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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

Tempus Fugit Memento Mori - Time Flies Remember Death 

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Saturday, December 16, 2023

A Federated model of World Government enabled by the religion of 'Science' or Scientism

Health Fascism, Climate Fascism and endless cycles of panic and terror. Follow 'The Science'. Novus Ordo Seclorum.

by StFerdIII



(Clapping ignormuses applauding the supposed demise of clean burning hydrocarbons)

Emanating from the elitist and reality-challenged COP28 (conference of the parties) the peasant is told, “…transitioning away from fossil fuels in energy systems, in a just, orderly and equitable manner … so as to achieve net zero by 2050 in keeping with the science.”  Net zero of what?  Carbon?  That means no life.  And what ‘Science’ supports such nonsense and what is meant by ‘Science’?


No better illustration exists of Scientism, or the Church of ‘Science’ or its deluded, irrational and anti-human theology, than Climate and Eco-Fascism.  No finer example exists of a non-science being used to create global governance, in the name of ‘Science’.  CS Lewis and others warned about the Scientocracy of a New World Order.  And here we are.  It can be summarised as satanic and demonic. 


In this post:

Given the nature and context of the post, it is a bit longer than normal.

  • Very brief overview of Scientism and its history

  • The State, ‘Science’ and Culture

  • Defining Fascism

  • Why national governments participate

  • The 3-pronged attack on reality by the 2 major cults of Scientism (Climate, Health/virus) and the threat of a WEF-led cyber-attack

  • The US inspired ‘New World Order’

  • Digital IDs

  • Why now

The Next post related to this:

  • Cui bono from the Climate con?

  • Why Climate Scientism is a brain-dead cult and a fraud

  • The end goal

  • The material makeup of EVs, Bird Choppers, Solar panels




Globalist or World Government premised on ‘Science’, is promulgated in various ways through endless propaganda.  ‘Science’ is used to market the most anti-scientific claims and the most absurd theories including Climate catastrophism from human activity, and global ‘pandemics’ and ‘viruses’.  Thus we have Scientism, or the philosophy and religion of ‘science’, not real science. ‘Follow the Science’ is now a theological gospel.  Science has become perverted and is used to generate crises which can only be resolved through transnational if not a Federated-global governance structure (a constant refrain of the US Deep State, the UN, WHO and WEF). 


Other philosophies and programs pretending to be scientific and which play a central role in dehumanising people and in iconising and elevating ‘Science’ to Godhood include inter-alia and what can only be called the frauds of: materialismevolutionlong-ages, the big-bang, the moon landings, much of STR (special theory of relativity), ‘vaccines’ and ‘health care’ (which includes huge amounts of dead from drugs and misconduct, abortion, euthanasia, and mercy-killing).  This is not a comprehensive list, many other examples exist.

These philosophies and conceits are however, offered as ‘proof’ of ‘Science’ and its benefits.  They are deemed ‘settled’ and beyond doubt.  After all, didn’t the 19th century smallpox quackcine save everyone? (No it only killed and injured).  Don’t rocks ‘prove’ billions of years of age? (No they don’t).


The philosophy of ‘Science’ as a program of ‘truth’, benevolence and consensus is used to sell the idea of state and scientific omnipotence.  If you object or question ‘The Science’, you are the problem and pace JS Mill you might ‘harm the community’ (whatever harm might mean) and need to be restrained or worse. ‘Science’ is now religious.


What is Scientism? 

Scientism is the establishment of a Church of Science, which involves the expansion of science to include all domains, including those areas that lie outside of real science.  The theology of ‘Science’ is used to create a total governance system to establish complete control over all domains. In this endeavour Scientism purposefully conflates technological advancement with ‘Science’.


Applications are not ‘Science’

In the early 21rst century we can look back on great advances in all areas of life in hygiene, electro-magnetism, physics, microbiology and DNA, to communications, satellites, cosmology and the human body. Machines, applications and technologies abound. These outputs of intelligence and design are not however, ‘Science’ which is the study of objects, entities and the physical world.


Technology and applications may or may not use ‘scientific’ principles. Even if they do, that does not prove or disprove a particular area of physical science. Maths, logic, electro-dynamics and other applied features of science and observation are the main elements in application development.


Climate and Health ‘Sciences’ are entirely unscientific and are political, philosophical and metaphysical programs, based on assumptions, and corrupt or poorly programmed models and measurements. Neither virology including Corona ‘Science’, nor Climate ‘Science’, remotely fulfill the postulates of a Scientific method especially regarding data verification, experimental replication and method and data transparency. These two programs are driven by profits, money and power, not observable evidence.

Modern Scientism differs from the totalitarianisms in past ages, due to the almost unlimited power of the modern state, modern technology, fungible and massive money flows, international linkages, international governance forums and models and the ease of meeting, planning and dialoguing between vested interests. The tools and financing now exist to create a global dystopia.

How did this modern obsession with ‘Science’ and Scientism develop?  Why the deluded and immoral desire for a global governance based on totalitarian ideals?  There is a long and pernicious path in Western history leading to the current menace. 


Scientism from Condorcet to Communists

Philosophically, Scientism is based on the pernicious and corrupted theories of rationalism, evolution, materialism, relativism, and suffused with the philosophies of both nihilism and extreme-pagan nominalism where objective reality does not exist.  A hard core of anti-humanism is also apparent within Scientism reflected in ‘Climate change'‘ and its obvious hatred of humanity.


We can trace the antecdents of these philosophies to the bastard metaphysics produced by the so-called ‘Enlightenment’.  By destroying the foundations of Western civilisation, especially the Church and its culture, the ‘Age of Reason’ bequeathed to the modern unreasonable metaphysics.


The French Revolution, premised on Enlightenment rationalism, accelerated ‘Scientism’ or a ‘Church of Reason’ into the mainstream of philosophical ‘thought’. 1789 was an irruption by the forgotten, the marginalised, the poor and the aspiring middle class, against over-taxation, misery and the hierarchy of privilege and corruption found within the system of noblesse oblige, the monarchy and its close ally the Catholic Church.  The mandate was to create a New World Order.


This largely atheist New World Order was decidedly disordered, manifested in mass mayhem, murder, destruction, the ‘thermidor’ and Napoleon’s bloody career, which fascinates and impresses too many. Napoleon’s dicatorship was an extension of the revolution’s atheist ‘Church of Reason’ which was entirely unreasonable and immoral, resulting in a generation destroyed by wars, deaths, injuries, economic devastation and widespread social destruction. 


Positively mad

Auguste Comte and many others during and after the Napoleonic era proposed a ‘Church of Science’ which imitated that of the ‘Church of Reason’ but was broader and more ambitious.  Mindlessly parroting the French Enlightenment propagandists of the 18th century, Comte religiously believed that only ‘Science’ should control ‘all aspects’ of life, not only the physical and material, but also the spiritual and immaterial.  Human activities must therefore be governed by ‘scientists’ and only the scientific view of life was valid.  Some echoes of Plato’s technocratic republic can be heard in Comte’s declarations. 


To this end Comte and the ‘positivists’ advocated turning over political and social control to ‘scientists’, without bothering to define any of the terms.  This idea is much in vogue today.  It was ‘self-evident’ to extreme rationalists such as Comte that reason, which is also not usually defined, is the only organising principle worth pursuing.  The fact that unreasonable people believe they are reasonable, or that the insane maintain they are sane, or that the fascist declaims his love of freedom and individual choice, is lost on these not-so-bright-lights of philosophy and scientism.  Irrationality pervades much that is declared rational.  When Comte died his enthusiastic followers - who idealised ‘reason’ - built and sacralised Churches of ‘Science’ in his name. 


As the 19th century progressed with inventions and scientific achievements advancing into the 20th century, the desire to embed science in all aspects of life permeated political discourse and philosophy.  Materialism, Darwinism, mechanistic views of life, dominated the philosophy and culture. Invention, technology, application development became permanently and wrongly conflated with ‘Science’ and especially rationalist or humanist science, even though Christian and Deists dominated much scientific investigation (Maxwell-Clerk, Einstein, Morley, Duhem to name a few).  Much of scientific investigation was abstract and mathematical often disconnected from physical proofs (see posts on the big-bangEinstein and long-ages).


Total Science

Claims of scientific invincibility helped shape Nazism and Communism.  Creating a bizarre mix of satanic occultism, Nordic paganism, and evolutionary determinism, Hitler and the Nazis wanted the complete destruction of Christianity to impose what Hitler called a ‘religion of science’.  The State Church of Science would manage all areas of Nazi society.


Nazi theology and the establishment of a Reich Church and culture, was based on the principles of Social and racialist Darwinism, including eugenics and the purification of genes.  Jews and Christians (Hitler did observe that Christ and Paul were Jews) were deemed unfit within the process of ‘natural selection’ and along with undesirables, non-Whites, the sick, the insane, the poor, the old and other Untermensch, were to be dispensed with.  The key objective was unfettered state power confirmed by ‘the science’ to create a super-race (Darwinian racialism) and achieve materialist-evolutionary goals by eliminating genetic impurities.  


Russian Communists also imposed their own Church of Scientism, selling the public that Communist dogma was a scientific and materialist inevitability, given the stage progression of history and the clash of classes.  Russian Scientism was based on Lysenkoism or the Darwinian theological belief, based on failed Lamarckian theory, that the ‘environment’ would change genetics and eventually form better and even perfect plants, crops and humans.  The key point was immanent state control of the ‘environment’ or society to create a perfect state and fulfil the scientific prophecies of Lysenkoism and Marxist dialecticism.  As with Nazism, religion and opposition was demolished. 


The Nazis and Communists thus had their ‘Science’ and their ‘proofs’, based in part on the non-science of Evolution, which confirmed their totalitarian regimes.  Citizens in those states could not disagree, dissent was not allowed, censorship enforced, and internal enemies liquidated.  How is this any different than what was implemented during the Corona plandemic?  In a demonic twist of history, the victors of WW2 are now following their former enemies’ playbooks, using health and climate allied with Darwinian themes of trans-humanism and evolutionary demands, to create another instantiation of Fascist governance.


Defining Fascism

Fascism has nothing to do with ‘right wing’, conservatism, libertarianism or anarchy. Fascism is identified as: ‘A Totalitarian movement which merges Governmental power with Corporatism in a system of total control, with forced compliance, limited freedoms, cult symbolism and myths, allowing no dissent. Nothing lies outside State power. Fascism can be national, regional, or transnational in nature. Fascism is aggressive and violent. It shares many characteristics with Communism. The defining difference with Communism is that of Corporatism, and the pursuit of wealth and property controlled by the Fascist elite.’


This definition is based on explanations offered by Mussolini, Hannah Arendt, Roger Scruton, Roger Griffin and others. There is no reason why a ‘Scientism’ would not morph into a totalitarian Fascism as defined above especially given the omnipotence of our modern governments. As state power has increased, so too has the power of ‘Science’ its close ally.  More here

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