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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Socialism always fails

As the mommy-state collapses what will take its place ?

by StFerdIII

Socialism, in any form, always fails. It is an immutable law of nature. Whether the socialism in question is a mass evil like Nazism; or a government managed disaster like health care; the hypocrisy and immorality of the program or movement always ensures its failure. In an age of Islamic fascism and unremitting terror, the disastrous consequence of mass socialism takes on a higher importance. Three consequential questions need to be asked when surveying the current Western addiction to the heavy hand of the state: 1. The mixed welfare states of Canada and Europe will either have to reform or suffer failure – what will take the place of the socialist mommy state now in the ascendant when these socialisms begin to collapse? 2. Will socialist states actively fight against Islamic terror or engage in the decades old hypocrisy of appeasement and anti-Americanism? 3. How will the Americans react to their ever expanding role of government? Can they reverse the tide of the encroaching welfare state model that riddles nation states with contradictions and impairs self defense and gives rise to the extremist idiocies found in Howard Dean, Cindy Sheehan and The New York Times? The future of the West will hinge on the answers to these 3 questions and how they impact our response to the gathering failure of the socialist mommy state and the reaction by these states to fascist Islam.

Socialism always fails but the desire to destroy individuality and create an ‘ethos’ of fairness runs strong in human communities. From time immemorial socialist constructions have been attempted. Persian satraps and the slave empires of divine rulers and kingdoms; pagan communities; communal land sharing; utopian settlements financed by rich capitalists; the ravings of a mad and illogical Marx; the Leninist ‘classless society’; the buffoonery of Mussolini’s new Rome; Hitler’s race based German volk state; Russian Tsarism and the ritualisation of peasant life; and now the modern expression of extremist socialist control and submission found in the anti-modern hatred of Islamic fascism; socialism might mutate and change, but it essentially seeks to mould, shape and shatter individuality and freedom. By destroying the individual socialism annihilates the moral and juridical personality. By killing morality socialism seeks to not only submerge the individual but to debase the culture and concepts of virtue that allow society to flourish. In its extremity socialism will ultimately collapse into social and economic chaos. Culture is king and socialism has little to offer in the culture of ideas; morality and responsibility.

The culture of big socialism would include inter-alia; lots of meaningless chatter and feel good rhetoric; lots of ‘caring’, ‘compassion’ and ‘values’; which translate into lots of economic, social, cultural and psychological problems, not to mention the erection of huge government apparati to ensure that compassion and fairness are enforced. In essence socialism militates and is opposed to wealth creation; freedom and responsibility. The outcome of such insipid programs is a marked decline in morality and economic growth versus what would have or could have been achieved without the imposition of the massive mommy-welfare state. Europe and Canada are examples of such contra-reality programs of statist interference.

Since the easy post World War Two gains the European economies have slowly been halted in their growth by the ever expanding mommy-state. In Europe the technocrati-elite review their yearly economic performance and witness yet again, their remarkably underperforming economies, their lack of jobs and growth; the frustrating lack of capital creation and ergo the declining standards of living of their citizens. Though much taken with blaming ‘root causes’ of Middle Eastern wars on the dastardly Jews building apartment complexes on the West Bank, the Euro-socialist elite can’t quite get themselves worked up to identify the ‘root causes’ of Euro-sclerosis. It is easier for the mommy-statists to ignore reality and instead focus on ‘values’; ‘cultural arrogance’; and ‘working to live, not living to work’ concepts. Primitive chest beating is usually punctuated with indignant expositions of cultural superiority; demonstrable ignorance about the economic and demographic time bombs that are set to go off; and the creation of yet another big government program to solve life’s difficulties, appease students or Arabic immigrants; and guarantee that the cultish mass, will have complete security against the hated Americans, globalization, the pernicious Jews or global warming or cooling or whatever the eco-fascist fetish of the day is. After such pronouncements the Euro-elite will promptly go on vacation and let the serfs fend for themselves and hope like hell that the Americans will still defend their Continent with US soldiers, technology and money.

Just to highlight the disparity between the 450 millions of the ever closer socialist EU and the US we can take some simple figures. US GDP is $12 Trillion, the same or a little higher than the EU, but on a population that is 33% smaller. In fact the US has grown 20 % in the past 3 years vs. stagnant growth in Europe on a per capita basis. EU GDP growth for the past 5 years has average about 1.5 % versus the US’ 3.5 %. The US is also fighting 2 wars; endured 9-11 and many natural disasters and has budget spend problems that slow growth; yet even despite these difficulties it still roars ahead. The Americans create on average 2 million jobs per annum [as evidenced by Household surveys], and the Europeans a miserly 100.000. In the past 10 years US productivity has averaged 2.5 % per annum or more, while Europe has averaged just over 1.1 %. Not important you say? This means that the US is getting richer, wealthier and more innovative while Europe languishes, its standard of living declines and its social frustrations mount.

On innovation and R&D the EU spends 1.5 % of its budgets on higher education vs. 3.5 % in the US. The EU is simply not competitive in creating new technologies and innovations. The average graduate age in Germany is 27 – in the US it is 21. This gap means that the average American is working 6 more years earning income, paying taxes and participating in the real world, not lost in space on government subsidies in the universal and largely free of tuition nanny culture of EU higher ‘education’, where 25 year-olds sit around contemplating Schopenhauer or Wittgenstein instead of working and thinking.

As real Conservatives understand, the size of government is ultimately the problem. Thanks to Marxist – Socialist corruption the EU has real unemployment rates in most member states [once you subtract workers sitting at home with back pains; make work projects; or community programs where a few hours a week of service takes you off the unemployment lists] of about 20-25 %. There exists at least 35-40 million jobless in a Continent with a working population of over 250 million. Instead of dealing with reality the Europeans prefer to preen and caress themselves and go a-flutter over Sweden’s model where 40 % of Swedes would be classified as poor in the US; where Sweden would rank dead last in the US as a state on any economic issue; and where low living standards are buttressed by massive government intervention which only accelerates the pace of decline. Yet Swedish meatball thinking is apparently Europe’s great hope.

Europe has gone too far down the road to ruin. Politicians eying their pensions and fat yearly pay cheques are in no mood to jeopardize their cozy lives at the top. Economically Europe is failing and demographically it will disappear in a Muslim tidal wave. In 50 years the European Union will be renamed the Islamic Union of Europe – and any European left will be resident in the Anglo Saxon societies – the last bastions of hope and freedom in the World. Until then we can look forward to the Europeans free-riding off of the US military; doing nothing to combat Islamic fascism and playing nice with the Russians and Chinese – hardly nations that support freedom and peace.

But what about North America, the UK and Australia? Will the US follow Europe’s lead? Will Canada and its Anglo kindred nations look at Europe; recoil in shock and undertake the needed changes to stop the cultural, social, economic and military rot embedded in mommy-statism? The future of our world depends on the answers to these and other questions surrounding the onward march, and eventual ruin of big statism and socialism. It is a truism that socialists have never defended freedom, culture nor civilization. In an era of vibrant Islamic fascism that should give everyone pause for thought as the welfare mommy states continue to accrete power.

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