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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

Tempus Fugit Memento Mori - Time Flies Remember Death 

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Marxism and Socialism. Oriental, mystical, philosophies.

Intellectual trash used to hide the obvious mental decline.

by StFerdIII

"Yes we will" - take the individual and subsume him into the collective like the luckless knave that his most assuredly is.  The Black Jesus' moniker is little more than a power-mongering chant of hatred and ignorance and in the near future, perforce destruction.   Like the Globaloney Warming cult which lies to hide the actual global temperature decline – all to make money, grasp power and turn the UN into a world government – the chattering, clanging socialist and Marxist, has a plethora of lies to hide their intellectual and veracity decline. These people are simply fakirs, and mentally lazy. It has always been so, since the days of the lying, useless, never-worked-a-day-in-his-life Karl Marx, who was an avid student of that equally useless, parasitic and power-mad intellectual prostitute Hegel. Marx's so-called theories were simply outlandish lies and psycho-babble gibberish, painted up in whorish gaudy colors as 'science'. Coloring intellectual whores as moral, puritanical and sensible thinkers might impress the impressionable. It shouldn't have any credence with those who can rationalize.

Marxist and Socialist thinking has been one of the great failures and most costly experiments in terms of life, liberty and wealth destruction, in human history. Only Islam surpasses Marxism as a philosophy of death and devastation. Like Islam, Marxist ideology engages in quite inane and quite insane phraseology, with Orwellian word-smithing, bold and bald-faced lies, along with violence and threats – all in the guise of a compassionate, caring ideology of communal concern. Like Islam, Marxism and socialism are frauds, mystical constructs which you are told to believe, because some quack told you so. Like Islam, Marxism and socialism demands obedience and deference. Any logic, rationality or morality applied to Marxist buffoonery will very quickly reveal a plethora of problems not the least of which, is that Marxism like Islam, is utterly divorced from the real world.

Fantasy constructs do not make a good social framework.

Today most Western governments are openly Marxist. They have implemented the 1951 Frankfurt Socialist declaration of key principles, designed to first neuter Western power, than implode it, through the massive transformation of Western society [see here ]. After World War II there was a real chance that Italy and France would become Communist. Only American power and money prevented this. The Communists which in Europe would mutate into Marxists and the wonderfully named, 'Social[ist] Democrats', revised their program. Instead of an external change to the system, the relevant implementation of Marxist and socialist parodies would result from internal and cultural change.

Marxist is premised on a series of lies and distortions. There is little which is relevant in the economics, morality, or reality application of socialism and Marxist theology. It it the worst sort of intellectual trash and dishonesty one can find – as immoral and untethered to prosperity and the modern world as Oriental despotism, Buddhist meditation without action; or the violence and racism of Islam. The mysticism of Marxist socialism shares more in common with Pharoanic ideals, or the irrationality of Confucian fatalism, or the indoctrination and order to submit of Islam, than it does with anything that might be termed 'Western'. Marxism is Orientalism.

Marxism contains all of the essentials of Orientalism – in fact it is not hard to identify vast streaks of non-Western, Orientalist conceptions in the history of Marxist irrationality and so-called 'development':

-Western Civilization is immoral.

-Whites are racist.

-Capitalism is simply exploitation by the powerful, of the poor, managed by elites including Jews and rich proprietors.

-Capitalism leads to social inequality which is itself immoral, leading to widespread poverty and death.

-Markets and private transactions only benefit the rich.

-The Industrial [and today, the Scientific] Revolution[s] are systems of power, control and rape of non-White people, and of poor White people.

-The pre-Industrial world was a better world.

-All people are equal and should share equally in any blessings.

-People live best in groups where items are shared and where hardship is communalized.

-Private property needs to be 'managed' for the benefit of the group.

-Only the state or 'group' should educate the young.

-Group rights include guarantees of health, living and education.

-Religion is irrelevant. Only the group and faith in group rights should exist.

Marxism and socialism mutate of course and emphasize different aspects depending on time and place. But the above is accurate as the core of the Marxist theological program and this is about as close to a mystical Orientalism as you can produce. The entire cadre of Western – Christian thinking including faith, reason, ethics, a belief in progress, the individual, responsibility, charity, and the unique elevated nature of man, is completely disavowed. The Marxist-socialist program is to all effects, an Orientalist system designed to change, and then crush the Western world. What a disaster then to realize that every single Western state has implemented, or in the case of the USA, is now implementing a credo which militates against the entire edifice of the modern world.

Witness the following facts about the world:


-Governments control almost half of the economy in most Western states [45 % now in the US].

-More than 50 % of taxpayers pay no income tax [this makes it easier to have populists and socialists elected who can promise 'free' programs paid by the minority].

-Debt levels are unsustainable – thanks to the welfare and nanny state.

-Government theft of private property and income is accelerating yearly – all to satiate the demands of governmental programs. People are worse off in many ways than medieval serfs [another topic, but the statement is true].

-Every financial crisis – caused by government if one bothers to analyze why they occur – are blamed on the market.


-The West is always wrong when it wages war.

-Anyone in the military is stupid.

-All of our debts are due to military spending [a laughably idiotic belief, since military spending is 1.2% of GDP in Canada, 3.2% in the US, and 2% in the EU – debts are from public-socialist spending, not from defending ourselves].


-Individualism is unethical. It takes a village [of idiots one can say], to raise children.

-Rights abound including a right to health care, education, welfare, transfers, and subsidies. These rights continue to grow.

-Education is largely state managed and totally state regulated [an endless opportunity to distort young minds]. 'Higher' education is now devalued and of dubious worth, with most universities engaging in some variety of socialist orientation – state funded of course.

-The market and owners of capital are evil and must be micro-managed if not nationalized.

-Media and educational propaganda about the poverty of Western civilization and how Orientalist philosophies like Islam, are sophisticated, intelligent and the true creators of the modern world.

-Unfettered hatred of Whites, which is proferred by the elites and radicalized non-Whites in groups such as La Raza, Nation of Islam and the Black Panthers [none of which are ever mentioned or analyzed by the media].


-The corrupt UN is held up as a paragon of moral balance and enlightenment.

-Globaloney Warming is taught as a fact [probably the dumbest theory other than Islam one can find in the modern world], and the demands to reduce carbon usage and return to a pre-modern world abound.

-Islam is enshrined and supported because Islam is a non-White, non-Western political theology of jihad, which might very well be able to conquer large parts of the West.

The above list is what we have. These are facts. Why would anyone in the modern world accept such a collection of Orientalist constructs, which deconstructs and reduces to slave status the individual ? Why is 'socialism' the default answer to solve 'problems' ? Are we that simple and collectively misinformed, that socialized health-care is the only way to provide care for people who are ill ? No other ideas or models exist ? The Marxist state must resolve our issues and supposed 'market failures' ?

It is bizarre.

Freedom is a unique concept in human history. Oriental languages including Arabic never had a word for freedom. Only in Christian Europe do you find Latin and vernacular tongues with the word freedom. Free from domination. Today however we are dominated by the Marxist state. The objective is not hard to discern. Cultural Marxism and the Frankfurt School, whose ideas now control our world, desired the eradication of the West by destroying it from within. Financial bankruptcy was a part of this plan. Spend until the system collapses. That is what is going on today. We are all being duped into first bankruptcy and than slavery, and the socialists will blame bankruptcy on the 'market' and than devise 'solutions' to resolve this 'market failure'.

Wake up.

The age old conflict of the centralized despotic state versus the individual did not end with the Cold War. It only accelerated in depth, savagery and intent.



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