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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

Tempus Fugit Memento Mori - Time Flies Remember Death 

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

America does not have a free market in Health care.

Illegal, immoral, unconstitutional.

by StFerdIII

It is not yet a law. And even if it is passed by the Senate in some version, the Dumcrats' plans to destroy the 50% of US health care, not already controlled by government, through what is in effect nationalization, will take many years, and literally dozens of lawsuits. But even so the damage is done. The media in all of their grand illiteracy, will campaign for this nationalization deformity, calling it a 'reform'. Friends and clients of the Dumocratic party will lie about its savings, its benefits, its morality and how nationalizing a market will save lives, money and Mother Earth. Schools and Universities will arrange their curricula to indoctrinate the kids. Propaganda, the demonization of the 'enemy', and appeals to God, morality and the children's future, will all be used to sell the greatest expansion of state power and coercion in US history.

The entitlement spending, initiated as a payback to unions for their $200 million support of the Most Important Man [or God sorry] in History, will not commence until 2014. Tax increases to pay for it start this year. Until 2014 is quite possible to rescind the nationalization of US health care if and when the Dumocrats, the inglorious collection of elitist, union-backed Marxist rejects, lose power – and they will. But even so the leftward lurch of the US might be irreversible, the damage illimitable, and the financial catastrophe immutable. Simply put some form of socialized health care will be present in the US and the Europeanization of a huge market and the rejection of individual choice, competition, free market pricing, portability and real health reform – which is needed -- is a cultural and budgetary 9-11.

The political process is also now completely bastardized. The Black Jesus and his socialist friends have demonstrated a primitive barbarism in pushing this through in the most corrupt, illegal and immoral way possible. This is a piece of legislation which some 55-75 % of voters do not want. The House was bribed to pass it. The Senate will be duped by illegal and anti-constitutional measures into accepting all or a large part of the House plan. None of the measures which will be used in the Senate have any historical precedent – none. This is the imposition of cultural and economic Marxism using state power, threats, pay-offs, and illegalities. That is the reality.

No longer can the cult of the Prophet Obamed and its mindless MSM-Oprah Winfrey-popular culture drenched supporters possibly chatter about 'hope and change', or 'a new style'. The Black Jesus is a radical Marxist and his destruction of US political and constitutional processes brands him an enemy of US republicanism – not its savior. Not for nought will the 'Impeach Obama' movement now evolve into a real tour de force. And it should.

Here are the main problems with the Deformity of US Health Care as presented by the Black God and his divinely inspired Marxist friends:

  1. The document: 2700 pages long, no one has read it, and no one really knows what is in it. Pass it and be happy is the Dum mantra. Hardly. It is not possible that 2700 pages of socialist engineering can be benign.

  2. Cost: Never in the history of man, has a government run sector done anything but go bankrupt. This bill will destroy the the 50% of US Health Care not already controlled by government. Contrary to myth, the US health system is not a market system. It needs more market forces not less. Under this bill, the states will have to pay for the Medicaid coverage of another 32 million humans. Most states are already bankrupt – where will they get the money from ? [hint; higher taxes maybe ?]

  3. Unions: It is the first step to complete unionization of the health system, when the entire system goes bankrupt and the government has to step in to 'save it'. Yet another government created catastrophe solutioned by ever more government. At that point, the unions will move in en-masse and millions of US health workers will be unionized. These dues will be recycled back into the elections of Marxists and socialists.

  4. Jobs: The US private insurance market will be eradicated, along with many technological and pharma manufacturers which feed into the ½ of the US market in which the profit motive still lives. When you deny price points, profits and competition, there is no reason for firms to take risks, innovate, or produce new technologies.

  5. No reforms: Real reforms, not deforms would include; policy competition, policy portability between jobs and states, tort reform, more personal choice and less government control which would induce competition and cost reductions as it does in all markets.

  6. Myth of the uninsured: Of the 32 million so-called uninsured, half are illegals and half don't want insurance. Why would a 25 year old man in Chicago want to buy a policy which mandates by law, pregnancy coverage !? Why should illegal Mexicans, many of whom hate the gringo, have access to health care?

  7. The IRS: Almost 20.000 new tax agents will be hired, at a cost of $10 billion, to enforce compliance. Every single person and business will be audited to make sure that they comply with the statutes and that they possess health insurance approved by the mommy-state.

  8. Massachusetts: The Black Jesus' plan is remarkably similar to that of Taxachusetts. That state is going bankrupt thanks to its socialized health care plan. Since 2006 this plan has created a $ 1 trillion debt and is 50% over budget every year from original estimates. Hospitals are closing outside of Boston, going bankrupt because Medicaid and Mass funding only covers 60 % of all costs.

  9. Reduced access and supply: Once you start with price controls and wage caps, which this plan will begin to implement, [for instance the new case load of doctors will only be covered by Medicaid and that means a 20% or more decline in payments to doctors], the market dries up. Doctors, nurses, technology, access points, clinics and hospitals eventually disappear.

  10. Illegal: Article 1 section 7 states that both Houses cannot ignore Constitutional restraints. If the Obameds slam this through the Senate through 'Reconciliation' or any other procedure, the entire bill might be illegal. The Reconciliation Act is clear – only budgets can be passed by a majority 51-49 vote in the Senate. As well state rights will be trammeled under the Commerce Act which forbids the Federal government from infringing, unconstitutionally, on the rights of citizens in states. By forcing every citizen to have health insurance, the Obameds are holding that part of the Constitution in contempt.

 Obama-care is immoral, probably illegal and certainly senseless of course. So why do it ? First, the unions want a payback. Second, the Obameds truly do believe that 'Whitey' owes minorities more entitlement. The Black Jesus after all did sit in a white-hating church for 20 years and has published books which border on racism in their rather obvious contempt for whites and white culture. Third, the Dums are hard core Marxists who truly believe that people are stupid, need to be denied choice, and told what to do. 

The Dums hate the little guy.

Milton Friedman in an article re-published last week in the WSJ put it well when he discussed back in the mid 1990s the power to choose:

“A second major change was the enactment of Medicare and Medicaid in 1965. These added another large slice of the population to those for whom medical care, though not completely "free," thanks to deductibles and co-payments, was mostly paid by a third party, providing little incentive to economize on medical care. The resulting dramatic rise in expenditures on medical care led to the imposition of controls on both patients and suppliers of medical care in a futile attempt to hold down costs....

The best way to restore freedom of choice to both patient and physician and to control costs would be to eliminate the tax exemption of employer-provided medical care. However, that is clearly not feasible politically. The best alternative available is to extend the tax exemption to all expenditures on medical care, whether made by the patient directly or by employers, to establish a level playing field, in terms of the currently popular cliche.”

In other words, get government out of the market and let price points be set which will cover all of society as they do for shoes, housing, food, clothing, and internet access.  Yes all states need health care reform including the US - but socializing the sector, and unionizing it, is not a reform, but a sure path to destroying the entire health industry which will result in higher costs, more dead, and reduced innovation and access. 

The Obamed cult and the Dum party could care less about freedom, choice or markets. They hate them all. They can't stand the average citizen, viewed as a repugnant, closet racist and hunched over, non-Ivy league trained moron. Black power theology which has taken a hold of the Obama's and their friends reigns supreme. So does the addiction to ever more state power. Control the financial system. Have the media under wraps. Manage health care. And what next ? Cap and Trade taxation, in which every part of the carbon energy process will be subjected to governmental regulation and political whimsy.

Elections do matter. The Americans were dreaming during the 2008 election. Seduced by the media and told to vote for a radical socialist, not many cared to dig into the past of the coterie of capering midgets which now are going to wipe out the US experiment.  The price to pay for ignorance and willful blindness is always extremely high.

And worse yet for America - 'Health Care Deform' is only the start.  Once this passes and the Black Jesus is acclaimed by the media and his cult as the greatest genius since the Fuehrer, the rest of the radical plans can be set in train.  Hating America, once confined to drug addled hippies and Eurofems is now a vibrant domestic industry with its own political party and cultural Marxist plan of annihilation. 



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