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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Fascism – from Orientalism, to Hitler, to Islam, to Putin

Politically Correct mumbo jumbo is a danger

by StFerdIII

It is wise to listen to what people say and then see what they do. Action not words is important. But oftentimes action does follow words. Totalitarians, Fascists, Islamacists and Orientalists whatever their somewhat minor differences in thought, philosophy or action, have been remarkably clear throughout history about their intentions, both in word and deeds. They express themselves publicly, in writing, in speeches, sometimes in great detail and volume, about their desire for control, world domination and the elimination of freedom. In observing modern fascism deeds have indeed followed words.

Modern fascism gives us many examples of such directness in rhetoric and activity. Hitler and Mussolini sneered and jeered at the West during the 1930s in books, speeches, rallies, and in the media, citing Western democratic lethargy, immorality and weakness. They predicted that fascism would be the dominant world-wide religion. Stalin and Khrushchev were likewise open about their ambitions and the capability of their communitarian totalitarianism to crush the weak, effeminate West. Soviet central planning, organized power and nationalist esprit de corps would roll over the weak, frightened and disorganized Western democracies. Such legacies are still evident in Putin’s Russia where most people still believe that Russia is a great power.

Islam follows the same pattern. Islam through various declarations, religious codes, fatwa’s, wars of aggression and racial hatred, is rather obvious in its intention to convert or destroy Israel and the West, and replace them with a supposedly superior system. Indeed Muslims demand and expect that the world must submit to Islam or be forcibly converted. We can hear excitable anti-Western Mullah’s on the TV and radio, view terrorist groups killing innocents, read Islamic Web-Zines spreading hate literature, and feel ourselves assaulted whilst we read the ravings of Militant Islamic leaders and secular Islamic politicians descrying Westerners and Jews. The message is clear and we should hear it. The tangible hatred of the immoral degenerate West, with its perverted vision of freedom and secularist consumerism must submit to Allah for purification. Such an ideal is no different than Hitler’s dream of world domination through disciplined Nazism, or of the Lenin-Stalin pronouncements foretelling the submission of the West to a godless worker’s paradise. It is the fascist objective of annihilating freedom.

Such Oriental concepts of ‘burying’ the individual and freedom in a panoply of cultish, state manufactured oppression is nothing historically new. It is as old as Sargon the Great’s Near Eastern empire of 4500 years ago in which slaves and not citizens served a divinely appointed leader. Private property, rights, social mores, and free-thinking were not tolerated. Such social designs find their modern expression in Russia, Islamic states, North Korea, Syria, Cuba and other nations in which cults of obedient automatons are whipped into nationalist frenzies by government media and lies, to serve the whims of the corrupt few. It is Orientalism on the march.

Orientalism is in short the antithesis of Westernism or Occidentalism. There is little if any similarity between the two creeds and belief systems. Orientalism does not denote a racist creed or apply a chauvinistic label. Contrary to what Arab apologists like Edward Said state in order sell book copy, Orientalism is the world of non-Western history and culture. It is the acceptance of Asian, Near Eastern and Arabic differences in the life of society, politics, culture, art and thought. It is a necessary category of study to understand world conflict and the threat posed by Orientalism and Fascism to freedom.

Orientalism as a broad label is unappealing to academics and Arab apologists who would like to quibble and quarrel so they can extend their tenure and sell books while splitting ideological hairs. Orientalism is as wide and valid a category as is ‘Christendom’ or the ‘West’, which is used by Orientals to denote nations as different in texture and taste from Finland to Chile to Canada. Yet much like the categories ‘Western’, or ‘Occidental’, Orientalism and its disparate sets of groups, tribes, nations, religions and beliefs all do share some common denominators. This is a clear upon analysis and is as valid as remarking that Canada, Chile and Finland all share in varying measures the Judeao-Christian-Romano-Greco philosophies that inform all Western states.

This is not to suggest that Oriental states are static. They certainly are not. For example in the case of Japan its specific Orientalism was first reformed during the Meiji restoration then destroyed in the World War II. But certainly Japan’s history is replete with Orientalist inclination – autocracy, militancy, caste systems, overwhelming taxation, women as second-class citizens and serfdom with limited freedoms. Though Fascist-Orientalist societies are rarely static they offer, as we will discuss a little later, similarities across the centuries and across empires in construction, intent and implementation of objectives. For our purposes the word Oriental is specifically applied to a construct of political and cultural organization that is markedly dissimilar in substance, style, intent and configuration with Western models and which has appeared in the Near East and in Europe in various forms including Fascism, Hitlerism, Stalinism, ‘Putinism’ and Islam.

These ‘isms’ and doctrines all share one common basis – their utter failure. One needs to ask what is the purpose of societal ideas, of philosophy and religion? A core objective of societal organization including religious doctrine must be to provide a road map for living, to help humans caught in a seemingly puzzling and anarchic world. Rules, patterns, types of acceptable behavior and attitudes, are codified. In a religious sense people are expected to follow such decrees or face punishment from a God or spirit who will pronounce eternal life or eternal damnation depending on how one lived. In the social context people operate within ‘laws’ or ‘rules’ and are punished if they disobey. The most important fact is however the result. Does the society in question – religious, secular, Fascist, Liberal - deliver spiritual, social and economic ‘goods’ that benefit its members?

An ‘ideology’ or philosophy of life organization has to demonstrate some tangible and worldly benefits. If not it sinks into mysticism and dogma. If there are no concrete, observable and definable assets delivered by the government, ideology, religion and its leadership to its followers, it is hard to comprehend the purpose of the doctrine. For instance is it really enough in a religious context if its ‘roadmap in life’, means that all benefits accrue to the ‘believer’ in an afterlife or when the bodily organism is dead? Shouldn’t religious ideals help those in this life and deliver other ‘goods’ such as well-being, safety, self realization and comfort?

In the current modern world we can state that the Fascist – Orientalist structure of society is a failure. This includes Islam. This book will summarize why. It does not mean that the people who believe in Islam for example are failures. Of course they are not. Nor does it mean that the West is perfect – far from it. But the point is rarely made in the West since it is not politically correct to state the obvious that Islam and fascism in general, is an economic, social and even spiritual failure and fraud. Many politicians in buying votes, trip over themselves running to the local mosque to ensure that compassionate voters and the liberal media elite understand that they too love one of the world’s ‘great religions’. Poppycock. Islam is not a religion but a political-state construction premised on the age-old paganism of Fascist-Oriental philosophies. It is the philosophy of anti-civilizational development, and the sooner the world realizes this the faster Western policies can be adapted under the Bush doctrine to the real threat facing modernity:


“But this much is clear: The United States is now at war with the totalitarians of radical Islamism. And in prior conflicts with the totalitarian impulse of the Industrial Counterrevolution, the United States has been undefeated. Americans triumphed first over fascism, then over Communism — movements with ideologies of potentially global appeal, and with political bases in militarily formidable great powers. Americans will rise again to this latest challenge. … However long the present war must last, and however costly it must be, the final outcome cannot be doubted: interment of Islamist totalitarianism in what President Bush so stirringly referred to as "history's unmarked grave of discarded lies…” (i)

It is not just the
US however but Western civilization, which is at war, but only the America with some allies, has the will to fight. Islam is of course not the only Fascist strain in the Orientalist creed attacking modern freedom. Russia under ‘Putinism’ offers another modern example albeit one that is different in substance and in threat. China, North Korea, Cuba, provide some other obvious examples of fascism at work. Islam is however a more near term and terminal threat and has demonstrated its modern savagery through the deaths of hundreds of thousands of non-Muslims during the past 10 years.

Yet in spite of overwhelming evidence there is nary a tear shed in the mass Western media about the victims of fascist aggression. In
Algeria 150,000 non- Muslims have been killed in the past 10 years. Two million non-Muslims in 25 years have been liquidated in the Sudan. Tens of thousands of innocent Orthodox believers have been destroyed by the Russians in Chechnya. Hundreds of thousands more killed or tortured in China, North Korea, Syria, Lebanon, Iran, and during Hussein’s rule, in Iraq. Yet the Western media with its anti-Jewish, anti-American bias endlessly repeats stories on the dastardly Jews building apartment blocs in the West bank, why Chile’s Pinochet should be condemned to death, or the travails of the crusading Americans abusing a handful of prisoners in Abu Ghraib. They say almost nothing of the mass murders taking place at the hands of fascist and Islamic regimes.

The destruction in one generation of literally millions of lives elicits yawns from most politicians and liberal media pundits with the usual demands for more international dialogue, understanding ‘their pain’ and endless recitation of academic nonsense on root causes in which low self esteem, US imperialism [while ignoring massive US aid given to Islamic countries and the 14 wars fought by the US for various Muslims], and poverty cause Islamic terror. As if fascist societies, envy, failed polices, brain-washing, violent Mullahs and corruption are not the reasons for Islamic terror.

Fascism is real, vibrant and like a virus can mutate and take different forms to kill its host. After all it did not take long for Stalinism to kill 20 million Russians, Hitlerism to exterminate 6 million Jews, and Maoism to erase 30 million Chinese. This says nothing of the historical record of Islam in which millions of Hindu’s, Jews, Christians, Buddhists and Animists have been butchered. Ein riech, ein volk, ein fuhrer is a pithy description of all of these ideologies.

Totalitarianism and Fascism
Various ‘isms’ exist which are often misunderstood or misdiagnosed – liberalism, capitalism, socialism, fascism, communism, totalitarianism, catholicism, islamicism, orientalism – all serve some master purpose in societal organization. All purport to provide a template and set of authoritative ideals that lead to a better existence. Yet in the human story there emerges out of the complexity of the various ‘isms’ two predominant theories of state-societal organization – Western Enlightenment doctrines loosely based on Judeo-Christian values, Roman law and Greek individuality against Orientalism-Fascism with its various sub categories in which the individual is submerged into the state.

Yet most in the West do not know, acknowledge nor care about the fascist – oriental philosophies that have attacked freedom through human history. Most do not even accept the threat posed by big governments and ever-expanding governmental power and control. In an age of mild globalization the socialists and United Nations supporters talk endlessly of the destruction of the state. Yet in the past 50 years states have acquired more power, more tax revenues, and more control than ever. Large government does not necessarily lead to nor is indicative of Fascism or Orientalism. Yet it is also a truism to state that totalitarian philosophies are implemented through coercive large governmental structures in which freedom and individuality are subsumed into the state.

The threat to the West comes from within as well as from without. The internal threat can be linked to the external threat through various channels. We have coercive governments limiting freedom in the name of high taxes, porous borders, massive spending, decrepit military and intelligence services [in most Western nations], and unfathomably high Islamic immigration. There exists in all democratic lands Islamic 5th columns and terror cells, enjoying autonomy from their host Western societies while propagating hate and racism as bilateral aid flows to and from these terrorist groups and also to and from Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia - the main financiers, outside of the drug trade, of terror.

Western governments with media support are implementing liberal socialist values referencing not domestic constitutions, history or culture but flaccid moral internationalism and relative multi-cultural politics. There is the widespread and mistakenly blind belief that international institutions should dictate local matters. This is exemplified in the EU socialist model which is becoming a multi-layered socialist, high taxed, unproductive, non-democratic, illiberal experiment, prone to future economic and social failure. Yet the same is happening in
Canada and the US with legal, moral and constitutional matters being changed due to UN mandates or even EU precedents. How silly. Such internal threats – epitomized in the differing visions offered by the US and the EU and the destruction of Western culture is another topic covered elsewhere – but that threat is real.

The external threat to the West has been posed throughout the ages in various guises but it broadly has been a Fascistic-Orientalist program aimed at destroying liberty and consuming individuality. The Fascist-Oriental philosophy has been a powerful limiting force on world development providing tribes, leaders and demagogues with philosophical concepts and tools of control. Throughout history such ideals have formed and developed society in an anti-Western tradition. Their base appeals have energized leaders and populations. However, the corruption in thought and practice leads to societal ruin, war, stagnation, immorality, decline and a descent into evil. (ii)

Indeed the core component of Orientalism has been and always will be fascist and totalitarian in nature. It is the intellectual clash and mental and physical war between these two philosophies which has informed history and which now puts the Western democracies, whether their populations and leaders understand it or not, at war with a lingering strain of fascism, replete with Oriental historical beliefs and baggage. Totalitarianism is in fact nothing more than a broad term for fascism which might encompass different approaches and styles but which have the same aims and methods. There are various strains of totalitarianism but the essence of any of these variations is more similar than dissimilar in any meaningful way. What then is totalitarianism and fascism and why, irregardles of academic hair splitting are they the same creed ?

Modern totalitarianism is a national construct, in which all activities of society reinforce in perpetuity the whims of the state, and its reigning party leadership. Across various totalitarian regimes the relationship of the party managed state to its citizens, elites, civil service, military and police forces will differ, but the ultimate aims remain similar. In its most fully developed sense totalitarianism is extreme ‘statism’ or state management of society. Statism is a doctrine currently much in vogue in the West premised on state aggrandizement, nationalism, equality of outcomes and limitations on private wealth, property and choice. In a true totalitarian state every aspect of living, working, thinking, production, and even procreation, involving all sectors of society are used to support the desires of the ruling party elite.

In a totalitarian statist nation then, the state represents the highest ideal of national, and by extension personal, expression and relevancy. This expression takes different forms and styles. A totalitarian society can be a military dictatorship [Franco’s
Spain], or an adventuring Fascist power [Mussolini and Hitler], or a brooding broken and selectively aggressive entity like Putin’s Russia. In any of its substantive forms a totalitarian enterprise is ultimately the attempt to expand and magnify the interest of a race, tribe or group, in which all personal activities of the group belong to a higher need - namely the interests of the state. The state then becomes the father figure, nuturing mother, kind uncle, and doting grandmother, cajoling its children to act in the interests of the family. To achieve such uniform submission there grows a central concentration of power embedded in the party, its leadership, its elites, its controlled media and education and then on down progressively through to lesser sub-citizen classes. A ‘family member’ can only act towards the goals that the state values, rather than any interests that they might generally hold.

Totalitarianism in reality is very similar to socialism. Both espouse big government, over-regulation, state appropriation of private assets, high taxes, endless nationalist propaganda and unchecked government legal and coercive power. Indeed totalitarianism takes egalitarian principles and ideas of ‘justice’ from socialism by introducing state support for ‘free’ education, ‘free’ health, due legal process, and communal emotionalism. In fact socialist ideals are appropriated by totalitarian systems.

There are only two differences between national socialistm and totalitarianism. First, totalitarian regimes will not necessarily take-over the civil service but might only ‘mirror’ the state agencies and control them indirectly. However this is a minor point since in essence the totalitarian command or party in real life controls the operations of the state. Second, socialist regimes are usually based around the party not just a leader as you would find in a totalitarian military society for instance. However totalitarian leaders can annoint successors though of course they rarely due, usually dying in office or in war. Outside of these two objections in all other matters the true differences between socialism and totalitarianism are rather slight.

Fascism shares the above mentioned features of totalitarian and socialist states, and carries such ideals to a nationalistic extreme. It is a system of government that exalts the national race or tribe above the individual, and subsumes the person into service for the state. Oppression, brain washing educational programs, media manipulation, mass rallies and marches, and control through various clubs, groups, charities and party organs appealing to age, function or even leisure pursuits, all combine to enforce a general mobilisation of citizens, [and militia], to support the state.

Some will object that Nazi paganism has nothing in common with Islam. This is not true. As will be outlined Islam is very much at its core a pagan culture. Historically Islam has used paganism, Judaism, Christianity and Zoroastrianism, to build its dogma. But the inner core is very much a pagan Arab cult that used religious ideals to compete with and crush in the
Arabian peninsula, Jewish and other organised belief systems. Nazism as a comparison used the paganism of ancient and ‘pure’ Germanic history and Norse legends to inspire the German people to racial perfection. The party philosophy simply replaced God as the final arbiter. But even in the case of Islam, Allah is interpreted through his Caliphs and these human arbiters replace godly power with human power, fusing Arab and Muslim nationalism [based on spirituality] with autocratic governance. As we will outline there is little to choose between a pagan Nazi cult and that of an Islamic Caliphate or modern theocratic republic.

In all fascist structures group and tribal feeling and national emotionalism are thus combined with the advanced use of media manipulation, propaganda and mass displays of affection and love where the citizens affirm the religion, the party and the state. The Nazi salute at the massive Nuremburg rallies; the Soviet military parades; the comical buffoon Mussolini on the balcony haranguing the crowd; the stadium full of chanting Muslims shouting anti-American nonsense - all are the outward manifestations of control. Such obedience is enforced through state police, censorship, press control, educational control and the suppression of political opposition. As well economics becomes the servant of the political class with economic autarchy the national goal. Hatred of a common enemy [the Jews, the Americans, the West, the Slavs etc.] results in the nationalisation of trade, and the social regimentation of society, drilled to obey the party, leader and state and ready to embark on foreign adventures to satisfy the state and its leader’s ambitions.(iii)

The most obvious examples of regimes that illustrate the above would include Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, the Soviet Union, Putin’s Russia, North Korea, Cuba, Iran, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Ba'athist Syria, Egypt, Algeria, Libya and formely Hussein’s Iraq. This is not to say that totalitarian-fascist systems, are monolithic. They are not. They all are different in internal construction. They differ in the process in which several groups—the army, political leaders, industrialists, and others compete for power and influence. They differ by how the fascists actually control the non-military services in the country and how they interact with the elite of society and the mass citizenry in order to keep and expand their power. Yet even given these minor variations the broad outlines of totalitarian-fascism are similar across regimes and states and even across time.

Indeed there are two basic variants to fascism and they both feed each other through historical and social processes. Orientalism – embedded in Persian, Ottoman, Egyptian, Near Eastern, Islamic and Russian empire governance is one obvious branch. Militant Islamic republics and Putin’s
Russia are modern expressions of this creed. A second is the German-Italian form of fascist statism. The second flows from the former and indeed has nurtured it in the Near East in the post World War II creation of totalitarian Islam. Both branches of fascism are dedicated to world domination and the destruction of freedom. This indeed capsulizes the entire history of mankind – the struggle between Orientalism and Freedom.©

i - Brink Lindsey
ii - Hannah Arendt, in particular, draws parallels between fascism and Stalinism.
iii -

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