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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

Tempus Fugit Memento Mori - Time Flies Remember Death 

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Monday, July 3, 2023

$cientism and its inherent Anti-White, Anti-Christian bigotry

Fundamental elements in the Cultural Marxist, Globalist assault on White formerly Christian states.

by StFerdIII



The UK is key to Globalism and its plans

The UK is a central pillar in the NWO and State $cientism.  The UK has political, economic, and military clout and reach. It is the creator of the English language which is in essence the global lingua franca. It still retains moral and persuasive importance and standing in the world.


It is however, from the UK that the uncivilised and degrading philosophies of the 19th century emanated, which set the stage for the deconstruction of ‘Western civilisation’ in the 21rst.  Jenner and the quackcines leading to the tyrannical-medical state, Darwin and the non-science of evolution and materialism leading to false science, Lyell and long ages leading to disbelief and geological unreason; Marx in London with dialectical communism leading to state aggrandizement; the freemasons and various other ‘scientists’ and philosophers who developed the mechanical and the materialistic to explain all of life and ‘progress’ with the intent to destroy Christianity and replace it with ‘scientism’, which ‘mutated’ to State control using technology, ‘reason’ and ‘science’.  The 19th century for all its engineering and technological marvels and improvements has its dark side.


The Quacks, Politicians, Business and Patronage

In the 19th century in the UK we have the development of the corporatist templates in the form of Royal Societies, Academies of Science, Medicine, Vaccination, Epidemiology and sundry other controlling groups of ‘experts’, ‘scientists’, ‘Sirs and Lords’, who were paid to engage with business to implement government policy upon the masses, with the peasants forced to cede to the ‘experts’, the ‘scientists’ and the knighted aristocracy.  In other words, the modern ‘Scientocracy’ was being built in the 19th century. 


In the UK we can see the 19th century templates extended by technology, finance and state power in the 21rst.  It is a multi-layered approach which can be applied to any country.  It is a complexity of world-views, metaphysics, political arrangements, money and profiteering, and ‘science’ and technology.


Globalist Dogma

Within the UK, with its WEF Prime Minister, there is the obeisance to the WEF-UN-WHO agenda of a one world communist-fascist state of governance exemplified by the Corona test pilot (both doctrines are similar, fascism does not express itself in racialism necessarily).  Cashless societies, Vaccine/stabbination ID cards, AI, transhumanism, depopulation, the centrality of ‘climate’ as the defining ‘challenge’, 20 minute ‘smart’ cities, the ‘velocity’ and transnationalism of everything, are some of the main pillars of thought and action which pollute almost all policy and direction.  

Nationally, the dogma everywhere is that the state is the only arbiter of truth, ‘science’, welfare and health, with the quackcines and stabbinations are the highest form of medical ‘$cience’.  A key UK theological position is open borders and the destruction of nation states, including its own, and the replacement of the native population.  The Parlimentary Uniparty, the experts and quackademics all proclaim, that the UK for example, is just a country of immigrants, so open borders to replace an aging and childless population is not only sensible, but historically consistent, and besides Anglo-Saxons never existed. In fact the litany of idiocy is long and exhausting including gender mental illness, Islamophilia, EUphilia, the never ending Ukraine war (now a US territory), the end of hydrogen-carbon energy and ‘fighting’ the rather amorphous climate changing thingy.


It is not a ‘cockup’ that in every White G20 country the agendas, the plans, the propaganda, the words, the implementations are the same.


The False, Fake narrative of Love

The mendacious narrative of these cults is around: “Diversity, Tolerance and Inclusion”. Antifa, BLM, various Gay cults, and others rountinely use this mantra or variations demanding a ‘No’ to White fascism or racism and inclusion for all. It is found on almost every corporate ‘values’ statement. But it is lie. If you are White, Christian, or do not conform to the state-corporatist theologies, you can be sacked, attacked, visited by the police and worse. These States and corporations will not vilify you, if you are Muslim, Hindhu, or Black of course. Witness the recent Muslim anger in Canada, as Muslim parents demonstrated outside schools against the LGBTQZ++ propaganda and illness. If they had been White parents, most likely they would have been arrested. Corporate and Government ‘values’ seem decidedly anti-White, anti-Christian.


The theological premise of it all:  Anti-White Racism and Christophobia

In my opinion, the entire deep, coordinated, planned and organised phalanx is based in large part, on a real and visceral anti-White racism and a deep hatred by many cults of Christianity.  Antifa and BLM (burn loot and murder) who use violence and fascist techniques against mostly White and Christian targets are two examles out of dozens that can be listed. The planned eradication of Christianity and White majority states is real.  This can only be done if the elite convince a majority of White people in their home states, that they should be replaced, their world based on hydrogen-carbon energy deconstructed, and their history, culture, language, technology, religion, science, education, art, statues, architecture and other exploits pulled down and linked to the sins of the enslavement of Blacks, colonialism and racial crimes. 


Today Whites are blamed for Muslim and Black crime, Muslim or Black poverty or Blacks killing Blacks. The excuse for excessive Black and Muslim crime is usually ‘racism’ which leads to ‘poverty’, or historical slavery, or the fact that modern ‘education’ and ‘employment’ is racist, built by Whites to keep out non-Whites. The mass enslavement of Whites by other Whites including Vikings, Romans, Greeks, Americans (indentured labour some 500.000), English (Saxon, indentured labour) and Australians (400.000 child and indentured labour), along with massive White enslavement by various Muslim empires and caliphates is never discussed. Also ignored is the current enslavement by Blacks and Muslims of Blacks in modern Eastern and Central Africa, the enslavement of Black Christians by Black Muslims, the sex enslavement of Black Christian women by Muslims and the Muslim slaving of Hindhus in the Gulf States.



Christianity is the most persecuted religion in the Word. Yet the elite can engage in the manufacturing of endless attacks focusing on ‘Islamophobia’, ‘Homophobia’ (half our Christian priests might be Gay), the non-existent ‘dark ages’, Catholic child sex abuse (by gay priests), the ‘Galileo’ nonsense (completely inane if you bother to look at it), and other Church crimes including child labour and orphanage slavery.  No such criticism (justifiable it must be said), is applied on the same subjects to schools, industrialisation, big business, open borders migrations, the 1400 year Muslim Jihad against Christians, Muslims (who sex trafficked 1 million white girls in the UK), or the queer-tranny cult where child abuse, rape and porn production and consumption is legion, to mention just a few of the cults which are off limits to criticism.  State criticism is very selective.

Currently we see the US and UK governments actively prosecuting Christians who offend the state’s Muslim or Queer/Tranny pets or who pray at abortion clinics. 250 churches have been attacked in the past year in the US, and Christian organisations in both nations have been attacked and prosecuted by the State for not catering to state dogma or for ‘wrongthink’ on gender, Corona, and Muslims.


Mass invasion of the UK may lead to a reversal of Brexit at some point

In the UK the elite, the un-civil service and other experts and academics will likely force a return to the German EU-Reich. This is an important part of their plan to transact Globalism. They need to make the UK small.  By replacing Whites with massive immigration from Muslim states, Africa and India, it will eradicate the roots of Anglo-Saxon British culture and history.  It will force Christianity into further retreat and compromise, in a country still nominally if not actively Christian.  It will efface cultural and national strength and confidence. 


There is no reason to expect that in the future, in say 2040 when 40% of the UK is non-White, and a vast plurality are not Christian, that a majority of Muslim or African immigrants with their descendants will support a sovereign UK state.  They have no memory, knowledge or feeling of being ‘British’.  They will vote for more welfare, money, ease of travel, affirmative action and lofty UN-EU rhetoric on rights, and the protection and indeed glorification of their supposed religion or cult as granted to them by politicians from their own circle and from within the State. The State’s objective is to replace the emotional attachment people have to land, culture, history and blood, with devotion to itself and its demands.



Cultural Marxism is in power everywhere. Almost every State policy now in train, at every level of government, is suffused with cultural Marxism, and contains many elements of White and Christian hatred.  This vicious exogenous and endogenous assault, occurring at all levels and on all sides against majority-White Western countries, which were once Christian, are endless and accelerating.  They are accelerating because the State and their Corporate allies are financing, promoting, training, and leading most of it. In the case of the State, it has the police and military at its disposal to coerce and enforce compliance.


Submit or be debanked, de-lifed

When Whites, Christians and their culture are thus demoralised, demeaned and shamed, they will submit to transnational and global authority, all based on the ‘science’ and ‘human values’.  To speed up the process the ‘Science’ and the State will de-job, de-bank, and if need be, imprison and de-life an opponent or those ‘hesitators’ who refuse to bend knees to non-Whites and ‘the science’, who deny the ‘climate emergency’, that men can be women, who don’t partake in the mRNA injections, who subbornly will not use digital currencies and IDs, or those who refuse to declare that being White is racist, or that multi-culturalism is superiority to Christian and Anglo-Saxon culture.


Such people are enemies of the State and $cientism. They are beyond the pale and the ad hominems and threats used against those who did not believe in the Corona scamdemic will be used again in the not so distant future with greater vitriol and violence.


In summary the long 3000 year history of White Civilisation appears to be ending.

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