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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Friday, June 15, 2007

Break US Immigration Law and get Amnesty!

The new immigration bill is a disaster and yes it is Amnesty.

by StFerdIII

Most politicians, the media, the church, and the cadre of screaming socialists have done a masterful job of distorting the US illegal immigration debate. They have invented 6 myths about illegal immigration. Collectively these myths have turned the debate about illegal immigration which should be centered on culture, society’s mores, security, enacting existing laws, justice and fairness, to one of emotionalism, selective discrimination against non-Hispanics, a recognition of Mexican claims to the US south-west, and political favors to buy the Hispanic vote.

It is not a remarkably astute observation, but it is clear that the current US illegal immigration debate is about buying the burgeoning Hispanic vote. To do this both major US parties confuse and conflate the issue and nullify the real problems with illegal immigration. The most important issues are ignored: cultural changes, demands for Spanish to be a national language, security concerns, impact on budgets and the destruction of existing laws. Instead illegal Hispanic immigration is elevated to something of a moral project. Why not let Hispanics pursue the American dream illegal or otherwise, aren’t we all immigrants?

The 6 major myths invented by US politicians go something like this. First they call illegals just ‘immigrants’. Second, they weep about jobs, ‘only Mexicans can do’ and predict [like the eco-cult] imminent economic collapse without such workers. Third, they refuse to discuss the massive impact on budgets [estimated by various studies to be about $50 per annum], or the increase in crime, from the illegal flood. Fourth, they cite nonsense such as ‘we are all immigrants’. Fifth, they call all who oppose amnesty for law-breakers lots of puerile names. Lastly, they lie about the true number of illegal aliens in order to deflate society’s concern on the issue [there are only 8 million so why be worried?].

Each of the myths is rather obnoxious. The most telling lie is that of numbers and the rejection of criminal statistics. The illegal Hispanic wave in the US which rose after the failed amnesty plan of the Reaganites in 1986 is the largest immigrant invasion in US history. Fully 35 million Hispanics have entered the US in the past 20 years both legal and illegal. As a comparison the total number of Scots-Irish which emigrated to the US is less than 10 million over 250 years.

Any sane independent non-government funded study puts the total number of illegal Hispanics in the US at about 25-30 million. This number will triple after amnesty. As well 70% of US prisons along the border are filled with illegals. Illegal gangs, murders, drug running and criminal acts are literally sweeping the US.

And it stands to get a lot worse. According to the current US immigration bill being debated, the existing 176 year backlog of Mexican family reunification would be cleared within 8 years. This means that 1-3 people on average will join the illegal resident in the US. Within 10-20 years one can expect a doubling of the US Hispanic population from its total base today of about 60 million [40 million legals plus about 20 million illegals] to 120 millions. The effects on society will be massive.

The politicians of course deign to disagree with the numbers. They incessantly recite that between 9-11 million illegals are resident in the country. Studies by Harvard, Rand Corp., BearPoint and others adjust this number to between 25-30 million. These independent analyses also cite huge budgetary pressures. It is clear that immigrants with college degrees or above benefit society. But the illegal Hispanics have high school or less. A serious analysis of the costs to society net of any taxes paid, would indicate that illegal Hispanics cost the US taxpayer somewhere between $30-50 billion per annum.

With amnesty the impact on future budgets will be enormous. The current Social Security system is predicted to go bankrupt in or about 2035. With a 20-30 million person increase of illegals cum legals accessing the system, that date will move forward and the severity of the collapse will be intesified. The future outlays of illegal amnesty will literally cost US taxpayers over the next 30 years close to $2 Trillion.

The current US immigration debate based on the 6 conflated and confusing myths, does nothing to alleviate the problem. Any illegal alien resident present in the US and working at any job, before January 2007 will receive a Z-1 visa. In the US, Z-visa holders can stay indefinitely, which means they never have to pursue citizenship. The only real limitation to a Z-visa holder is that you can’t vote. But one would expect that most Z-visa holders will pursue the path to citizenship and most Hispanics of course by a 3:1 margin vote left wing.

One contentious point about Z-visa’s is welfare. It is unclear if they can legally access welfare programs. Since Z-visa holders will receive Social Security numbers it is hard to believe that at some point in the near future they will not allowed to do so. A liberal judge somewhere in the States will certainly rule that those with Social Security numbers must be allowed full welfare benefits. The same might hold true for voting.

The other main limitation is the payment of a $5000 fine – payable over some period of time not yet defined. This is hardly a serious barrier since the illegal offender will most likely end up paying something like $500-1000 per annum or about 50-100 hours of work. Difficult but certainly not impassable.

Another pseudo-barrier is the mandate that within 8 years the illegal immigrant now holding a Z-visa must return to the homeland and then re-enter the US. This is hardly a barrier especially for Mexicans who can skip onto a bus and spend 1-2 days on a cheap journey back home. It is also difficult to see how US officials can actually enforce this provision. Will they have enough officers with enough good data records to track down who went home and who did not? What happens if someone does not go home, will there be a lengthy legal process funded by the ACLU or the Ford Foundation to ensure that due process and ‘rights’ are protected?

These small limitations were intended to get the GOP and conservatives to unite around a compromise bill. They also included some arcane language about erecting a 300 mile wall; more border officials; more technology along the border and basically everything else that had been agreed upon 2 years ago and budgeted but never enacted.

Two years ago both parties agreed on a 700 mile wall, 20.000 more border patrolmen [the new bill cites just 18.000 new patrolmen], and the creation of towers, barriers, vehicle obstructions and the use of more technology. Why not just implement what was agreed upon 2 years ago? What does the 2 year old deal have to do with granting amnesty to illegals?

The US politicians using their 6 myths as a foundation will describe the new bill using nice words like ‘parole’, ‘rewarding hard working Hispanics’, ‘recognising the great contribution illegals make to our great country’, and other Orwellian twaddle.

The reality is that largely uneducated Hispanics cost the US taxpayer at least $30 billions per year. They decrease the wages of working poor whites and blacks that would jump to do jobs ‘that only Mexicans would do’. Businesses are exploiting Mexican workers and in connivance with government that does not enforce its own laws are punishing the lowest income workers by denying them jobs. Worse in an age of rampant liberalism and terror, American security and culture is put at greater risk.

This bill and any like it are nothing short of a sell out by politicians to buy the vote of what they perceive to be, an important future constituency. It is a disaster. A simple message to US vote-politicians: ‘enforce existing laws and protect your socio-economic and cultural foundation’. Having the US end up as a hodge podge of multicultural piety and bi-cultural development is in no-one’s best interests.

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