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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Friday, January 21, 2011

The Leftist cult of demonization and hate

Why don't Liberals love GW Bush?

by StFerdIII


Liberal Democrat Representative Steve Cohen another Ivy League trained self-proclaimed genius, recently categorized any 'Conservative' who opposed the socialization of what remains of the US Health Care market in which 60% of all expenditure is directly controlled by government, as a 'Nazi'. Cohen is too dull and ignorant to know that National Socialism and the Hitler cult were the natural derivatives of Marxist-Socialist theology. Hitler's Statism of course produced the nirvana demanded today by all Liberals including guaranteed incomes, 'free' education, healthcare, baby care and dental care, and of course an expansive system of welfare and pensions. This experiment in socialization was bankrupted by 1939 making World War II an inevitability. The fact that Hitler married State fascism with the military somehow turns the Nazi cult into a 'right wing' movement. You have to be mentally unhinged to come up with such an assessment.

Cohen's derangement is just another example of the modern Marxist-Socialist view of contra-reality on full display. The Liberal God O-Messiah has denigrated Whites, ridiculed small business owners, sat in a racist Black Power Theology church for 20 years; extols Islam and minimizes America; and talks as if he was in a ghetto opining that he would bring a gun to a knife fight [referencing Conservative attacks on his Healthcare deform bill]. Yet his fellow travelling socialists and media abettors do not criticize these acts or beliefs; nor to they even countenance comments or inquiries from opponents or independents on the same. There is no 'balanced' nor intelligent application of standards or frameworks of discourse by the 'Left'. Bush and Palin were and are demonized. Reid, Pelosi, Obama, Clinton et al are above criticism. They must be followed, venerated, worshipped and defended. This is what one would call mindlessness.

Conservatism, which is very generous and ill-defined term, has as many branches and theologies as an old oak tree. One vital root of this complex structure is the ability to think rationally and apply the rationality across time, space and domain. Conservatism has to entail logic, and reality if nothing else. Thus, a real fiscal conservative like myself, as long ago as 2004 called G.W. Bush a socialist. Why? Bush spent money, incurred deficits, doubled the national debt, and increased program spending to buy votes including the execrable $100 billion [today's value] drug prescription fiasco to pacify seniors. Government expanded markedly under Bush, with the Department of Education increasing by 50%; the EPA by 40%; and socialized Medicare and Medicaid by 35%. GlobaloneyWarming and Green technology subisidies blossomed under Bush, and most of this was simply corruption and included the destruction of vast stocks of corn for ethanol which drove up food prices. [A hallmark of socialism is the fascination the socialists have with controlling, destroying or deranging food supplies.] By comparison the military spend went up $150 billion or some 40% due to 2 wars of necessity [at least in my opinion]. In fact the non-military spend of Bush was $ 1 Trillion more per annum than under Clinton. This $1 Trillion was not related to warring, a 'Crusade', or the liquidation of innocents in Iraq [pace the Iraqi Body Count organization]. This massive increase in Statism was the expansion of goverment, pure and simple. Bush was a Statist, not a Conservative. At least thinking Conservatives who can criticize people, movements, parties and leaders without regard to labels, should agree on that.

Now migrate over to the Leftist cult. Can you imagine a Liberal condemning the great man the O-Messiah in similar terms. The O Deity's program is exactly the same as Bush's. Think about it. Nothing has changed except the socialization of America is now on a faster track, because the Democrats or Dumocrats as I call them, given their policies and supporters; are so openly and flamboyantly Marxist [a fact that the mainstream media does not grasp]. So my question is - why don't Liberals love Bush ? The O God is still fighting a war in Afghanistan [Iraq was over in 2007]. ObamaCare is the logical outgrowth of both his socialist philosophy and Bush's mad funding of Medicare and Medicaid [Obamacare is bascially an expansion of both programs to 30 million potential Democratic voters]. Bush's TARP program finds its echo in the various non-stimulating programs, now totalling $1.5 Trillion of the O Messiah's administration. Banks and car companies are still owned by the US government with some, such as Citi and AIG, now beginning to exit the ownership, but the fact is that hundreds of smaller banks and 2 large car firms are now nationalized. It all started with Bush. Shouldn't Liberals venerate Bush as the progenitor of their program of Marxist-Socialization?

Instead of sayng, 'yes you know GW was a statist, and some of his programs were good, and some were bad, and instead of following that policy, GW should have done such and such....' the Liberal-Marxist cult including the media, demonized Bush. BushHitler, Bush-is-stupid, Bushwhacker, Bush is a Fascist, Bush the Nazi, were common characterizations of Bush. Bush increased Federal spending on the caring, compassionate programs, so beloved by Liberals by 50% ! Isn't that what these people want? Don't they covet more government ?! If you opposed the Iraq war did you have to engage in the mindless rhetoric, name-calling and the dismissal of the enterprise by using words that you either don't understand [Nazi etc], or demonizing a person and making them less human which makes it easier to hate them and kill them ?

Now these same people want 'courtesy' and 'moderate' debate? Are they insane ? They spent 8 years issuing forth the most immature, lurid and ignorant of propaganda against Bush and are doing the same against Palin and they demand 'civility'? This psychologically untenable position clearly delineates a collection of minds and ideologies that are divorced from reality. Conservatives should and do criticize based on facts and policies. The Left simply slanders, demonizes and generalizes and usually calls their opponents what they truly are which would including being intolerant, being uncivil, being misinformed, and being cult followers dedicated to power and control, not to the seeking of truth, solutions or amiable deal-making. As lecturer and writer Evan Sayet elucidates:

The Modern Liberal knows that he cannot win debates held in a respectful and open environment. When objective facts are “undesirable” they cannot allow an opportunity for those facts to be heard and considered. For this reason the Democrat has no choice but to attempt to render alternative points-of-view as being so beyond the pale that the mere consideration of those views becomes an act of evil in and of itself. If, for example, the Democrats had presented their case during the Bush Administration as “George Bush is a good and decent man who wants the best for the country and the world but he happens to be wrong on (say) his Social Security policy, this kind of environment would see questions asked that the Democrat knows he cannot answer, questions such as “Where is Bush’s policy wrong?” and “What’s the Democrat’s policy and how is it better?” But, because the Democrat knows his policy isn’t better (because his goal isn’t to respond to objective facts but rather to lie for the benefit of his “social aim”) he cannot allow such an environment to exist.  In order to prevent it he must declare that George Bush is eeevil and therefore anyone who would even consider supporting Bush because of his superior policy would be evil himself.  The Tea Partiers have to be made to appear racist because if they’re good and decent people with legitimate concerns, the objective facts which the Democrat finds undesirable would enter into play.

These are good points. The Left has never argued on facts. For Liberals everything is about emotion and power. Objectivity does not exist for the Liberal-Marxist. Subjective reordering of facts and reality is the necessity. If the facts don't support your position than lie. If that does not work, than portray your enemies as sub-human. These tactics were used by the Nazis and Soviets. They are being used by Muslims and Marxists. In the world view of these cults reality is optional. What is important is seizing power, crushing the individual and using state coercion to create a Brave New World. Truth is not even necessary in such a world view.

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