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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Sunday, July 5, 2009

The importance of Sarah Palin.

She represents most of America.

by StFerdIII

But of course she should be hated. She is a very attractive and successful 45 year old former governor of an important state, and mother of 5 children, with the youngest having Down's. A woman who has started and ran businesses, mayored a small town, reformed her own political party, took on the well monied and entrenched 'old boys' interests and gangs and won and who was a VP nominee. A woman who puts faith, family, physical exercise, and education before anything else. A person who elevates the individual and who intensely dislikes government and its corruption. What is there to like about such a creature ? She did not go to Harvard; did not abort her children; did not live in Upper West Side Manhattan; was not corrupt; and actually likes her country. What an abomination !

Sarah Palin is important because she represents most of America. This is the signal fact which inspires so much hatred. She is normal. She is not an Ivy League educated technocrat like the Prophet Obamed - a man who is indifferent to people, the individual and who exalts the power of the state. Palin believes in family, children, free markets; free speech; freedom of association and small government. She also believes ardently in a divine power. All of these attributes attract a hysterical and disgusting array of attacks and innuendo showing the American media, bloggers and many political pundits at their debased worst.

There are a few things about her that even many conservatives don't like. She is too much of a fundamentalist for my taste for example. The Bible is an ethical metaphor not a literal document of divine interpretation or historicity. I distrust anyone who is a fundamentalist because such a belief reveals an inability to distinguish the essence of what constitutes true Christian thinking and philosophy from supernaturality; ancient myths; and the work of magi. Fundamentalism is mental laziness and can rigidify a person's spiritual and mental structure. For that reason I believe Palin is best left in state and not national politics. Fundamentalists should not in my opinion be in positions of national power.

She also lacks knowledge on many issues and areas. Famously she has trouble answering even simple questions on many topics. Her political beliefs thus come across as superficial and dogmatic. She cannot for example defend free trade or open economics with concrete historical examples; factual details on why trade benefits all parties; or how and why autarchic or government controlled economies fail. Her instinct is right on most issues, but her capacity to defend them properly in the political theatre is under-developed. This opens her up of course to criticism.

Yet the criticisms launched against Palin are not based on fact, performance or reality, but are simply vicious ad-hominem attempts to not only discredit her, but de-humanise her. There is no 'balance' on Palin and no attempt by the broader society to be fair.

For instance all of the legal charges against Palin are false. All ethical lawsuits have been dismissed. But under America's legal system, the defendant pays the costs of 'nuisance' lawsuits. She is $500.000 in debt and will never get the money back – except by resigning as Governor and going on a speaker tour and publishing books. Thus her resignation is a practical move – one designed to free up her 'star' quality and allow the pursuance of money, exposure and probably a thorough self-education in topics in which she has shallow knowledge.

One assumes that once her debts are paid, Palin will seek national office. She no doubt will be pilloried for this too. Left wing groups and agitators have forced her from office and in attempting to repay her claims she will be portrayed as a money-loving starlet, trading on her legs and glasses, preying on hillbillies with no shoes asking for their financial support. Expect the attacks on Palin to increase in volume and fatuousness and vehemence.

David Letterman's smear calling Palin a slut, and her daughter a whore who had sex with a Yankee star player is mild. Many left wing web sites openly advocate the killing of her Down's child – and of Palin herself. When she announced her resignation as Governor most left wing blogs and activist portals celebrated with quite a few calling Palin like her son, a retard. Many claimed that the 'Union' was saved by her resignation. Why would a woman who believes in freedom and doing right, and who decided not to abort or murder her son who simply was born with an extra 21rst chromosome engender so much hatred ?

Yet that is the level of mentality and debate for many on the 'left'. Hard core liberals and socialists are the most intolerant of commentators. Tolerance is unnecessary for the cult of Obama or the Main Stream Media whose fetish of government worship and hatred of Christians propelled them to denigrate Palin at every opportunity. Yet it is people like Palin – pro life; pro markets; pro human – who are intolerant ! Or so the fantasy world of plutocrats, the MSM, and of academics would like us to believe.

Hate Palin because she believes in freedom and life.

Hate Palin because she is proud of her country and like most people in America, unabashedly patriotic.

Hate Palin because you belong a cult of little minds, intolerant, narrow, twisted and absurdly narcissistic and gloriously dismissive of their own nation's great history and purpose. Hating yourself and your country is now the new 'patriotic'.

All good reasons to hate a successful woman one supposes. If only she had just murdered her Down's child........

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