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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

Tempus Fugit Memento Mori - Time Flies Remember Death 

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Saturday, December 11, 2021

Corona: Massive Government always leads to despotic totalitarianism

Fascsim and Communism are simply expressions of state power

by StFerdIII


The word ‘Fascism’ does not identify ‘right wing’ theories.  ‘Right wing’ properly defined is ultra-libertarian, even anarchic.  The use of ‘wings’ is itself puerile and problematic but if we were to start at the ‘far left’ and work our way to the ‘far right’ the route path would look like the following:

Far Left Fascism/Communism > Socialism>Welfare State>Liberalism>Libertarian>Anarchy (Far Right)

There is very little difference in the programs of Communism and Fascism, a reality understood by Communist supporters such as Orwell or G.B. Shaw.  Both rely on the military, civil violence, control of the courts and media, intimidation and complete control of all aspects of personal, civil, business, corporate, and social life.  Nothing can lie outside the cult of government, as Mussolini expressed and defined Fascism.  Communism is no different.  The only difference is one of emphasis: the objectives (national, transnational), race, which group to demonise, the extent of force to be employed versus the use of psychological terror (including the use of drugs in our own time).  The result of both cults is the same.  Government and the state rule all.  That is their defining feature. 

For both Communism and Fascism, the complete control of life managed by a small, unelected elite, with its endless appendages of governmental coercion is the foundation of power suffused with propaganda which outlines the cult’s ‘mission’, using emotive language around ‘liberty’, ‘equality’, ‘historical dialecticism’, ‘truth’, ‘community’ and ‘duty’.  The enemy without (the Jew, the Christian, the untermensh, the capitalist, the bourgeois, the unvaccinated), must be met, defeated and burnt in sacrificial rights and under the lights of ‘science’ and ‘determinism’. 


Within both Communism and Fascism, the objectives of the cult are the determining reasons for existence.  The individual does not exist.  Rights are not ‘natural’, nor ‘God-given’, but are simply the gifts from a ruling, superior elite, to the grateful underclass of unimportant, faceless workers and regime supporters whose lives mean nothing, unless they support the regime and the ethos of the cult.  Hence, thought crimes, and crimes associated with a disobedience reflected in not following social dictums or expectations is pervasive as is the use of mass formation and hypnosis to generate guilt and shame amongst those who may dissent. 


These elements of behavioural control are essential tools and features of the Communist and Fascist.  Sargon the Great of 3200 B.C., supposedly the first great conqueror and empire builder, would have no problems in understanding and identifying modern methods of mass control and coercion.  The Nazis simply took age old facets of despotic governance and applied technology.  The same is even more true today with the Corona Fascism.


Populations are of course much larger today than in times past with an increase in the human population by a factor of 7 times in the past 100 years.  Ostensibly this could raise problems in enacting a Fascist or Communist state, either nationally or transnationally.  In reality, the size of population in any era, has never posed a threat to unlimited, or unrivalled force and coercion.  The Nazi cult kept its membership to a few million, the Russian Communists to about 10 million.  Both were able to subvert and control the apparatus of governance over populations many times the size of their cults and original followers.  As power accrued, others joined, either to engage in plunder, or simply to survive.  At a certain point, the ‘crusade’ of the Fascist or Communist becomes too alluring to ignore, or too powerful to contradict. 


In the ‘West’ thanks to trade, commerce, capital, and institutions which were once transparent and functional, living standards have risen considerably and the average person is much wealthier than in previous eras, if one ignores (rather incredibly) the enormous amounts of debt which overshadow governments, pensions, and individuals.  We are a debt driven and indebted society and these debts will lead to economic and social dislocation at some point.  Financial implosions will be more common leading to calls for ‘government’ to do ‘something’.  Which they will, namely increase their power over the financial system, in which they already are a major stakeholder. 


There is an erroneous belief that education is also ‘better’, leading, supposedly to a more ‘informed’ mass of citizens, who would not allow their ‘freedoms’ to be taken.  It is hard to connect this belief with reality.  Much education is ‘philosophy’ and social engineering, or plainly anti-science (evolution, warming), or racist (anti-white ahistorical revisionism), or confused (gender theology).  Real life skills, trades, building, creating or connecting to the world of the 5 senses is simply ignored, or debased, echoing the Roman aristocratic belief that only inferior people build or work.  Governmental education has created a society of social engineers and philosophers.


Given the ‘communistic’ ethos of modern education, it is better seen as a pre-requisite to Communist or Fascistic governance, extoling as it does, the benefices and blessings of technocratic-governmental power including the use of ‘science’, an old ploy first developed in the modern era by Fascists. 


Racial theology is also used to justify anything, including the demonisation of freedom and past achievements in all spheres.  The dumbing down of education has been a primary topic for decades amongst those who study modern standards versus those of previous eras including the 19th century.  Fascism and Communism through government control of the education system, can quite quickly and easily ‘re-educate’ populations to support their programmes. 


The Corona Fascism would be impossible without the unlimited size of Government which has plagued the Western world as a trend since the 1960s.  ‘Government must do something’ is the cry.  Socialised health care is a central feature of the modern medical Nazism now being trialled on unwitting and rather moronic populations.  Without governmental control of health, the Corona fascism is impossible.  With governmental-pharmaceutical control of the means of health care, there can be little dissent by doctors, nurses, or health workers.  You will simply be marginalised, demeaned, calumnied and fired.  Your ‘studies’ will be burnt.  The Corona Fascists have no issue in burning books or the truth, or even, in killing those who are too avid in opposing the Medical Nazism.  Well over 50% of health ‘professionals’ were Nazi supporters in Germany.  Today we can reckon that 80% or more are rabid enforcers of Corona.  Not much has changed with the totalitarian instincts of those who practice health care, who probably view themselves as little Gods.


The truth about the Corona Fascism, or Communism if one prefers is simply the following:

·       The coordinated assault across all G20 countries indicates this was planned or at the very least, agreed upon in advance

·       The vaccines kill and injure millions worldwide, yet this verity is now burnt and ignored by governments and their controlled media

·       There is no proof that the vaccines (a collection of poisons and proteins) will protect anyone from a flu or improve one’s health

·       Ignoring truth and injury can only be achieved through massive government control, propaganda and coercion

·       The government including their monopoly on health care, is a prerequisite to enforce a Corona totalitarianism and the distribution of violence through drugs

·       Socialised education has not produced ‘fitter’ or ‘more competitive’ populations but the opposite

·       Criminal Pharmaceutical firms have long bought government, universities, politicians and agencies as proven in various cases of bribery and fraud


We are witnessing the creation of a Communist or Fascistic Medical totalitarianism.  Nothing has changed from past eras except the size of Government.  That singular fact makes a transnational form of total-control, imminently possible. 

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