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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Monday, August 7, 2006

Immoral relativity

Feminists, Gays, Socialists and Peace-niks have never defended civilisation

by StFerdIII

According to Walt Williams at, US universities are funding such robust studies as ‘Marxist concepts of Racism’ [Harvard], where students learn that capitalism leads to racist atrocity; ‘Marxist struggle against capitalism’ as evidenced in the film, the Matrix and in the Barbie doll’s immoral whiteness available at the ironically named Occidental College; or ‘Girls gone wild in ancient Egypt’ replete with sex shows, vomiting scenes and lesbian orgies [available for voyeurs at John Hopkins]. Granted these are extreme manifestations within the educational establishment of cultural relativity gone awry. But along with 10 year olds in public schools watching films of gay sex or learning how to pull condoms over vegetables, one has to wonder if the entire left wing educational establishment even understands the depths of its own savagery, immorality and crass stupidity. Cultural immorality and relativity have no place within education, the media, or society at large. The logical outcome of this craven multi-cultural relativity fetish is of course the complete destruction of morality and standards and the descent into uncivilized and un-heroic behavior.

The immoral relativity of left wing liberalism shows its ugly face at all levels of society and not just in education. Feminists for example harp that men are to blame for the ills of the world and that we need to destroy genetic differences and biological diversity and re-educate young boys to act like sensitive young girls. By so doing apparently women will become exactly the same as men and all the purported ills of the female world; lower wages, ‘glass ceilings’, sexism, rape, abuse, and disrespect, will magically and immediately disappear. No one provides any proof that the feminist screeching and male bashing is justified. Nor does anyone provide concrete evidence that wage differentials for example are not caused by differences in productivity; hours worked; having a baby; or career choices [men prefer engineering and business for example which pays more than nursing and teaching]. One can go through the entire list of feminist whining and eradicate each item with cool, hard logic and facts. But no. We should ignore reality and blindly accept the feminist position since they scream the loudest and threaten the most. There is not one single coherent reason why society must eradicate the biological variations between boys and girls and guarantee that in any and all areas of life, women should be the same as men.

Human ‘rights’ is another area of abuse by liberals and socialists. The very real and disturbing racism that existed in the US and other countries towards blacks was remedied in part by the 1954 Supreme Court ruling in favor of desegregation and the 1964 Civil Rights Act. These 2 decisions gave blacks equality before the law; equality in education and job opportunity and equality with whites in all matters legal, social and personal. Yet this act is now used to pervert society at large. Gays, minority groups, and politicians now wave the flag of ‘rights’ to draw attention, money and government affirmative or regression action, to all manners of people that don’t need such aid. Fully 80% of society now falls under some rights-based program or government preference scheme. This is quite insane. All it does is carve society up into competing groups vying for tax payer money and preferential education, job or wage treatment. It also ignores real democratic and parliamentary processes where such ‘rights’ are suppose to be fully debated and aired, and implemented with voter approval. This is especially true when non-state institutions are attacked, bankrupted or forced to change their constitutions to satisfy government demands and lobby group power.

Foreign affairs is another area of abuse by the immoral relativity crowd. Internationalism has quickly mutated from the post World War I Wilsonian vision of resolving disputes through international fora and discussion to a reordering of the world community against America, Israel, capitalism, and the white male. The United Nations openly supports the Arab and terrorist nations against democratic states and the West. Western voters and groups declaim and protest against Israel, the US, GW Bush, or capitalism but have nothing to say about Arab atrocity, Jews murdered by Islamic fanatics, or the millions of Christians and non-Muslims killed by Arab and Islamic fanatics in the past 30 years. Moral outrage it appears is very selective. The West is so besotted by liberal internationalism it does not have the moral clarity or mental and physical energy to rouse itself to defend civilization and the modern world.

Immoral relativity is embedded in the media elite. Media outlets never recount the vicious history of Pan-Arab and Muslim bloodletting across the world in the past 30 years, let alone the past 1380 years; nor of the atrociously high death rates in pre-2003 Iraq which are three times even today’s considerable rate of slaughter; nor of the dangers posed by Islamic radicals doing deals with Russia or Pakistan to acquire nuclear weapons; nor of the death and carnage in Chechnya; nor of the human rights abuses in Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea and throughout Africa and Russia. Moral outrage is of course only reserved for open, transparent and honest states trying their best to be as fair and accountable as possible. Racism and discrimination against the Chinese and Jews for instance, as obvious examples, which has existed across time and geography [Chinese in South Asia, the Jews everywhere], is quietly ignored but every action in the West that could be construed as immoderate towards a minority is elevated into a crisis.

Immoral relativity dominates popular culture. Tired, boring and intellectually dull TV parrots the liberal-socialist nonsense as do silly, repetitive, counter-culture songs from the Beatles to Britney Spears. We can see idiotic shows pushing soft porn masquerading as music; ridiculing family values and family units; elevating the sick and disturbed to be as relatively moral as the candid and the straight; and ceaselessly defaming Western civilization, capitalism and white males all the while exalting the multi-cultural, the pagan, and the failed societies of pre-modern, non European, history. If culture reflects the greater mores of the civilization in question, then the West is indeed in a lot of trouble.

Immoral relativity blinds the average person to what is right and wrong; good and bad; up and down; backwards and forwards; and institutes a dream world for the real world. Only in such a diseased and ignorant setting could anyone for example, not feel that Hizbollah, Hamas and Islamic terrorist agents the world over are not only evil, but necessary to completely exterminate. Only in a morally blind world would people listen to the UN criticize only Israel and ignore the unbelievable care the Israeli’s take in trying not to destroy innocents and civilians. Only in a morally blind world would a country like Canada with 30 millions have a standing army of only 19.000 men able to fight and only a fraction of that deployable overseas.

Only in an immorally relative and immature world would people not care to defend their own civilization and watch its culture and its standards quickly disappear. This is what the sickness of liberalism and socialism has bequeathed – the cultural and domestic destruction of our modern world.

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