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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

The destruction of real US culture.

Under the cultural Marxist banner of being 'progressive'.

by StFerdIII

Progressive is an adjective which can have many meanings – both negative and positive. 'Progressively worse' is an adequate indictment of North American culture, education, the media and politics. Progressively dumber in a high tech age with grade inflation, education deflation and media dis-information, is a fact. But for the leftists, the eco-fascists, the one-worlder's, the multi-cult diversity-Islam is peaceful crowd, 'progressive' means 'enlightened'. Destroying the enlightenment's true cultural artifacts is of course the opposite of progress.

The definition of the adjective Progressive is; “going forward or onward; passing successively from one member of a series to the next; proceeding step by step.” But the steps can be backwards. The results unsatisfactory. The goals immoral or inane. Passing 'progressively' through a process does not mean that either the process or the goals are intelligent, better, laudable or moral. The process of German Nazification started in 1860 with Bismarck, reaching its apogee in Hitlerism and the Second World War. These 'progressive' steps from a military dictatorship to Marxist inspired National Socialism was the opposite of progress.

Yet many today would demur. The goal of National Socialism seems to be very much in vogue. Power-mongering statist radicalism infects the Prophet Obamed's administration. Extremist Marxist-Communitarian goals infect all levels of European and North American society. The schools, the media, the political elite are blinded by various cults and their worshop of the un-progressive. Witness the inanity of some of the much cherished 'progressive' policies:

Globaloney-Warming would eradicate most national economies and hand over to the state, the power to micro-manage every life – for absolutely no impact on the environment.

Femi-Nazism and Queer sex and 'rights' have made the man and the family irrelevant, eroding a major obstacle and impediment to unfettered governmental power – the family unit.

Pride in Western history and heritage is almost banned from popular culture. Instead we have the banality of diversity, cultural relativity and a hatred of the modern world – especially of Whites.

Jew-hate, self-loathing, and historical rewriting have replaced reality in most Western states.  Somehow the Arabs following a Fascist un-holy book are the 'underdogs' against tiny Israel.  America which has freed 35 countries in the past 90 years is now somehow 'Satanic' and immoral.

The incredible construction of the modern world, and the right to self defense of that civilization against Islam and various Petro-fascisms is now deemed 'un-progressive'. Modern society is viewed by most 'clever people' as 'decadent' and 'evil' [which is what the 'progressives' in the 1930s also stated giving cultural justification to the rise of European fascism or the models of a 'Brave New World'].

In today's deformed culture, those who advocate free markets, individual rights, freedom of speech and small government are now tarred as 'fascists' - when in reality Fascism is an expression, like Communism of both Marxism and state power.

Even the idea of celebrating life is now considered 'un-progressive' with abortion a de-facto cultural norm, and 30 million fetuses expunged since 1972 in North America alone. How is destroying life progressive ?

Education standards in high school and university have collapsed with teaching institutions becoming little more than propaganda factories for the state and whatever cult the state supports.

And on and on the 'progressive' madness goes.......

Walt Williams a Black Conservative [and ergo a racist, fascist, idiot etc.] at George Mason University, wrote the following on the degradation of standards in education and academia – symptomatic of course of the wider cultural destruction which has taken place in the past 40 years thanks to the 'progressive' movement:

Today's college students are generally dumber than their predecessors. An article in the Wall Street Journal (1/30/97) reported that a "bachelor of Arts degree in 1997 may not be the equal of a graduation certificate from an academic high school in 1947." The American Council on Education found that only 15 percent of universities require tests for general knowledge; only 17 percent for critical thinking; and only 19 percent for minimum competency. ..Employers report that many college graduates lack the basic skills of critical thinking, writing and problem-solving and some employers find they must hire English and math teachers to teach them how to write memos and perform simple computations.

...What is being labeled grade inflation is simply a euphemism for academic dishonesty. After all, it's dishonesty when a professor assigns a grade the student did not earn. When a university or college confers a degree upon a student who has not mastered critical thinking skills, writing and problem-solving, it's academic dishonesty. Of course, I might be in error calling it dishonesty. Perhaps academic standards have been set so low that idiots could earn A's and B's.”

Walt is right. According to his research no one at Stanford gets a C. 50% of Columbia's students are on the Dean's List. Most students at state Universities receive As or Bs. I remember not too long ago reviewing a high school EXIT exam [you had to pass a standard test to graduate] from 1898. it was tough and I doubt that today more than 10% of University grads would pass it. There was too much logic, current events, critical thinking, and proper writing involved. There was nothing about self-esteem, deviant sex, Globaloney-warming, home-economics and soft non-scientific, irrational subject matter. Yes times do change. But not always for the better.

The history of America and Canada in the 19th century is fascinating. Here we have a group of very imperfect people developing the modern world. They built a rational, moral and quite vibrant culture. Most of our appliances which we enjoy today were of course developed between 1830 and 1890. It was the high point of human achievement.

It was a self-starting culture. “Poor Richard” the self-help books by Ben Franklin in the late 18th century were still best sellers in the 19th. The North American ethos in the 1800s was remarkably self-confident. Shut up, do something positive, stop whining and get busy permeated every day life. Try, fail, try, fail, do it again, reason it out, and keep going. Invent, improve, make money, give to charity, extol the family, revel in profit, help your friends and put a piece of lead into someone who needs it.....Read, improve yourself or suffer the consequences.....These attitudes built a continent and enabled the creation of the modern world.

Fast forward to today's mind numbingly dumb culture. American Idol. Gay comedies. Dumb movies. Globaloney Warming.  Shut up and follow the elite. A's for all students. Nancified. Ninny boys. Gay 'Pride' Parades in every town. A plethora of Michael Jackson's and Rosie O'Donnell's as cultural icons. FemiNazism, Hate-the-Male. Welfare, guarantees, handouts, subsidies, and abortion of fetuses because children will consume Mother Earth's resources....

Progressive ?

Nothing in the Marxist-Socialist-Femi Nazi culture is truly progressive. They are simply expressions of a regressive culture, one which hates life, reason, family and freedom.


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