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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

Tempus Fugit Memento Mori - Time Flies Remember Death 

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Wednesday, June 26, 2024

'Virus Mania': a book which destroys the fake science around viruses, pathology and 'vaccines'

The Scientism of big government, big pharma and big media. The Church of Science promoting drugs as the only recourse for health; and to 'save you' from fantasy 'pandemics' and flying 'viruses'.

by StFerdIII


Virus Mania



Virus Mania

From a global perspective, there is corruption at all levels of the public health service, from health ministries to patients – and there are almost no limits to criminal imagination” (p. 21, quoting a 2006 study)

How much worse is government-pharmaceutical criminality in 2024 versus 2006? Add in your own multiple. Money talks and real science walks.


Unplug yourself

‘Virus Mania’ is a must read if you want to unplug yourself from the matrix and detoxify your mind and body from the overwhelming ‘virus’ propaganda.  The authors and contributors are not only educated, literate, practical and intelligent doctors and professionals, but free from the modern matrix and unbeholden to the ferocious and tyrannical power of big government and big pharma. They are honest, brave, and truthful.  


The authors oppose the tyranny of Scientism, or the merger of big government and big industry into the Church of ‘Science’ with its divine right to rule.  In particular, as evinced curing the Corona fascism, they were and are prophets against the creation of a Medical-Nazi bio-security state, premised on the false theology of flying viruses, merged with governmental and pharmaceutical tyranny. Given the piles of dead which exist of those who oppose the ‘narrative’, murdered by the deep state and pharma, one prays for their continued good health and existence.


  The byline of the book says it all:

“How the Medical Industry Continually Invents Epidemics making Billion Dollar Profits at Our Expense.”

This post, using the information from ‘Virus Mania’, will focus on the irrationality of ‘virus’ propaganda and how it destroys the rational functioning of perfectly normal people.


The Sheeple

Normally intelligent people who self-identify as educated, rational, and who preen as gilded peacocks on their incomes, degrees and social status, are somehow blind to the massive industry that is the drugs-pharmaceutical-military-governmental complex, or more prosaically, mafia.  The Corona plandemic/scamdemic by itself increased the profits of the pharma industry by some U$50 billion.  Many of these firms are headquartered in New Jersey and the Eastern US or, in the UK. It is not a ‘conspiracy theory’ or a ‘coincidence’ that the locus of Corona planning, propaganda and deranged policy implementation emanated from the east coast of the US and the UK. The entire plandemic was coordinated, synchronised and meticulously pre-planned. Even the words, backdrops, videos and visuals across the G20 were copied and reused.


The wealth generated from this global medical Nazism was many times more than just pure profits if stock valuations are included. Cross investing is legion in the drugs industry and stock valuations are an important metric in recouping investements.  ModeRNA as a firm didn’t really exist in 2019, possessing revenues of some U$ 60 million (from investors and their firms) with no profits.  During the scamdemic the revenues reached U$ 22 billion with a stock price a hundred times its 2019 value.  Investors were delighted.


How many know or care about the pharma largesse accrued during the plandemic?  How many politicians, parliaments, and media platforms can you buy with billions in profits? Entire ‘congresses’, ‘health systems’, ‘agencies’, and ‘parliaments’ can be purchased and manipulated. Yet the ‘rationalist, humanist, citizen of the world’, sees not.


Normally intelligent people are blind to the obvious fraud and cannot connect the dots between the invention of ‘epidemics’ and profits, power, control and creating a system of feudal vassalage.  This is the theme of ‘Virus Mania’. AIDS, various bird flus, polio, the Spanish flu epidemic (not Spanish and not a flu), and the other ‘common infectious diseases’ are the invention and work of government and pharma with very lucrative drugs as the ‘only cure’.  The distracted sheeple, obese on entertainment, sports and sundry illusions, see not and bleat for protection from imaginary monsters as they poison themselves and innocent children with toxins. Autism anyone?


The outline of Virus Mania

This single volume illustrates in easy-to-understand language, that the entire theology of virology, its upstream scientific studies and claims; and the downstream mainstream media horror stories of various diseases, is an entirely false and perniciously evil paradigm.  The endless array of breathless media tales around the destruction to be visited on mankind by H5N1 flu, AIDS, BSE (botulism spongiform encephaly, sounds sciency), Hepatitis C, cervical cancer, various other cancers and ulcers (which are caused by toxins but often attributed to a ‘virus’), Corona, bird flus of different stripes, dengue, Ebola, West Nile and others ad nauseum, are wrong, misleading and often engineered to induce panic which can only be resolved through ‘remedies’ offered by socialised health systems and pharmaceuticals. 


Toxins create diseases.  Toxic materials suffuse all ‘vaccines’, which when administered can generate immune system destruction and disease creation.  Many of these diseases such as autism, ‘attention deficit disorder’, cancer, leukaemia and heart disease have increased on a massive scale since the 1960s, when mandatory childhood ‘vaccines’ were implemented.  The number of such interventions has increased from a few in the 1960s, to between 20 and 70 in most locales around the ‘modern world’.  We in the ‘enlightened modern era’, are drug addicts and fanatics.  We are mentally and psychologically ill. 

“As relevant studies reveal, drug toxicities are so severe that the American ‘health’ industry’s pill craze is responsible for about 800.000 deaths each year, more than any illness (including cancer and heart attacks).”  (p. 25)

Since the 1960s, childhood and adult diseases have risen astronomically.  Many toxins have been amplified in the past 50 years due to industrialisation, including massive amounts of micro-plastics in the atmosphere and the liberal spraying of our skies with chemical ‘trails’ to play God and control the weather.  These toxins are then cycled into our ground, food and water contributing to poor health and wrecked immune systems.  Along with industrial toxin pollution there can be little doubt that the direct seeding of heavy chemicals and adjuvants into our bodies, for no reason whatsoever, has mightily contributed to the health fiasco we see around us.  To deny this fact, based on the factual evidence presented since the 1960s, is to be a denier of reality and common sense. 



‘Virus Mania’ deftly illustrates the merger of endless propaganda, with the sordid industrial profit-motive within a theology of ‘science’ and ‘one truth’ (Scientism).  The propaganda and brainwashing on ‘germs’ and ambulating, flying ‘viruses’ has been relentless for about 200 years when the drugs industry was formed with government investment (Jenner and the smallpox scam).  Normally intelligent people buy into this dogmatic myth, accepting in-toto the unscientific and unproven claims that strands of DNA and RNA are passed from animals to humans (zoonotic transfer); then from humans to humans via aerosols and fomites (germs on a surface).  The only solution to survive and demise a disease is through ‘vaccination’.


If you ask supposedly intelligent people, your GP, the local immune system specialist, the ‘virology’ expert, the ‘scientist’ of ‘viruses’, or Professor such and such, for a single proof, which can be replicated, demonstrating the entire process of ‘virus transfer’ end to end, you receive nothing.  The best that can be offered is to create ‘models’ of ‘cell cultures’ which are admixtures of material and toxins, and which tell us nothing about the process of animal-to human, and from human-to another human host-transfer. 

In place of ‘science’ word salads are used, as if ‘cell cultures’ means anything.  It is like saying ‘punctuated equilibrium’ to explain the lack of proofs for evolutionary meta-species mutation.  This is one reason why the Common Cold Research Unit in the UK, after 40 years of failure to isolate a single ‘cold’ and ‘corona’ ‘virus’ even using cell cultures, closed its doors in the mid-1980s after consuming well over a £100 million of taxpayer money.  Cui bono the peasant might wonder.  Where does all this money go?

One Microbe myth

“The dogma of a single cause for disease was decisively shaped by microbiology, which became predominant at the end of the 19th century, declaring specific microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, fungi) to be the causes of very definite diseases; including mass epidemics such as cholera and tuberculosis.  The founders of microbe theory, researchers Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch, ascended in their lifetimes to the heights of medicine’s Mount Olympus.” (p. 27)

Monomorphic disease causation is a myth.  Cholera, smallpox, typhoid, diptheria, cholera and other common 19th century diseases were spread by human filth, faeces, animal remains, contaminated water and horse manure.  Scurvy, yellow fever, beriberi, and pellagra were all thought to be the causation of monomorphic ‘germ’ transmission (p. 67).  None of them are. So much for the settled science.  More here





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