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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

Tempus Fugit Memento Mori - Time Flies Remember Death 

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Monday, June 5, 2023

Velikovsky, Catastrophe and Einstein. Einstein was wrong. All hail 'The Science'.

Why no mea culpas from 'The Science'. How clever is 'The Science' in reality?

by StFerdIII



The Heretic

Velikovsky wrote many works on ‘catastrophism’, that is the concept that the Earth, the solar system, the universe at large, has been in flux, change and prone to disasters in times not so far distant in the past.  Earth in Upheaval is perhaps his best work, giving irrefutable proof of catastrophism around the globe, which is anathema to a society bludgeoned to insensitivity by endless propaganda on long ages, stable states, gentle and unchanging time, evolving mutation-driven-life forms (mutations destroy, they don’t add value), and the Gods of magic species metamorphosis, with the shrew becoming you.


A fair question to ask is, ‘what is real about modern science, and what is propaganda?’ Such a question falls out of the ‘Velikovsky affair’, or the vicious, pagan, bloody assault on a man who simply asked tough questions, and proposed some pretty novel remediations to age old problems. The reaction - fascistic, intolerant, ignorant - paints a picture of science that is the opposite of the public’s facile and naive impression of a cadre of enlightened Olympians, selflessly engaged in the heroic pursuit of knowledge and wisdom.  


What is Science?

A key point posed by the ‘controversial’ works of Velikovsky is that of ‘Science’ itself.  What is ‘science’?  If someone, with excruciating detail, develops a theorem that contradicts the reigning paradigm how should that person be treated?  Should they be publicly censored?  Humiliated?  Delicensed?  Prevented from publishing?  Attacked verbally and even physically?  Killed perhaps?  We saw this fascist violence against the ‘other’ during the Corona scamdemic, in which the end of the world was preached over a virus with a death rate of 0.3%, and the ‘only’ solution was a series of experimental mRNA gene therapy stabs which has murdered 3-5x more people than the flu-death rate virus itself. 


‘The Science’ vilifying and demonising Velikovsky, was a pre-packaged template used by the modern cults of $cientism to silence dissent and demand compliance.  


Velikovksy and his theory of ‘catastrophism’, which as a body of thought and proofs, goes back to the ancient Greeks and was an article of belief in the 19th century promulgated by geologists such as Agassiz and Cuvier, has overwhelming physical support in the real world and in the geology all around us and under our feet.  However, ‘The Science’ wedded to the opposite religious belief, sits in judgemental defiance, descrying ‘catastrophe’ as irreligious and outside of its canon and liturgy.  ‘The Science’ promotes the unfounded and unproven religion of endless time, with millions-billions-soon trillions of years of cosmological and terrestrial stable, steady-state, once and always perfectly organised and constructed, with no variation or disruption. 


Fairy Tales

The clock of Newton, working endlessly and without a change in chronometry.  The ‘evolving’ selections of Darwinism, working through endless epochs, competitively driven, with creatures striving in eternal struggle to achieve a material advantage, pushed forward by chance, and directed by the Gods of time, natural selection, and mutations.  The wind and rain gently beating down on land to produce sand.  The rivers flowing lazily over millions and billions of years to form a canyon.  The sun always rising in the east.  The axial tilt of the planet always at 23.5% to the vertical mean.  The Continents slowly and serenely drifting away, propelled by some unproven motive force.  The constellation of planets, forever in their place, forever following the same pattern over billions of years. 


Such are the fairy tales proposed by 19th century Victorians Charles Lyell (a lawyer) and Charles Darwin (a pigeon breeder), along with the 17th century polymath Newton who wrote more on scripture than he did on cosmology and physics and who happily admitted his own ignorance when he said that he stood on the shoulders of giants, and who would likely be equally at ease with being wrong. 


All of it reads as a bad fiction novel.  In fact, it is absolutely embarrassing that our modern ‘Science’ is construed on top of 3 men, their acolytes and cults, whose works if anyone bothers to read the sources, are full of errors, dialogues of doubt, statements without facts, conclusions without experimentation and even in the case of Newton, thrown out as irrelevant.  The entire Church of Darwin for example is a shell of nothing else other than word-salads and ‘what-ifs’.  Not a single scientific experiment or observation supports species metamorphosis.


It bears repeating, ‘The Science’ vilifying and demonising Velikovsky, was a pre-packaged template used by the modern cults of $cientism to silence dissent and demand compliance.  This is the norm and censorship is the future.  Who can deny this probability when it is used daily and when the ‘media’ and ‘government’ have erected ‘fact-checkers’, ‘verifiers’ and ‘trusted sources’?  Dissent from any of the ‘rules’ and ‘laws’ which you must follow, will not be allowed.  The endless rivers of money which flow into and sustain the $cience, have corrupted truth, honesty and inquiry, and it really is as simple as that, a fact confirmed in the warnings issued by Eisenhower and Kennedy.


Einstein and Velikovsky

In order to try and salvage his copious works, Velikovsky turned to a fellow Jew, Einstein. There was a healthy debate and meetings between Velikovsky and Einstein.  Einstein was part of the establishment of course, a de facto leader of ‘The Science’.  The ‘scientific establishment’ had a nuclear meltdown after Worlds in Collision was published in 1950 with its theme of cosmic catastrophe, and Venus portrayed as the chief villain, a new planet formed from a comet, assaulting and over-turning the Earth.  With demonic energy, they sought to destroy Velikovsky.  The Russian wrote to, and visited with the German, appealing to him to look at the evidence and defend the right under free speech and scientific inquiry, to promulgate and defend contrarian views, without being slandered and calumnied by the establishment ‘scientific’ elite, most of whom had not bothered to read his works in detail, nor knew much about the sources and arguments they contained. 


Einstein was originally hostile by the challenge to Darwinian and Newtonian ‘laws’ proposed by Velikovsky.  After meeting Velikovksy he relented somewhat and admitted that a catastrophe was the only way to explain an Ice Age.  He disagreed with the Russian on the details of what sort of ‘catastrophe’ would cause an Ice Age, supporting ‘terrestrial sources’ and the discredited ‘continental drift’ by Wegener as the prime movers in the formation of an Ice Age, without citing sources or proof (you need massive immediate heating of the entire planet, the condensation of 300 or more feet from the oceans into cloud cover, volcanic eruptions, the darkening of the atmosphere, an immediate and overwhelming temperature reduction, and deep cold in the northern and southern latitudes to produce the hail of snow and ice, to form ice sheets).


Einstein could not fathom how the innumerable global-cultural sources used by Velikovsky supported his rather straight-forward idea that an exogenous non-terrestrial force caused not only the ‘miracles’ of the Old Testament, and the ‘shaking’ of the Earth’s core, but the flipping of the poles, an Ice Age or even Ages, the utter destruction of most Bronze age civilisations and the massive world-wide accumulation of preserved dead fauna from vast distances piled up and aggregated together, when these creatures had no geographic connection, with many of these sites hundreds or feet or more above sea level.  Like Dr Baffled after seeing younger people die after being stabbinated, Einstein was confused.  More here

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