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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

Tempus Fugit Memento Mori - Time Flies Remember Death 

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

The jackbooted march of Barbarism.

The rise of the new global disorder.

by StFerdIII

Throughout the world barbarism in two main forms is on the rise. The first manifestation is the cult of Islam. The second is the ascendancy of the state, enabled by mobocracy or as some naifs might term it, rule of the demos, a laughingstock of a concept considering how polls, the media and even dead people are manipulated into aiding the interests of the statist plutocrats. America, once a beacon for freedom, is fast-becoming just another brain-dead socialist failure. The apogee of Marxism in America is the rise of the cabal around Hussein Obama. From a Reagan to a socialist, statist, America-loathing leader, only took one pot-smoking generation [Obama's favourite pastime in college]. If and when Americans re-elect the mandarins of the Obama-cult back to power, the bankruptcy of the world's super-power will be assured. It will usher in Mark Steyn's Post-America world. The barbarism of statism matched with the savage rise of Islam and a new world dis-order.


Obama, the socialists, the multiculturalists, the PC fascists, the cult of warm eco-freaks, and the sundry list of losers, power-mongers, and liberal arts majors working in the media, do not believe in Western civilisation, do not believe in Western or American exceptionalism, and positively loathe white-European and male-dominated culture and society. Applied to other subjects, the bearers of such a mental dislocation this would be termed 'racism', or some 'phobia'. But not for the statists and their supporters. These are the smart people. The moral. The just. The clear sighted. The noble. They exalt 'intelligence' and hate superstition and religion – unless the cult in question is their own of course.


The twin fascisms of Islam and National Socialism work well together. Socialism in any form denies wholly or in part the following; individual free-will [you belong to the state], free-speech, individual responsibility [the state is your only concern], traditional family virtues [the state is your family], family genders and roles [the gay agenda, polygamy are now okay], free-enterprise and entrepreneurship [you can't 'build that']; and effort married with reward [why try when everyone is equal?]. The major premise of socialism is that the mob-cult rules and the individual and any centre of opposition to the state, must be destroyed.


Within the merged church and state pagan cult of Islam the attributes of national socialism are also quite apparent. No free-will [only Allah the moon idol possesses free-will]. Since humans are unimportant there is little need for sweat, risk, effort, innovation, business development, and trade. The umma triumphs both the individual and whatever country that person happens to be in. Sex-slavery, polygamy and sex-chattel trading for men are legitimated, negating family and ethical roles and boundaries. Like the national socialist cult the major premise of the Moslem cult is fealty to the communal and obeisance to that communal's rituals, demands and expectations. Nothing else is important.


Daniel Greenfield aptly wrote:

The left [read the national socialists] destroyed Western national identity and brought back the holy war, but due to Christian and Jewish secularism and Muslim immigration, instead of Catholics and Protestants fighting each other in Paris and London, it's Muslims rioting in the streets and demanding an Islamic theocracy to rule them. And why not? If rule no longer derives from the people or the nation, but panels of judges and rooms of bureaucrats, then the Islamic version is as legitimate as the Socialist version.

Western government that deny both democracy and nationalism are acting as leftist Mullahs, enforcing their beliefs on everyone else. This is their multiculturalism and it is just as backward, reactionary and corrupt as the Islamic version. And why shouldn't Muslims demand that if they are going to be ruled by a philosophy of the way things should be, then it might as well be their own? The only counterargument that can be offered to is that they are foreigners, but it is not an argument that the progressive left can make after championing immigration and the death of nations.”

The barbarity of unfettered statism, or the barbarity of Sharia ? Or maybe we merge them ? What is now left of Western society is confronted by a tide of mutually self-reinforcing barbarisms. National socialism castrates national and Western cultural identity through the fetishes of the multi-cult, Moslem immigration, and neutering the family, the individual and the independent business. Islamic pagan fascism emboldened by Western cowardice – itself a by product of national socialist moral and cultural relativity – and drunk on oil money [a jiyza tax in essence on non-Moslems], swaggers in to fill the vacuum. It is hard to be optimistic about how it all ends.


Let's assume that America, in which every living individual now owes $200.000 usd in stated [not the real level which is higher], of US debt, does indeed suffer an economic collapse in some form or another. What then happens to the world system ? Will those America-haters including the Obamas and their acolytes still be waving their pom-poms, screaming in joy that the Great Satan has at last fallen, really benefit ? Will the socialists in Canada and the EU truly be better off without American hegemony ? Do the one-world wonders really believe that a Chinese-UN post-American world will be happy, friendly, sophisticated, democratic and enlightened ?


Yet the maintenance of the current [international] system is costly and full of risks. Both the hegemon and an open world economy are threatened by the 'free rider' problem where cheaters benefit from the public good (in this case the benefits of an open trading regime) but refuse to pay for it...Non payment for public goods [international] are effected through: overt industry protection, cartelisation of market on the hegemon for military protection and funnelling these 'savings' into social programs, economic investments, indirect subsidisation of firms to compete with the hegemon, or the set up of voluntary export restraints to limit imports.” [America vs. Europe, p. 391]


If the Americans choose to be like Europe who will protect the sea lanes and the cowering multi-cult populations ranging from Japan, to the EU, or Canada ? Who will impose Western civilisation on parts of the world that either need it or want it ? Who will save the Moslem daughters from being slaughtered ? China, the UN, Gabon ? Good luck with facing reality in the post-modern American-multiculturalist world of barbarism.  

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