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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Reform our voting system please and limit suffrage.

No private assets and receive government welfare ? Good, you can't vote.

by StFerdIII

The modern state leviathan is fed and enlarged through a corrupt voting system. In the modern representative system the current political environment is misshapen through a poorly thought out voting system. Policy is replaced by populism. Long term views by short term vote buying creations. And the endless expansion of welfare, cultural marxism and economic socialism assured by the inane and inaccurate manner of vote casting, counting and seat representation. If you believe in liberty, individuality, freedom and progression, than reforming the voting systems of the modern state is a must.

There are many problems with the modern state and a central issue rarely discussed is suffrage or the universal claim over a certain age to cast a potsherd with a name scribbled on it, and toss it into the pile to be counted. Informed elections are a myth. They are populist circuses, light on intelligence, heavy on the stupidity of pop culture and general advertising. Before universal suffrage election speeches were viewed as important social events. Political statements were published in their entirety in the newspapers of the day, and many people would read the entire speech, picking up threads of arguments, the flow of rhetoric and important policy prescriptions. Today few read and fewer still would have the patience to digest a complex policy platform.

This is not to suggest that in the late 19th century political elections and campaigns resided in a golden era. Of course not. But the limits pre World War One on voting had many beneficial aspects. Most founding documents of the modern state - with the US being the Western world's oldest constitutional republic - were clear that only men above the age of 21, holding private property could vote. The female was deemed unintelligent and misinformed; those below 21 too young and illiterate to know what they are talking about; and those who did not possess private property sufficiently poor and underachieving not to be granted control over the direction of the state. Except for the first argument these concepts have much to recommend them.

The benefits of limiting the vote are obvious and real. By not granting suffrage to the entire populace over a certain age, you will protect personal, corporate and national assets and accounts. There is no mass unskilled drift to socialist economics, or cultural marxism. Socialist economics is premised on the equality principle, social peace and buying of votes to enforce both. Cultural marxism is based upon relativity - the philosophical equivalent of socialist economics - which maintains that there is no right or wrong, no moral program, and that Western civilisation is rotted, corrupt and in fact owes certain groups money and privilege for past 'crimes'. Neither concept is remotely intelligent or factually constructed.

In the context of market economics, a proper social and political system can only survive by 'specialisation' not generalisation. To have a competitive and healthy system we need to limit the buyers of political product and enforce specialisation of political products. A generalist approach will fail and we can see this by the mere fact that maybe 60-65% of registered voters or about 50% of all voting age people actually vote, with only about 30% voting in local elections. The problem is that in any election across the Western world 50% or more of those who actually vote, vote 'left', or for statists, welfarists and Leninists. This leads inevitably to the internal destruction of the state.

In most so-called 'democracies' [which are run by elites but called democratic] you will have 60% of the female vote going 'left'; 80% of the student vote going 'left'; 90% of those on welfare and on assistance voting 'left'; most of the media supporting socialist-marxist brands; and and of course the unions [who will own private property in most cases but work for firms on government assistance] voting socialist. These blocs of voters will routinely make up a majority of those voting - after all they have the most to win. If they are not the majority they will certainly form a large enough coalition to obstruct a non-statist government from having any real power, due to its minority status. Ergo in order to get business moved through government, more welfare and money will be spent as the minority partners who do not want statist government expanded have to make 'deals' with those who do, in order to pass any legislation at all. Government thus will never stop expanding.

The great drift towards huge government is due to our poor voting system as well as the obsession with 'war time' government. The Americans were on the winning side in 3 World Wars, and will win the current one against fascist Islamic elements. Any program of effort in the US is always named a 'War' on something or other. This is unhelpful. Trying to limit Drug usage is not a war. Neither is the effort to limit poverty. These are social programs of general utility and the solutions to resolve them have nothing to do with war analogies. In fact naming them a 'War' will only ensure that money is wasted, bureaucracies built and sensible solutions never tried.

An American national research group - - has determined that more voting age Americans know who is a judge on American Idol, than what the 3 branches of government are. There is something inherently wrong about a system which grants immediate suffrage to anyone over 18 when for many, pop culture is more relevant than policy and political system detail. When the general voting population is about as smart as someone watching endless reruns of American Idol, or Survivor, your system and indeed your country is in dire need of reform. Most voters thus vote with emotion, or by what their friends do, or they follow the media along and vote for whomever NBC-New York Times-CNN tells them is cool, connected, caring or hot. It is absurd.

Humans are selfish creatures. They tend to laziness. They will take the free lunch if it is offered. They will rationalise and make excuses for their behavior. These are facts for the biped hominid. Voting systems should take into account the reality of man and not create a system based on the vapid French Revolutionary utopian picture of what man could or should be. If you don't own private property you will want welfare, class warfare, and you will engage in us versus them rhetoric. You will most likely be against trade, dislike capital, hate businessmen, and probably view the entire edifice of Judeo-Christian-Anglo Saxon culture with disdain. You will look for a Messiah. You will follow the ridiculous stupidity of L Ron Gore and the eco-baloney cult as they attempt to eradicate civilisation. Or you will vote for a corrupt politician from Chicago who never held a real job named Obama - and pronounce him a Messiah and saint, while you ridicule Jews and Christians for believing in their 'cult'.

If you don't own private property you have no vested interest to try to develop a system which conforms to the historical progress of the past 150 years. You will simply want the nanny state to take from somewhere else and give to you.

Without voting reform the state will expand and its propaganda will become unbearable and ceaseless. By 1938 90% of Germans voted for the Nazis - many fearful of state power if they casted a vote against the Leviathan. In 1975 supposedly 90% of Russians supported the Communist apparatchiks - most intimidated into docile submission by the fascist state. How long before freedoms including freedom of speech, freedom of dissent, and freedom to associate start to disappear in the West as confused and as obsessed as it is with eco-fascist nonsense; human 'rights' councils; reverse discrimination policy; and the policing of ideas and content ?

Is that what the current generation wants to bequeath ? A corrupt and ridiculous voting system which only ensures the future creation of a Leviathan dedicated to destroying individual rights ?

Reform the voting system. Limit access to the control of the state. End populist, pop culture nonsense in the political arena. Institute gravity and intelligence in policy platforms. Transparency and honesty might be too much to ask, but surely a limitation on the size of government is not.

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