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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Bush a Conservative? The illegal amnesty [again] proves otherwise

If this bill passes it will be one of the most sordid acts in US political history.

by StFerdIII

Compared to most other populist politicians Bush seems like a Conservative. But how Conservative is Bush? Is a man committed to big government-compassionate Conservatism, amnesty for illegal aliens and weak on defending a myriad of traditional Republican party values, a Conservative? Or is Bush far more like those who demonize him? The illegal alien bill is just another clue that this is the more realistic opinion.

Bush’s illegal amnesty bill is a disaster for US self-interests. The Bush illegal bill serves two purposes. First it diverts media attention from Iraq, where violence is still rampant. Second it is designed to broaden the Republican party’s ‘appeal’ and position itself as pro-Hispanic, pro-immigration, and ‘compassionate’. Sadly Bush has only delivered a Democrat-Ed Kennedy bill of illegal alien appeasement. This travesty will do nothing to assuage media hatred of the GOP, nor broaden his party’s electoral appeal. In fact Bush’s amnesty plan will do precisely the opposite.

Most real Conservatives want two things from a bill dealing with illegal [the key word] immigration. First, border security, including fencing, technology and more patrols is mandatory to stem the largest population invasion-migration in history. Second, a resolute implementation of existing laws including jailing businessman who hire illegals; deporting immediately illegal criminals and withdrawing ‘sanctuary’ city status [where illegals are de facto above all laws], are common sense steps in getting control of the problem.

No Conservative has advocated mass deportation. But deportation is of course a necessary part of the solution. As it stands 250.000 illegals are ejected out of the US each year – most of these are criminals. By enforcing existing laws and investing in the necessary resources this number could and should double. Within 10 years the total illegal population which is currently most likely over 20 million souls, would be reduced by ¼ and the message to Latin countries would be clear: don’t enter the US illegally.

The US does not need more government bureaucracy, ‘laws’ and certainly not Bush’s amnesty plan. In the past 20 years about 25 million Hispanics have entered the US legally and illegally. It is the greatest human migration wave in history. Rome collapsed under the strain of a few million migrant Goths who battered the borders and were able to seize the rich lands of Spain and North Africa, ensuring the demise of the Roman empire. The US is experiencing the same dramatic sea change in culture, society and state affairs.

Today upwards of 60 million Hispanics live in the US and their economic and cultural effect is colossal. We cannot of course equate the Hispanics with the ancient Goths, but it is telling that few commentators discuss this base fact: we are dealing with a population migration and invasion of a sovereign state of unequalled and almost biblical proportions. If culture is king, and if culture informs the rest of societal development, than this Hispanic reduction of the US is a singular historical event with deep consequences.

The current population of 20-25 million illegals and 30 odd million legal Hispanics will double within the next 20 years if Bush’s amnesty package is pushed through. The illegal cum legal population given family and spousal reunification could literally double overnight. The US government is never going to stop family reunification, though they make noises to the contrary. Once amnesty is granted how can any government deny family or spousal reunification on any basis including that of English? If the politicians are trying to buy votes with illegal amnesty why would they suddenly object to family reunification? They won’t of course.

The Heritage foundation estimates that Bush’s amnesty bill will cost $2.4 Trillion over the next generation in state payments. Once Z-visas are granted there is no way that the state will deny welfare and public service payments to illegals cum legals. As well it would be just a matter of time before Z-visa holders could vote. The political and social repercussions are vast.

Look at it another way. Millions of Mexicans and Hispanics in the US feel no affiliation to the US retaining their Mexican identity and parading through US streets demanding the reconquista of California and the southwest by Mexico. Assimilation of Mexicans and Hispanics is not occurring with politicians, academics, activists and ‘brown power’ Mexicans demanding that Spanish be used in education and the workplace; Mexican history be taught in place of US history and that illegals have unfettered access to all social services and social institutions. There is a frightening cultural destruction occurring in the US and Bush is doing nothing about it.

The Hispanic immigrant invasion – especially the illegal part of it - has nothing in common regarding its size, scope, and cultural ethos as compared with previous immigrant ‘waves’. The great media lie is that Hispanics share all the key American values; attachment to the US state [see La Raza and other racist Hispanic groups for the opposite view]; family focus [50% of Hispanic babies are out of wedlock]; law and order [crime is rampant in Hispanic areas, and the most violent US gangs are Hispanic]; work [Hispanic incomes lag all other groups even in the 2nd and 3rd generation]; education [over ½ of Latino kids drop out] and so on.

Bush and the media have distorted the importance and necessity of the Hispanics to the US. They do this out of love and concern for the multi-cult club and to naturally, buy votes and support.

In the real world, the economic costs of unfettered illegal immigration are staggering. Immigration of people, college educated and better, bring a net benefit to the modern economy. But as many studies have demonstrated most Hispanics –legal and illegal – are uneducated. This group costs the US about $30-50 billion per annum in total costs. According to research by Borgias at Harvard and others, an illegal household costs the US taxpayer about $19.000 per annum. With Bush’s amnesty plan these costs will dramatically escalate.

The aforementioned costs do not count the economic [and environmental] impact of illegals or uneducated Hispanic immigrants. These people enter the US to perform the lowest of menial labor jobs. Yet this impacts the lower classes looking for work, especially poor white and blacks. It drags their wages down, or costs them their jobs. The impoverished class in the US is thus coming under more pressure. It is hard to see any wisdom in a policy that allows criminals and uneducated workers into the country; provides an easy transit point for potential terrorists; costs society $50 billion each year; and puts your under-class under even more income pressure. This says nothing of the political costs of such a policy.

Bush and the GOP believe that the Hispanic voters will reward them with new votes once they are given amnesty and more illegal entrants are allowed in to fill jobs that supposedly Americans won’t do. This is a fantasy. The Democrats own most of the Hispanic voting blocs and the powerful Latino lobby groups. As the white population falls and the Hispanic rises, there will be a strong shift from GOP support to the Democrats. This will make it very difficult for the GOP to win national elections and control the Houses. The Democrats with Latino backing will become the defacto ruling party of the US. The impact on everything from foreign affairs to economics to social spending will be great.

As the illegal amnesty bill reinforces, Bush is not a Conservative. He is a new FDR type of compassionate social engineer. Bush believes that by appeasing the Hispanics he will save his country and his party. Of course this policy will do the opposite. Illegal amnesty will forever change the US, and it will most certainly wipe out the Republican party. Maybe the left’s criticism of Bush for not being too bright has some truth in it. In any event Bush has a lot more in common with the socialist media and communitarian activist groups, then either will ever admit.

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