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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

Tempus Fugit Memento Mori - Time Flies Remember Death 

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Monday, January 2, 2023

The Divine Right of $cience replacing Christianity

The despotism of materialism, fake data and propaganda.

by StFerdIII



The Divine Right of $cience, or ‘The Science’ in which fraudulent data is used to support any matter of mental illness, societal totalitarianism, gender dysphoria, Eco-cult fascism, or civilisational annihilation now pervades, perverts and destroys.  the Divine Right of $cience or its propaganda has now replaced Christianity as the prevailing religion and cult for the masses.  The opium of perverted $cience is offered to an effeminate, supine, stunned mass of degenerated knaves, drugged on entertainment, me-media, and self-obsessed with their ‘happiness’ and their ‘own truth’.  Reality in such a world is entirely optional and for most, fictional.


The Christian Churches, steeped in natural law rights, the powers granted to men by God, the rights and powers given by God to the individual, the separation of Church and State, have gleefully partaken in their own replacement and demise.  The Catholic Church under its current coup-erected leader Pope Francis, is a largely weak and useless institution, happy to support whatever doctrine of $cience the state develops.  Its full throated and quite despotic support of both Corona totalitarianism and the obvious fascism of the Gaia-Eco-Plant Food cult is an abdication of its legacy, its laity and reality. 


The Divine Right of $cience claims that a bio-lab released gain-of-function-virus, was worse than the 1348-1350 rampage of the Black Death, an episode which saw no lockdowns, no jabs, but the wearing of the iconic and medically quite useless medieval death mask, which did nothing to stop a plague spread by rats.  670 years later, mankind had learnt little and in fact had ‘devolved’ in its communal understanding of dealing with a plague.  Instead of quarantining, aiding and caring for the sick and those at risk, as was done during the Black Death, the entire globe was shut down, face diapers slapped on the muzzles of the sheeple, and experimental poisons forcibly injected into every deltoid and bloodstream.  The Churches in spite of the Nuremberg Code and their own canon law and historic support for freedom, did nothing.


Corona had a death rate of 0.03%, 90% of those who ‘died from Rona’ died from something else, but the money flows for anything connected with Corona, the payments for the dead, injured, the stabbinations, the beds and ventilators used, and other expenses paid by the state; meant, that every single death even if non-Rona related was simply too lucrative for the medical ‘profession’ to pass up on.  The same applied to the Church and every institution.  They were all paid to comply.


In the UK, GPs made record earnings from such largesse even as the dead from Lockdowns, the stabs, the suicides, and the massive increase in mental and physical health issues made no impression on the Churches, the fake-news media, the medical ‘professionals’, 90% of politicians, the civil service or the ‘science’ and its rabid, rabies infected, mentally deranged cult of sheeple followers.  Indeed not a single priest, bishop or Cardinal in any Church has apologised for the role of Christian institutions in abetting fascism.  In the UK over 100.000 innocents as a bare minimum have been murdered by the state by stabbinations (50.000 or more), the Lockdowns (30.000) and the use of midazolam in old age homes in March and April of 2020 (30.000).  Not a word from the Church.


The Church has little to say about the gender mental illness and the Lewis Carroll inspired clown world on sexuality. Brian Nguyen, 19, an overweight young man, can compete against attractive young women in a beauty pageant in the USA and win. In doing so he/she scooped a scholarship designed specifically for young women. Nguyen was described as ‘iconic’, ‘brave’ and a ‘history maker’. The business management student will go on to compete for the title Miss New Hampshire; we can only hope that the swimsuit round will be omitted.


Men who have failed to make an impact in sport can say they are women and compete in women’s events and become the winners they have always wanted to be. ‘Comedian’ Eddie Izzard can sometimes be in ‘boy mode’ and sometimes in ‘girl mode’, often depending on the height of his heels. He is a possible Labour candidate for Sheffield Central in the next general election.


Those of us who cry out that the emperor has no clothes are either silenced or ignored by the holders of power in the Churches, the media, academia and politics because in today’s society truth is subordinate to feelings. Ours is a society without anchor, adrift in a chaotic complex of competing claims to ‘my truth’, every one of which must be respected; if we feel something is true then it is true for us.


Who is responsible? The 19th-century grandfather of today’s post-modernism, Friedrich Nietzsche, the pastor’s son who killed God and buried good and evil at His side, said that ultimately the only authority we can appeal to is ourselves. ‘May each man, or woman, be only his or her true disciple,’ he wrote in 1878. We can see that post-modern philosophy has spread the anti-gospel of Nietzsche throughout the universities and colleges and into the schools and media until a generation is indoctrinated.


The Frankfurt School and the proponents of Cultural Marxism, following the lead of Antonio Gramsci, have also played their part in altering society fundamentally, not by violent overthrow but by infiltration. Those who have deliberately sought to change the culture and destroy the legacy of the Enlightenment by banishing reason have won.


While they are responsible for the present state of cultural confusion, just as responsible are those who should have resisted them and failed to do so. The watchmen who failed to raise the alarm are as responsible as the cultural despoilers. Chief amongst the failed watchmen is the mainstream church.


Western culture, our values and ways of thinking, our achievements and advances stem ultimately from the Christian worldview. Whether or not the individuals who pioneered our scientific and cultural advances shared the faith (and the great majority of them did) they all operated within the parameters of a Christian worldview. Today’s mainstream church has failed to defend what has been built on a biblical foundation.


Writing in the Times on the way in which our culture has been degraded, Melanie Phillips said: ‘Crucial to that process has been the absence of any concerted opposition. Institutions such as the Church of England, which might have produced a counter-narrative, have instead been among its principal cheerleaders.’


This cheerleading tendency is exemplified by Dr Steven Croft, Bishop of Oxford, who thinks the Church of England should conduct same-sex marriages.  He has been joined by the Bishops of Worcester, Dudley, Buckingham, Reading and Dorchester. So eager is Dr Croft to accommodate LGBTQ+ sensibilities that he is willing to split his denomination apart by setting up a separate episcopal structure for conservative priests and congregations.


His reason for rejecting the teaching of the Bible and two thousand years of church tradition is that the Christian Churches (Protestant, Catholic, Orthodox), claim to serve the whole of society is at stake because its present stance ‘is leading to a radical dislocation between the Church of England and the culture and society we are intending to serve’.


Dr Croft, and those like him, labour under the illusion that the Church reaches the world only when it is no different from the world. Why should unbelievers consider the claims of Christ if there is little discernible difference between being a Christian and being a member of the Green Party? No wonder many think the mainstream church is more concerned with saving whales than saving souls. Dr Croft has added an extra vow to the confirmation service, affirming care for the environment. In Oxford you must follow Christ and St Greta of Thunberg.


Dr Croft fears that ‘we are seen to inhabit a different moral universe’. The truth is that Christians do inhabit a different moral universe. The church is called to follow Christ, and that includes defending the teaching of Scripture including the unpopular bits, even ‘if the world hate you’ (John 15:18,19).


The mainstream church has morphed into just another social institution, in large measure bought off by the State, controlled by the state and allied to the World Economic Forum, the UN, various Eco-Fascist organisations and the usual panoply of undemocratic organisations which litter our landscape like disused face diapers and dog faeces. Institutions begin with a vision and the passion to carry it through. The entire point of Christianity has been lost.


There are members who maintain a gospel vision but increasingly the institution sees the function of the organic church, the living stones, being to serve and preserve the institution rather than the institution being there to serve and further the organic church.


Ezekiel 33:1-6 reminds us that the watchman who fails will be held responsible by God. Without doubt the mainstream church has failed to sound the alarm and has gone over to the invader. We need a real Reformation today. 

Redacted and adapted, Source


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