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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

Tempus Fugit Memento Mori - Time Flies Remember Death 

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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Why the West hates itself – Philosophy of Utopianism

Fascism, Islam and Left – Liberalism Unite

by StFerdIII

Hitler wanted a national-socialist, race based utopia, of perfect Germans dominating the planet. The perfect race would be cleansed of bad genes, dedicated to the party and fatherland and would wilfully recreate the world in the model of Nazi utopianism. Stalin tried to create the utopian worker state of communal greatness and a classless society, where community interests and love for the state transcended individuality. Fascist Islam mandates the utopian world of absolute submission to the Koran, the recognition of pre-destination, and the unthinking loyalty to either exterminate or convert non-believers. Jihad and war spread Islam as much as did the attraction of gold, booty, women and slaves. Like Hitlerism and Stalinism, Islam wants to dominate the world and create a classless utopianism, directed by the words of a psychologically deranged and quite insane prophet.

Socialism and fascism in all their forms, hate the modern world and they want to create Utopias of perfection – managed of course by elites and chosen prophets. Islam is no different than fascist
Germany or pagan Stalinism. Currently we see Sunni terrorists slaughter 600 innocents in Iraq in the spring of 2005 – in the name of ‘Allah’. Palestinians irregardless of the Israeli pullout from Gaza continue to attack Israeli civilians. Thousands of non-Arabs and Christians are murdered monthly in Algeria and the Sudan by fascist Islamic Koran-quoting, terrorists. Muslims have killed millions of Hindu’s, Christians, fellow Muslims, Atheists, Animists and innocents in the past 20 years. The geography of Muslim attacks knows no limits ranging from Buenos Aires to New York, to Bali, to Moscow, to Madrid to East Africa, India and all places between. Such pagan violence flows naturally from an egotistical fascist cult requiring submission to a moon deity [Allah], which negates individualism, free-thinking, inquiry, and innovation and denies human rights to women, non-believers, and what the Nazi’s called ‘Asocials’, or those outside of the ‘chosen’ society. Islam means violence.

Yet the socialists in the West and their liberal media allies blame Western Civilisation first. The bureaucrats, social engineers and do-gooders want to create a utopian paradise in the West, by destroying our current civilisation. To help achieve this destruction means of course supporting Islam. Such ignorance is remarkable when one considers that Islam has been attacking the West, and indeed the World, for 1400 years. Our current very tardy response to Islamic fascist is mirrored by the incredibly laggard response of the Christian crusades, which occurred 400 years after the Arabs attacked and conquered Christian and Jewish lands in
Israel, Syria, North Africa, Byzantium and Europe. Between 640 and 1099 the Arabs slaughtered thousands, destroyed religious sites, enslaved hundreds of thousands, and created a sub-class of dhimmi’s or non-believers who were prey to extortionate taxation and humiliation both in their ancestral homes and on holy pilgrimages. Such Arab and Islamic aggression, paganism, hatred, arrogance and swaggering narcissism perfectly informs Islam today.

But not according to the Western media. The media is so imbalanced it is painful. This references only the
US media. Forget the nationalist nonsense given out in state controlled presses in Canada and Europe. One expects to hear socialist drivel from state owned and state controlled media patsies. But the US has a huge problem with biased left wing, anti-US, anti-Western reporting. The laughable part is that most of the world views the US media as unremittingly chauvinistic and nationalistic. They are so mal-formed by their own state managed media that they cannot understand the loathing that the US Liberal media and left wing zealots have for civilisation and in particular for the US and Israel. Indeed the media’s anti-‘Zionist’ crusade of today is no different than the anti-semiticism one finds in Europe either today or during the 1930s.

An example of left wing mendacity is Margot Carlson, a high profile left wing pin head, who recently wrote in the LA Times that the Bush Administration’s action was causing the outbreak of Arab violence against the
US. I suppose she never heard of the various attacks against the US ranging from the 280 US soldiers killed in Lebanon in 1983 to 3000 liquidated on 9-11. The Bush administration before 9-11, was carrying on the Clinton administrations policy of doing nothing to thwart fascist Islam. Ignoring fascist fatwas such as the 1998 Bin Laden Holy War declaration against the US, or various threats from Iraq and Iran about destroying the ‘Great Satan’ is not smart foreign policy. But don’t tell Carlson and her fellow socialist utopians. Apparently Bush’s 10 months in office created 9-11 and indeed Bush is to blame for all the attacks against US people and assets from 1983 to 2001.

Another recent example of Liberal media misinformation occurred on April 15, when it was revealed [and even reported in the New York Times], that there was a new discovery of Saddam-era mass graves in southern Iraq, including one believed to be holding as many as 5,000 corpses. Yet the major
US networks ignored it. NBC, ABC, CBS, and CNN didn’t air that story but instead have presented unrelenting coverage of Saddam Hussein’s underwear photos, declaring it a human rights catastrophe. The other networks followed suit. They have also presented much coverage on the fake Newsweek story about US soldiers desecrating a Koran but nary a word about more mass graves found in Iraq or the thousands murdered in the Sudan.

The childish mind of Islam of course raged in violence as the news of the false Koran desecration report went out. Dozens of people were killed in violence. One wonders why the children of fascist Islam are not demonstrating against 600 recently murdered Iraqis, the dozens of innocent Israeli’s recently blown up, or the thousands of Sudanese non-Muslims put to death by Arab death squads. Yet they have the time and energy to kill innocents over a false story about their collected gibberish in the Koran. Yet the infantile reaction of Islamic fascists merits nary a mention in the mainstream
US media. This is incredibly unbalanced reporting.

US media has a problem. Ignoring the mass graves of Hussein and the thousands of non-Muslims being butchered each year is not only immoral, it is crass stupidity. ‘Feeling their pain’, as Islmacists blow up, murder and incite violence is puerile. The US media apparently believes that Islam is right or holy or good, and that the US or the West is wrong, vicious, expansionary and immoral. Such a point of view is somehow justified and ‘noble’. But this viewpoint is ignoble. Since the media helps create our culture this ridiculous viewpoint is destroying pride in the West, its achievements, its culture, its humanity and its defence of human rights and minority rights. After all a Christian can’t pray in Saudi Arabia, nor can a woman vote in Iran, nor does the Arab world export or invent anything of use for the rest of the world, outside of Western pumped oil. Yet somehow the morons in the media get it backwards and try to present root causes of Arab hatred as being Western initiated – when the root causes are failed Arab societies and Islam.

Everyone knows that most reporters are Liberals. In the
US over 70 % vote left wing. This helps form their incredibly naïve and childish view of the world. This world-view is part stupidity, part arrogance. There is a high degree of arrogance in the liberal West that strangely believes we are both to blame for the ills abroad and alone can solve them through handing out money through multinational solutions. Most of the ridiculous rhetoric of al Qaeda which references ‘Colonialism’, ‘American power’, ‘Blood for oil’, or ‘Humiliation of the Arabs’, was imported from the West. The West by demeaning itself is aiding its enemies.

United States of America was once a country that demolished Hitler and Tojo in less than four years and buried a nuclear Soviet Union. However its media, its effeminate elite, its liberal chattering classes, its Hollywood starlets and sluts all fret and whine, that their country is not sensitive enough, or caring, or comprehending enough of the root causes of Arab anger. One would expect such nonsense in Canada and Europe, but sadly such idiocy is now rampant in the US. Since the Vietnam war this has been the way of the Liberal media – hate the West, hate the US, and assume that fascism, whether in the form of Soviet Russia or Islam – is the side of morality and that our civilisation – the greatest the world has ever seen, is to blame.

It is time for the Media in the
US to grow up and understand what Islam and fascism means for freedom, and civilisation. The US media is part of the problem in the war against fascist Islam. If balance is not restored we will all be in trouble.

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