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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

Tempus Fugit Memento Mori - Time Flies Remember Death 

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

The communal socialism embedded in Fascist theologies.

Modern Fascisms were and are socialist in design.

by StFerdIII

Hitler and Mussolini were both Marxists. The socialist ethos of both of their Fascism's is quite obvious if one bothers to study their programs which were – with the exception of total Jew annihilation – rather similar. Hitler was quite open in his writings in Mein Kampf, his speeches and his asides to his acolytes, that the National Socialist plan was heavily premised on Marxist – Socialist ideology. The great modern welfare ideal was reflected in Nazi programs of 'free' coverage for any and all 'rights' that the Germans might care about. All to buy votes, subservience and remodel reality into a socialist-Nazi utopia. All of it Marxist spawned. All of it being imitated now in the modern world.

The first core of Marxism is the moronic 'stage' theory and the unquestioning submission to the inanity that history moves in steps from one end of a spectrum to the next. In this regard, Marxism claims to be 'scientific' since only its dialecticism can predict the 'future'. Marxism is always hailed by the great minds in academia as a 'total system' which can explain, social, political, and economic 'change. Marxism does not explain anything of course and engages only in the tiresome lies of class warfare, international class solidarity [which has never and never will exist]; and time-frames for revolution – all of which have been proven incorrect. Marxist stage theory ignores individuals, the dynamism of markets and capital, the benefits of freedom, and the improvements that a liberal-bourgeois world bestows on humans, the environment and life in general.

The second core of Marxist theology is the belief that capitalism will implode due to its own inconsistencies, which will breed mass impoverishment, worker rage and eventually a revolution as the tired peasant mass throw off the yoke of capitalist oppression. The end phase of human development is thus the eradication of capitalism by the working class. Markets, money and private property are all to be abolished. Only then will a communal utopia full of hope and peace be realized. Complete equality and justice will prevail. The individual will be joyfully subsumed and consumed into and by the communal. The 'volk' as it were, eating its young. With capital and money dead, bliss will follow.

To achieve Marxism's promise the imposition of a ruthless totalitarian elite is necessary of course. There has to be a leadership cult to organize the revolution; manage it; deconstruct the capitalist system; and then build the new utopia. Only force, violence and military force would permit the radical and systematic overthrow of the modern world, and the creation of a brave new world. Marxism is thus by its very design, a mandate for a military tyranny and for war.

Hitler understood his Marxist theory well. He fused Marxist and socialist ideals when he reformed the National Socialist party and began the political process to generate social 'reform'. In Hitler's distorted world view the German people were the legitimate rulers of the world. Aryan blood-lines were genetically connected to the supermen of Atlantis and racially pure Nordic stock was the evolutionary apogee of human development. Ergo Germany needed to dominate Europe and the globe. Jews, Slavs, Queers, gypsies and sub-humans, who were preying on German money and land had to be exterminated. In order to buy the votes of Germans, and gain their consent for the madness of his racial theories, Hitler turned to social engineering and the principles of Marxist dialecticism.

As I wrote earlier when reviewing Mein Kampf – a work which still needs to be read and understood since Arab Fascism is largely similar and encapsulated in the madness of the Koran:

"Hitler's obsession with the Jew, and with destroying Marxism which he viewed as a Jewish movement designed to control the world; was hardly unique. Many equated Marxist socialism with Jewish plots and conspiracies. Yet Hitlerism was itself of course a statist-socialist philosophy which pilloried Marxism for most of its ideas and fought with Marxists for the same political space and support. What differentiated Hitlerism from Marxism was its racial theory and extreme German nationalism. Marxism like Islam is not bound by color or nationality, but by adherence to the philosophy itself, an ideology demanding submission and compliance."

Hitler used socialism to expand the appeal of the Nazis across all classes. It is a simple truism that modern Fascism, premised on Marxism, must be a cross-class cult. Or else it will perish. To buy volk support Hitler and the Nazis created the first welfare state utopia – all of it now realized in every single Western state. The Nazi state guaranteed the 'rights' of Germans to have inter-alia: 'free' health care; free education; free baby care; free day-care; guaranteed jobs; pensions; welfare transfers and even leisure time. The Nazi welfare state was built upon the earlier work of Bismarck – itself a cynical ploy to quiet the middle class and buy them off with state goodies. It is rather ironic that the coveted 'values' on display in Western states, including Green Fascism and pagan Mother Earth worship, all emanate from the Nazi cult.

Yet during the 1930s the obvious bankruptcy of the German state, which made war in 1939 inevitable was ignored by the Western media and academia who lauded the great strides in GDP and economic-moral growth that the Nazi regime provided for Germany. There was no private economic growth in the autarchic socialist-Marxist haven of Nazi Germany. The private competitive market, profit-making; international investments and cross-border transactions were eradicated. Hitler like his Russian Fascist cousins, had pretty much succeeded in demolishing capital, markets and private property. Only wealth tolerated by the state was allowed to exist unmolested. Only firms sanctioned by the cult remained 'independent' though they directly served a Nazi ministry. Hitler was as close to achieving the Marxist dream of capital abolition as any radical Communist.

To make all of this happen the Nazis of course became one of the most vicious, ruthless, deranged, violent and immoral cults in history. Marx's prescription to create a communal utopia found its ultimate expression in Hitler's Fascistic radicalism and blood-letting. The death cult of the Nazis combined racial Social Darwinism, with Marxism, supported and expanded by a level of violence rarely seen in history:

“Fascism shares the ..features of totalitarian and socialist states, and carries such ideals to a nationalistic extreme. It is a system of government that exalts the national race or tribe above the individual, and subsumes the person into service for the state. Oppression, brain washing educational programs, media manipulation, mass rallies and marches, and control through various clubs, groups, charities and party organs appealing to age, function or even leisure pursuits, all combine to enforce a general mobilization of citizens, [and militia], to support the state.”

Hitler's Marxism was little different than Russian Fascism named Communism. Nazi Fascism emphasized race, Russian Fascism emphasized classes. In all other respects they were the same. Anti-Jew pograms were common in Russia, and though the industrial slaughter of Jews and untermenschen was never attempted in Russia, the establishment of Gulags to liquidate enemies of the Marxist state claimed some 30 million lives over 40 years or 5 times the level of the Nazi Holocaust. Far from being 'opposites' the twin bastards of Marxist theology were very much similar.



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