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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Independence Day in the USA: Why the world should be grateful

God Bless America

by StFerdIII

The little minds of the world love to hate the Americans, and their state - the most successful in history. Envious, fearful, ignorant, delusional, fascistic, socialistic; these minds create a litany of abusive rhetoric directed at the only power for liberty left in the world – the Republic of the USA. While many problems exist in all lands it takes a distorted imagination and a febrile intellect to ascribe to the USA the various slogans attributed to it by haters of freedom and liberty. Quite simply the US Revolution of 1776 and the painful time consuming creation of a Republic dedicated to protecting the hopes of mankind was the most significant event of the past 250 years.

The US revolution was manifestly different than that of other revolutions which ostensibly attempted to free the people. The French revolution ate its own children; rejected reality; tormented Enlightenment geniuses and the successors to the liberal Physiocrats, and created a precursor to Hitler – the little fascist Napoleon who raped, destroyed and murdered his way across Europe to enrich himself and his family. Napoleon delayed European development by 2 generations and annihilated all cultural, social, economic and intellectual development through his mindless tyranny. Yet of course in France he is regarded as a hero. Quel surprise.

Or regard the Russian revolution which was an effort to liberate the poor working mass and create an egalitarian sharing of the rich spoils of the Russian empire. Or so the prophet Lenin stated. Like Napoleon’s fascist construction, the workers revolution in Russia quickly devolved to fascist control and a tyrannical state that murdered its own children while enslaving millions. But these are only two examples of many that could be given. Both French and Russian histories have a long and sordid love affair with anti-liberal; anti-reality programs of hate and violence.

The American revolution was different than the European inspired fascisms and enterprises of control and hate, because the ideals and institutions that the Americans built were unique, based on virtue and reality, and strong enough to resist the moral depredations of the human and the politician. The Europeans wail and cry for equality, no risk, a heroic non- bourgeois world, and the creation of a fantasy world that is in direct opposition to reality, human genetic impulses, and what makes a modern, wealthy and moral society. The logical outcome of such thinking is Napoleon, Hitler, Lenin, the EU, and the United [Useless] Nations.

The American ideal is totally different. For centuries Americans have viewed reality for what it is and built a society to adapt to reality. Government checks and balances; freedom of speech; civilian control of the military; free or quasi-free economic exchange; free internal labor and capital movements; and a reluctant foreign policy and meddling in foreign affairs were the hallmarks of a system radically different in orientation than the Euro-Canadian model. Evils such as slavery and fascism were fought and defeated. The eradication of child labor and the emancipation of women found their greatest expressions in Britain and the US. The ideal of equality of opportunity and equality before the law are still the guiding principles of US society and ones that are emulated by most modern states.

Yet the virtues that under-gird the American experiment are under attack. Liberals and their socialist-Euro friends have been very active in trying to destroy the virtues that make the US the pre-eminent moral, military and intellectual power in history. Every American virtue is turned into an evil. The eradication of slavery? Well the US is still a racist power and whites are still trying to destroy blacks which is why the unproductive and in fact counter productive welfare state policies must be increased to support the victimized minority. Fighting fascism or communism? Well the US itself is a fascist power even though it has the most active and transparent democracy in the world. Try reforming European political systems or the Useless Nations as a comparison. Freeing the Muslim world from its pagan fascism? Well the US is in it for oil and to build an empire of course and is engaged in rampant killings of Arabs and its society – the most open and assimilative int the world – is involved in widespread Muslim discrimination if not outright murder. Open immigration and allowing Mexico to export its human surplus? The US allows in immigrants to exploit them and perform inhumane and degrading work and to keep a minority population in perpetual subjugation to appease their egoistic demands for control.

In spite of such moronic ramblings and anti-reality proclamations it is the US; and not Europe, the Useless Nations, Russia or China, that carries the torch of freedom and hope. There is no one in the world that wants to emulate Europe’s alliance with Arabia [named Eur-Arabia]; its 6 layered failed socialist experiment; nor its arrogant rewriting of history and its swaggering counter factual deceit as it tries to make itself relevant. Neither are many across the world crying out to emulate Russian fascism; Chinese one-party-statism; Chavez or Castroism; nor are many pining away to live in an Islamic pagan society replete with honour killings; female mutilation; racism and improvised explosive devices which murder innocents and destroy civil society. No most are determined to accede to the ‘American dream’. Even if that dream is incomplete, unreal or somewhat tainted it is clear that if the US opened its immigration doors tomorrow, and said ‘all who want to come, can now enter’, billions of people would pore over its borders in search of hope and a better life. The same cannot be said of any other country in the world.

The US has a responsibility and it is a grave one. Much like the old British empire the US experiment, with all its attendant problems and flaws, must carry the torch of liberty and hope across the world. It is a delicate and important task. No matter what it does it is sure to be hated. Yet in the long view of history it must rise above the puerile, chattering nonsense from those envious or ignorant. The forward march of mankind is too important to be left to the socialists, statists, UN supporters or those from fascist states and Islam that want to return the world to the pre-modern era.

God Bless America and let’s hope it keeps marching forward in conformity with the Declaration of Independence.

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