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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

The malleability of the National Socialist program.

State power is the opposite of 'Conservatism'.

by StFerdIII

The mainstream media, and their hair-flicking progressive fellow travelers in the educational systems and within pop culture, use the word 'fascist' a lot. It is a pejorative strictly applied to anyone who disagrees with their flamboyant and immature socialist-marxism. The word is abused and poorly understood and one has to ask, 'who are the real fascists ?' Perhaps those applying a word they don't understand are the real fascists ?

There is no single definition of fascism. Fascism mutates to fit into the local culture and local myths. German fascism was thus different than its Russian counterpart named Communism. Romanian fascism which supported Hitler had aspects quite at variance with Mussolini's 'New Roman' fascism in not so distant Italy. Chinese fascism embedded in state organisation of society and culture has undergone a rather dramatic metamorphosis recently into a managed pseudo-capitalist state, still largely agrarian and poor yet with the dominant fascist-communists still in complete control.

There is no single framework to describe the flexible and culturally specific attributes of fascism. [for the 10 key aspects of fascism see here]

But there are common attributes to each fascist story and takeover.

Fascist theology has in essence five discernible elements:

1.A complete rejection of the individual and a devotion to the communal. Only a unified 'community' of people have the power to create the 'ideal' fascist state and export it.

2.Universalism. All fascist theologies are universal in construction putting the fascist state and nation in competition and eventually war with all 'others'.

3.State control. Fascism is of course socialism and statism. Freedom in speech, action, thinking, economics and politics cannot be allowed. Fascisms attempt to control and manipulate all aspects of behavior including the media, sports, education, health, economics, administration, and even hobbies.

4.A national, or in the case of Islam a universal, mythology where the state, tribe, or fascist association is divinely, dialectically, or historically chosen as the ideological 'winner' and end progression in man's development.

Fascists will link the movement to past legacies and glories [Hitler's Valhalla; Islam's appropriation of Jewish leaders; Russian fascism's linkages with Nevsky and the overthrow of the Golden Horde]; and illustrate through some quackery parading as 'science' or dialectical inevitability that the cult is destined to dominate and rule.

5.Fascisms are supremacist, racist or both. A hatred of 'others' need to be created so the cult can better communalise and control the population. Islam and Nazism are examples of fascisms employing both racism and supremacism. Communism was supposedly a Marxist-class based system opposed to 'capitalism'. It was thus not a race bound concept but an ideology dedicated to a destruction of liberal bourgeois capitalism – something it shared in common with Hitlerism and pre-Deng Chinese fascism.

These five elements are fundamental to fascism. To be successful a fascism must than support these core beliefs. The program to do so is rather straightforward. A cult of the leader is formed whose every utterance is divinely inspired and beyond reproach. Myths of the movement are created extolling the virtue, dynamism, and inevitability of the cult's rise to power. Free speech, the media, labor groups and the middle class are crushed.

Propaganda such as Mein Kampf, the Koran, Lenin's epistles or Stalin's ponderous pronouncements are issued and become required reading. The normative state is taken over and replaced by the ruling gang or mafia. All non-state power centers and interests are destroyed. Cultural mores and ethos celebrating the communal and the universal are put in place to annihilate the juridical, moral and independent personality.

Fascisms are typically militarist and violent. The reasons are simple. You can only impose a gang- inspired rule by using terror. Coercion to wipe out individual interests and markets of any variety necessitate state sponsored violence. The army is of course a primary tool along with police forces, in establishing the cult's supremacy. Eventually, once the fascist state starts to implode due to autarchy; economic ruin; corruption and cancerous violence; the ruling elite long since divorced from the misery of what they have created, has little choice but to direct the servile population's anger outwards towards an enemy real or imagined. External violence is thus the last stage – the death throes – of a fascist state.

Fascism is clearly the opposite of conservatism and orthodox liberalism. These ideologies are based around freedom, the law, open markets, the individual and a right to life. Faith is often important to many adherents of conservatism. The essence of conservatism is freedom. Free markets allows free individuals to make decisions. It forces a culture to exist with certain characteristics and beliefs which push forward progress and enlightenment. It utterly rejects totalitarian and fascist principles.

Such people also know that a free society can only be defended through a strong military; a free and open culture; and a belief in European civilisational values. Evil such as fascist ideology in its many disguises does exist. It needs to be confronted and destroyed. It is as simple as that. And as black and white as that.

So who then are the real fascists ? Are the ones calling 'conservatives' or those who espouse the mature position of a strong military 'fascist' ? Are ones who believe in the right to life, free economics and freedom of speech, and who advocate some spiritual-mental therapy embedded in faith, 'fascist'?

Maybe the illiterates and uneducated who use the term inappropriately are the real fascists ? After all, a hallmark of fascism is a disregard for reality, and truth and a disavowal of facts and debate. The fascist mind does not think – it simply follows, bellows and insults those it deems to be 'the other.'

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