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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

Tempus Fugit Memento Mori - Time Flies Remember Death 

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Saturday, August 26, 2023

‘The Big Bang’ and $cientism. Confusion, bafflegab, arcane maths, money. Part one: Radiation

A theory with so many issues would long ago have been shut down. But not the massive military-industrial complex of the Bang Religion and its $cientism.

by StFerdIII



The Big Bang cult with its endless propaganda and story-telling demands that the hoi-polloi fall to their knees and pray to the golden calf idol of ‘the science’.  We are to be amazed at the complex equations, maths and superstar promoters called ‘scientists’ with their theories and voice overs on documentaries which ‘prove’ that nothing created everything and it is still expanding!  ‘Consensus science’, ‘experts’, ‘various observations’, ‘even Einstein agreed’, are all trotted out.  The Bangers in imitation of ancient paganisms have even carved out their own commandments and their deities in stone (quite literally in New York City’s Teddy Roosevelt Memorial Park which chisels Nobel Prize winners in Physics into a stone column, with worship, goat offerings, and prostration in front of this stone encouraged). 


It is a cult

If you object to the Banging religion using common sense, or even use normative and logical data analysis, or pose difficult questions about their assumptions, you are branded mentally unfit.  Further you are told you are ‘not a scientist’, you don’t have a PhD in Physics (nor did Copernicus, Galileo, Newton, Hubble, Einstein or many others), and you are not ‘an expert’ and therefore have no valid offering.  You might even be traditionally religious (only the pagan religion of $cience is acceptable) and therefore utterly idiotic. 


We can surmise that Aristarchus (310 BC to 230 BC) who first wrote about the elliptical orbit of the Earth around the Sun, and the Earth’s daily rotation on an axial tilt, was just another ‘conspiracy theorist’.  So too the 16th century Catholic Copernicus who resurrected Aristarchus’ theory and provided mathematical-algebraic formulations to support it.  Neither had a Pretty Happy Dude degree and both were religious albeit quite differently.  They are two of the rather endless list of the religious and the Christian, building the edifices of science and mathematics.


Money for Banging

The Big Bang religion is a massive industry.  It ‘irrupted from nothing’ and through magical forces endlessly driven by ‘dark energy’ has become a U$25 billion p.a. industry worldwide.  Such a huge industry has its own ‘gravitational pull’ and ‘attractions’.  Its ‘quantum fluctuations’ has resulted in yet another government-university mafia-complex, akin to the Climate fraud which can be found in U Penn, East Anglia and hundreds of other corrupted ‘universities’ and institutions. 


For Bangers the locus of money is Cambridge, Oxford, Sussex, the Carnegie Institution in Washington, Princeton, UPenn, Berkely, MIT amongst many others; along with sundry observatories (Mount Wilson is prominent amongst many).  In this regulated and extraordinarily well-funded market called ‘physics and cosmology’, the Big Bang rules as gospel.  No one will be funded, financed, hired, or tolerated if they offer dissent or dare to challenge Big Bang infallibility.  All the journals and scientific media are owned or funded by the Bangers.  Archbishop’s such as de Grasse or Cox will have you burnt at the stake or retired to a monastery if you challenge the orthodoxy, as they enjoy their tithes and plunder.  Big Bang infallibility is canonical law in the Church of $cientism.


Forked Tongues

The Big Bang theology is suffused with arcana, complex yet unsupported maths, promoted by supposed ‘geniuses’, who talk in a different tongue, with endless institutional and media support.  There is not a lot of difference in methods, quackery and fraud between the Big Bang, Vaccines and Scamdemics, and the Climate Bollocks.  Besides charlatanism, money and power, the overarching goals of these related religions are similar – the teleological conclusion that the human is nothing of importance and can be rendered powerless, mute, and helpless, making it easier to manipulate, corral and cull. 


Photons, Shrew and You

If the Universe is 13.7 billion years in age (some say 15 billion), and was created from nothing and you are just star dust; there is no need for religion, faith, spirituality or even morality.  The only possible religion would be ‘science’.  Further, only ‘rationalism’ and the need to fill in the gaps and find answers to outstanding questions about the universe and origins, is what separates modern man from the deluded and fanatical medieval and ancients.  With this rationalist view the human is simply an ‘evolved’ combination of elements and matter related to fish and shrews.  You and your brain, body, consciousness, complexity and perfect design are unimportant, venal, and in fact, a ridiculous accident. 


10 Easy Steps

The Bangers state that there are ’10 easy steps’ from nothing to you.  Easy steps they say.  Your 70 trillion cells are simple, easy to design, build, test and implement.  No issues.  Inevitable.  Just sprinkle in endless time and ‘dark energy’ and ‘dark matter’.  Presto.

1.     13.7 billion years ago (quite precise), a Cosmic egg with all the matter in the universe erupted in a virgin birth or from a ‘singularity of energy’

2.     Post egg-eruption, there was a massive acceleration for some period of time, and intense heat was emitted

3.     Hydrogen, Helium formed in this initial phase, and for 300.000 years (very precise) no light was present due to excessive heat

4.     After 380,000 years (very precise), all matter cooled, electrons combined with nuclei (how were these formed?) to create neutral atoms ("recombination", very sciency word), this ‘absorption of free electrons’ generated light

5.     400 million years later (less precise) ‘reionisation’ occurred (how, why), galaxies ‘clumped’ together and formed, emitting ultra-violet light which ‘cleared out’ the hydrogen gas

6.     Over the endless billions of years, more stars, more galaxies formed in their billions if not trillions

7.     Our solar system ‘formed’ from solar nebula and gravity, some 9 billion years ago, with our milky way galaxy positioned some 25.000 light years from the ‘galactic core’ (a light year is purportedly 5.9 Trillion miles…)

8.     In the 1920s Edwin Hubble discovered that the universe was expanding more slowly today than in the past (was he there 13 billion years ago?), which surprised the Bangers, so ‘Dark Energy’ was invented to explain outward expansion and declining acceleration

9.     In the 1970s Vera Rubin discovered ‘dark matter’ fixing Newton’s errors, and providing a constant to make Banger equations balance, the dark matter allows the velocities of stars to be similar in their rotation around the centre of the galaxy (a fact she observed which contravenes Newton’s laws)

10. Somehow the multi-layered atmosphere of the Earth with its water, elements, minerals, oxygen along with the complexity of life and functionality was created 4.6 billion years ago (Darwin picks up the story here, soupy pond, DNA, RNA, formations, panspermia, some lightning etc); Bangers are quiet about the origins of the Earth, life, flora and fauna

Ten simple steps for the Church of the Big Banging, though some niggling problems related to reality and common sense do persist.


(Dark Matter) This mysterious and invisible mass became known as dark matter. Dark matter is inferred because of the gravitational pull it exerts on regular matter. One hypothesis states the mysterious stuff could be formed by exotic particles that don't interact with light or regular matter, which is why it has been so difficult to detect.


Dark energy is thought to be the strange force that is pulling the cosmos apart at ever-increasing speeds, but it remains undetected and shrouded in mystery. The existence of this elusive energy, which is thought to make up 80% of the universe, is one of the most hotly debated topics in cosmology.


Well, there we have ‘the science’.  Strange matter, dark forces, shrouded mysteries, observations based on a light spectrum calculation (another article on that fraud coming), from nothing to everything, all declared as scientific from a small cadre of well paid ‘researchers’ who get compensated, feted, prized, and adored, with names chiselled into stone if they win a Nobel.  One cannot possibly imagine any deadly sins getting in the way of ‘the science’. 


CMB and Religion

You won’t find much if anything online which opposes the Banger religion.  They control the narrative and media.  But there is plenty wrong with the idea.  You don’t need to be ‘the science’ to go through ten ‘ten steps’ above and rip it apart.  There are some obvious objections, without delving into science jargon. 


The Bangers claim 2 observations which supports their theology.

1-Cosmic Background Radiation (termed Cosmic Microwave Background or CMB)

2-Redshift Spectrum (separate article as part 2 on this)

Both are wrong.  There is a 120-year history in the development of the Big Bang religion.  I will eschew the history, actors, and their various ‘discoveries’ to arrive at the nexus of their gospel.  As with the Bible, the Holy Books of the Big Bang need scrutiny and analysis, and in particular the two foundation stones of their belief system. 


Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB)

In steps 2 and 3 above, cosmic background radiation was generated.  How is radiation created from nothing?  First and foremost, for the Bangers, they must find in space, evidence of a signature blackbody radiation spectrum (the Planck radiation spectrum, a physical ‘law’ or in simple terms the spectrum of light emitted by a heated object eg. your radiator), which is the ‘relic’ radiation or umbilical cord from the virgin birth.  


The CMB radiation spectrum must be not only quantitatively proven, but also qualitatively confirmed, with a perfect curve in space (similar to waves in a pond arcing out from the shore) in order to satisfy the Bangers calculations. 


Second and of equal importance, the Bangers need to prove that cosmic background radiation illustrates the origins of the universe, or ‘the baby universe’ in Banger liturgy, especially galaxy-clumping (a sonogram for a baby), and proto-galaxies (or the birthing of galaxies).  When viewed spatially, the Bangers expect the Universe to appear as patchy cirrus clouds (due to isotropy, or the same properties being emitted in every direction), informed by the relic radiation. 


These are the 2 demands within cosmic background radiation or CMB, that need to be proven.  By the 1970s through efforts of just a handful of people (quite literally perhaps a dozen), and their observations, the Bangers had declared victory and there was a ‘consensus’ that both of the above fundaments were indeed explained and proven.  About 20 years ago they proffered more proof of their theories through the COBE 2 satellite and BICEP 2 programs.  Let’s put aside the actors and the details of their ‘discoveries’ for now, the problems with the instruments, antennas, satellites and data, all of which exist and impugn the ‘discoveries’; and focus on the bigger picture.  More here

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