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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

Tempus Fugit Memento Mori - Time Flies Remember Death 

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Thursday, July 13, 2023

Dr Walter Hadwen, MD, MRCS, MRCP ‘The Case against Vaccination’ (1896)

Copy of a speech given in Gloucester England, still pertinent today.

by StFerdIII



Dr Hadwen was a certified and examined doctor, unlike the quack Saint Jenner, the Apostle to the Unquackcinated, who never passed a medical exam, was never a real doctor, and kept few if any notes supporting the ‘cowpox confers immunity on human smallpox’ theory and gibberish.  Dr Hadwen was an ardent ‘anti-vaccination’ campaigner, a critic of ‘germ theory’, a chemist, pharmacist, surgeon and general medical practitioner.  He was a famous fire-brand orator and writer. 


Unlike Saint Jenner the unprofessional quack who lied and defrauded his way to riches, Dr Hadwen actually practiced medicine, served his clients and defended their God-given natural law rights to bodily autonomy against state injections and interventions.  Today Dr Hadwen would be classified as a threat to the state, de-registered, de-listed, censored, fined and probably de-banked.  Such coercion and intolerance is called ‘free speech’, ‘democracy’ and ‘science’.  We live in a ‘thriving democracy’ or so we are repeatedly told with 3 years of Corona fascism apparently memory holed and forgotten.


A note on inoculation vs stabbination

Inoculation injects a ‘mild dose’ of the infectious disease, say smallpox, into your blood stream, hopefully causing a reaction that is mild and not dangerous.  Once inoculated even if you are not ‘ill’ after the stab, you are considered ‘immune’.  Needless to say, this procedure caused more death and injury in patients than people it ‘saved’. 


Jenner’s stabbination was different but no less dangerous.  Cowpox pus or ‘lymph’ is derived from injecting a calf’s stomach with the ‘cowpox’ from a female cow’s ulcerated teats, and then after some days when swelling and eruption appeared, withdrawing the ‘lymph’ or pus from the sores, mixing this with chemicals (Jenner’s formulae is unknown and not recorded of course) and stabbing this into your shoulder.  The idea is that the cowpox is similar to human smallpox but will be ‘less injurious’ than a direct shot of smallpox.  If you died or were injured after this procedure, the cry from the Jennerians would be ‘the lymph was not pure’, or, ‘it was spurious not spontaneous cowpox’. 


If any of this makes sense to anyone, than undoubtedly you believe ‘we’ (who is the we in this fraud?) landed on the moon, and a penis means a vagina.  Jenner’s theory is pure quackery at its worst. 

Quackcination ‘outcompeted’ inoculation thanks to the British government’s massive investment of some £20 million between 1802 and 1822 in Jenner’s ludicrous idea.  Neither concept has any merit.


Dr. Hadwen and reality

What Dr Hadwen had to say in 1896, in his speech in Gloucester to the ‘anti-vaxx’ league, is still relevant today.  This small pamphlet should be read along with Dr. Chas Creighton’s heavier book, Jenner and Vaccination.  Dr. Hadwen refers to Dr Creighton in his speech in a few places quoting from Dr Creighton’s work on exposing the fraud that was Jenner. 


The anti-vaxxers in the 19th century used facts, logic and experience to argue against forced stabbinations and indeed against any jabbination at all.  Some arguments presented by Dr Hadwen are listed below.  I daresay they cannot be refuted today, nor can his questions from 1896, be answered by ‘the science’ even today.  In fact his comments map perfectly onto the disastrous Corona mRNA stabs which were forced onto 8 billion people in the largest medical experiment in history, with millions killed and injured. As with Jenner’s quackcines, apparently the dead and injured from the mRNA simply don’t exist.


The coercion

As a medical man I look upon vaccination as an insult to common sense, as superstitious in its originsunscientific in theory and practice, and useless and dangerous in its character….I view the Compulsory Vaccination Acts as demoralising in their tendencies, degrading in their character, cruel and unjust in their enactments, and an unwarrantable interference with parental responsibility and liberty…”

“…Why was compulsion necessary?  The reason was simply this – the people were beginning to find out it (vaccination) was no good; they were beginning to clamour again for inoculation…”


The ’experts’

“I can say from what I have learned in experience that intelligent, thoughtful and studious anti-vaccinators know more about this subject than the majority of the medical men of to-day…and you enforce it against the wills and consciences of intelligent people by fines, distraints, and imprisonments, it passes beyond the confines of a purely medical question – and becomes essentially a social and political one.”


Infection from filth not the magic virus

“We say that smallpox is a filth disease, and that if we get rid of the filth, we shall get rid of the disease. “

“The period in which he (Jenner the quack) lived was undoubtedly a very filthy period….Sanitary arrangements were altogether absent.  They obtained their water from conduits and wells in the neighbourhood, water closets there were none, and no drainage system existed.  It was in London especially that smallpox abounded, where bodies were buried in Old St. Paul’s Churchyard in Covent Garden only a foot below the soil…let us not forget that sanitary improvements began in London as early as 1766, and small-pox began to decline as a consequence before vaccination was invented.”


Stabbination confers nothing

“…just as we pelt the pro-vaccinists with figures showing that 90 per cent, of those who have had small-pox have already been vaccinated.”

“…Chauveau, the eminent French scientist, after experimenting, told his Government that it was totally impossible to convert small-pox into cow-pox…” (thus disproving the idiocy of the Jenner lie)


The Data

“Since the passing of the Act in 1853 (mandatory stabbinations for everyone in the UK), we have no less than three distinct epidemics.  In 1857-9 we had more than 14.000 deaths from smallpox; in the 1863-5 epidemic the deaths had increased to 20,000; and in 1871-72 they totalled up to the tune of 44,800.” (by contrast the population increase was 7%, and 9% in these periods, however smallpox deaths rose by 41% and 120%). 

“The Sheffield epidemic occurred in 1887 in the very worst quarter of the town…on they went, vaccinating and re-vaccinating; and still the small-pox epidemic spread. There were no less than 7,000 cases of small-pox, and, alas! 600 deaths, and still the small-pox went on; until at last God in his mercy opened the floodgate of heaven and down came the rain, which washed the sewers and the drains, cleared away the refuse from the gutters…and away went the small-pox.  Pure water accomplished for Sheffield what 56,000 vaccinations had been unable to effect.”

“…Leicester.  In 1868-72 the mortality of children under one year was 107 per thousand, when 98 per cent were vaccinated; from 1888-9 only two per cent, were vaccinated…the general mortality of children declined from 107 to 63 per thousand.”

The facts, the data, the reality was as obvious in 1896, as it was in 1871, 1859, 1845, 1840, 1824, 1808, and 1798.  Massive epidemics followed the stabbinations. The Jennerian stabbinations had no effect on disease prevention or the reduction of smallpox – quite the opposite if one considers the dead and wounded from the interventions.  Yet the myth that smallpox was eradicated by cowpox injections is a gospel reading in today’s world.  Blood-letting was also ‘the science’ for 200 years before reality and real science intruded and stopped the barbarism.  Stabbinations have 227 years of failed history.  Perhaps the modern peasantry should lose the lie that injecting foreign material into the bloodstream is ‘safe and effective’, as with the myth of ‘blood-letting’, lancing yourself with toxins is barbaric and idiotic.

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