were tax payer funded enterprises – at least in part. GM has been on the welfare drug for 50 years. Government would announce with great glee and media attention the opening, expansion or sustainability of a GM center or plant. Children's-future, education, technology and jobs were the mantras used by politicians to explain the 50 year fraud of giving tax money to a large corporation quite capable of raising capital on the open market.

Now of course the Prophet Obamed and friends will make sure that the GM union – a key support group – will survive most likely with a deciding ownership stake. How utterly Orwellian.

GM's 50 year welfare history was also a payback to the firm for the regulatory nonsense and 'standards' imposed by government on the firm. Government's compounded GM's innate problems by basically making it impossible for the firm to build a car at a reasonable price. The costs of various eco- and public- regulations was so high, that GM was going to be crippled and put at a market disadvantage.

Both Mexifornia and GM are fine examples of statist policy destroying firms, individuals, products and entire states. Both are inextricably linked to the platform and ideology of the Prophet Obamed and the ruling clique – hence taxpayer bailouts are assured. Both will be 'saved' by the 'state' and pay homage thereto in gratified supplication. Both will be 'rebuilt' quickly, with 'limited' tax-payer 'risk' and a large 'potential profit' as future times become better times. Socialised Health Care is an example of such a 'return on investment' one supposes.

In any event the failure the multi-cult paradise of Mexi-fornia and of unionized and therefore holier-than-thou Government Morons, will be ascribed not to bad policy, vulturous vapid marxist-unions, over-spending, bad management, ridiculous regulations, or governmental meddling and incompetence on a colossal scale.


The US left wing media and the alliance of soft heads will find a way to blame capitalism, markets and by extension Conservatives and profit-seeking Jews. Count on it. There will be no lessons learnt from the bankruptcies of GM and Mexi-fornia. Just more glee at yet more expansion of government power.

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