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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

American 'Regressives', Marxists and US Thanksgiving

What exactly do the Regressives celebrate?

by StFerdIII



Hypocrisy infects Marxism and Socialism. They oppose Republican democracy, freedom, the individual, the Judeo-Christian idea of God, capital, markets and self-determination. They prostrate themselves to the idols of cultural Marxism, political-correctness, communal projects and cults such as GlobaloneyWarming or Islam-Is-Peace. In bygone times, they were written off as mindless acolytes of failed totalitarian theocracy. Today they call themselves 'progressive'. There never has been and never will be, anything 'progressive' about metaphysical and philosophical abstractions which deny the 5 senses of reality, or engage in supporting movements which kill humans, deny freedom and choice, and elevate idol and 'great man' worship. Progressives are of course Regressives.

So back to Thanksgiving. What do the 'Regressives' celebrate exactly? What are they 'proud' about, besides their own ignorance and counter-factual baffle-gab and muddled, if not demented thinking?

Are the Regressives happy about:

-The founding of America and God's bounty?
[Wasn't the Continent 'stolen' from stone age peoples, including the ancestors of European Solutrean civilization which 18.000 years before Asians, actually settled the landmass of North America? God does not exist and only the state provides sustenance and beneficence.]

-Columbus and the age of discovery?
[Wasn't he just another white Christian racist and bigot who destroyed the perfect world of stone age peoples?]

-The establishment in 1607 of Jamestown, or the arrival from Holland of English 'Pilgrims' in 1620?
[Why would anyone be proud of religious and very white Puritans establishing a colony in the New World, and escaping what they viewed as social, economic and religious despotism in Europe? Didn't these people just simply murder their way across the new Continent?]

-The creation of a unique Republican ideal, premised on documents which are anomalous in human history, including natural law rights, which contain the very seeds not only of a moral society, but of the modern world?
[Isn't America always to blame and isn't Americanism synonymous with evil, corruption, power, war and racism? Natural law rights are inferior to other cultural ideas anyways, and what is so noble about freedom, a Constitution and representation? Other cultures have better artefacts.]

-The ending of slavery through a civil war in which 500.000 whites died to end the ignominy and immorality of one of history's worst societies; a civil war which was never fought by the way, in any locale which possessed slavery, anywhere in the world, in the long annals of human history.
[Black America has nothing to thank White America for, after all Black Africa is much better than the USA is it not, and don't Blacks in Africa enjoy a higher standard of living with more emotional fulfillment than Blacks in America?]

-The protection of world freedom through three World Wars ?
[Weren't the Americans just in these wars 'for their own benefit'. After all the British, French, Canadians and Russians did more fighting. And what about the few thousand of Japanese interned by the US military during World War II, not to mention the dropping of Atomic bombs on Japan.? How do we know that the Japanese or the Germans would have dropped A-bombs on US targets?]

-Truman, Eisenhower, and Reagan; and the US policy of confronting Soviet Fascism which ensured its demise?
[All of these men were illiterate White war-mongering cowboys, who had no idea what they were doing. Where was there love for equality and hope and change? Soviet Fascism branded as Communism, was a great idea, it just failed in the details of implementation, along with 35 million dead – martyrs to a higher cause of 'social justice'. Wasn't it a sad day when Russian imperialism and Fascism collapsed?]

-Liberating Iraq, taking on the Fascist impulses of another evil called Islam, and projecting force to literally free 50 million Muslims in 2 countries.

[Islam is our friend not our enemy is it not? Iraq and Afghanistan are simply innocent victims of US aggression and militarism. 9-11 was an inside job by Bush and Cheney who set it all up within 9 months, and silenced a few hundred thousand co-conspirators and abettors. 9-11 has nothing to do with Islam or the Middle East – from which came all of the ideas and aspirations of the modern world of course.]

The Regressives don't like America. In any 'ranking' of places to live America is always below the more regressive states in Europe. The fact that Europeans have a standard of living ½ of that of Americans; or that the poorest US state would in fact be one of the richest EU regions; or that the US is the world's policeman and protector; or that a myriad of technologies and concepts pour out of the States to improve not only daily life, but also the health of little Mother Earth – none of these facts make much of an impression on the Regressives. The neo-Marxst is after all 'the smartest person on the planet'. Oprah and the O-Messiah told them so.

So I am not sure what the Regressives celebrate at Thanksgiving. A few toasts to their hero Castro perhaps? Tears over the destruction of National Socialism in both Germany and Russia? Laments about the millions of dead Turkeys slaughtered in homage to a Republic which is immoral, unworthy, unwashed, incomplete, ineffectual and racist? Who knows. But the hypocrites should at least have the honesty to eschew Turkey-day and let real Americans celebrate their legacy. The Regressives should just stay in their mental prisons, grind their teeth and continue to collect welfare, union checks, sabbatical payments, and subsidies whilst reading Chomsky, Moore, Lenin and Marx.


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