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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Public re-education programs.

By mythical 'moderates' to cultivate the 'right person'.

by StFerdIII

Public education or 're-education', suffers from the same problems as anything owned by the state. Never in the history of man's existence has the state or a unionized institution been successful at producing anything of objective value. This must also be true of education – the more socialised it is, the worse it will be. Any 'worth' is always subjective and therein lies the problem with state ownership and control over something as important as what feeds the brain and the mind of young people. Liberate them from the totality of the state.

The belief in education is well-founded. Society does have an obligation to provide a basic level of literacy for its young. But too often that commandment becomes distorted by government's and leads to inevitable abuses. Instead of providing a rational, logical, Western-oriented approach to the world, based on moral and mental revolutions of the Reformation and the Enlightenment, the state will impose a new ideology upon young minds – one designed to increase state power.

State power has every incentive to re-educate young minds in the values of government and state power. It is the core belief in every state school in disciplines which are not objective. It is hard to impinge on reality and natural laws in the areas of math, hard science, technology, medicine and engineering. Post modern, moral-relativism does not lend itself easily to the work of Euclid. Outside of the objective the state can't help but impose itself as the arbiter of the subjective and sociological.

The logical consequence of the state educating 90% of the young is the obvious imposition of state mantras, designed to support state power and dissuade future opposition to state-sponsored programs. Fetishes such as multi-culturalism; Globaloney-warming; moral relativity; Gay sex and a hatred of the Western experience are de-rigeuer in each and every school. These are anti-reality programs – there is nothing scientific, rational or mildly common-sensical about any of them. Yet they are the filler that schools used to replace hard thinking subjects with mindless fodder – much like the 'views' given as 'news' on BC networks.

State education has expanded from providing the essentials to succeed in life and contribute to society, to one increasingly focused on state-owned and state-centric themes. There is also the rush to process as many products as possible through the process. The means to do this are varied. The most vital is of course to replace real course work and the fundamentals with soft-sociological mantras and courses about non-issues ranging from self-esteem to cooking. The state has thus expanded itself into areas which should be the domain of private and family education.

Indeed it is clear that the state would like to mold young minds to actually oppose the values, power and check on government which families in the aggregate provide. This is of course one of the main reasons why Gay sex is so heavily promoted; or the lunacy of human-induced climate change through the emissions of a natural chemical necessary for life. The state is now the arbiter of sex, family development and mother-earth worship. None of these topics belong in public schools, since none of them are presented with facts, real research or proper analysis. They are baseless propaganda.

The state is also essential in promoting a hatred of 'markets', individualism and by extension American and Jewish civilisations. The entire corpus of Western experience is usually questioned and demeaned in public education - but those of other cultures esteemed and verified. It has always been a peculiar disease of those in the soft fields of academia to hate modernity and the individual but now such an ethos is standard within the non-hard curricula managed by the state.

It is highly doubtful that a majority of high school students today would pass an exit examination from high school of 100 years ago. Such exams are available for review and if one scans such tests you will immediately see that the quality of high school education – from a system which was outside of the predations of government and unionized bureaucrats – was infinitely superior to what exists today.

Most state managed systems across the Western world suffer from real issues. Unionized uncaring workforces; state organisation of material with no check on relevance or facts; no competition amongst schools or teachers; disengaged students and faculty and increasingly families and parents losing control of their children's development. The problems with education stem from the oppressive nature of the government machine which manages it and yet the cries are always the same – more money, more teachers, and more 'resources'. None of these will solve the problems.

Quality product is not produced without freedom of choice and competition. This applies to health care, cars, computers, books, as well as to education.

Parents need the power to choose which schools have the privilege to receive their children through the use of vouchers.

Unions need to be abolished so that teachers will become competent in their subjects and subject to market demands on quality, including being fired.

School boards need transparency and fewer dollars to waste in erecting mindless bureaucracies which impede program development and which retard student development.

School budgets need to be ratified by parents and the public and published on the internet so everyone can see where their tax dollars are going to and why.

Such reforms are necessary but will never happen. As a consequence there will be lowered education levels, higher average grades; more useless programs and more graduates who will suffer from state brain-washing and abuse. Families will be further marginalised and the burdens on those who can, and those who do, will only rise.

And the solution will be of course to increase the power of all of the factors which caused the re-education system to fail in the first place. The logical by-product of government intervention – irrationality.

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