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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Deranged sexual psychology of socialists and cultural Marxists.

Kahn is just another example.....

by StFerdIII


France's favorite little socialist IMF chief, M. Strass-Kahn, accused previously of several rape and sexual assault charges, is now arrested for the rape and confinement of a New York maid. What is with the depredations of the 'great and good' socialists? These men of immense, capacious 'morality' and profound 'concern' for the 'little guy'. Kahn was yet another elitist French socialist, a centralizer, a man who viewed his own greatness and aggrandizement as a necessary adjunct to the IMF and French elitist position that more taxes, more public money and more 'bailouts' would solve any economic dislocation. Kahn was like Gandhi, another fakir of morality and 'compassion', more intrigued by his own ego, than the results of his statist policies. The IMF and Kahn are both relics of failed socialism. Neither should be anywhere near power.

But a larger question looms. Why the sexual perversions of Socialists? Is it something in the lust for social control that signifies a deeper set of abnormalities? Is it the hypocrisy of 'fighting for the little guy', when all the while you accrue yet more money, power through vice and corruption? Could it be the insanity of the philosophy being written or defended? Is it the guilt complex overwhelmed by the super-ego, with real-world inputs distorted by a non-functioning amygdala and an irrational neo-cortex?

What then to make of the cadre of power mongering socialists? There is nary a single power-hungry, enterprising, or revolutionary socialist who was not partially insane and sexually perverse. This is not to dismiss the incidences of non-socialists caught in aberrant behavior. But the socialists seem to have a psychological need to show off their sexual abnormality. This is almost always a sexual perversity involving force. We can name them off;

-Mohammed, the inventor of the communal political project and cult called Islam [it is not a religion but a strict communal cult of submission and total collective], had a sex harem of more than 12 girls; 3 wives; and unbounded sexual lusts. He traded in sex slaves and forced himself on women. Part of the reason that he developed Islam was to satisfy his sexual perversity. He raped a 9 year old 'wife' one named Aisha, who became his 'favorite'. How tender. How savage.

-Rousseau; a lusty French sexual pervert who wrote that he loved being spanked and slapped and apparently had the ugly habit of losing his pants whilst walking by charming women along a city street. The madness of his philosophy can be directly traced to his sexual deformity. Rousseau is one of the main architects of cultural nihilism and Marxism.

-Tolstoy; a Russian aristocratic land-owner, who formed his own commune and could not help but avail himself of any and all peasant girls, maids or prostitutes he came across. The great pre-Communist who disavowed private capital and property [except his own] and who admitted that he had no idea what he was talking about most of the time, was an inveterate sexual maniac. He also suffered from the Jesus-complex.

-Nietzsche, though not a complete statist, did advocate political 'will to power', great-man or leviathan rule and the imposition of a state culture to replace Christianity. He was a lonely, friendless and deeply troubled man, who contracted syphillis from one of the various prostitutes he visited. He could never form a normal relationship with a woman and he never had a female friend.

-Marx the student of the power-mongering Hegel [another sexual deviant], was fond like Tolstoy, of maids, prostitutes and poor females. He certainly was a capitalist in his pursuit of fallen virtue.

-Napoleon was a demented and ferocious womanizer whose rape of Europe and the destruction of some 30 million people for the benefit of himself and his own family, would be the apogee of socialist madness until Hitler came along. The French of course venerate this lunatic. He was infamous for his coercive domination of mistresses.

-Hitler [yes Fascism is extreme statist-socialism], raped his niece, forced her suicide and was a sexual obsessive-compulsive when a target consumed his interests. He was incapable of a normal relationship with a woman including Eva Braun who complained openly about his sexual deviations.

-Lenin died from syphilis not a stroke [that was later Communist propaganda] contracted by his rather extreme use of prostitutes and orgies in Paris before World War I. By the time he died in 1924 he was a raving cripple, destroyed by his sexual perversity.

-Stalin raped his niece and enjoyed forced sex with other women. This would be consistent with his personality in which force, terror and murder were considered by Stalin to be 'normal'.

-Gandhi, the supposed saint was guilty of what today is called 'pedophilia'. He would be imprisoned using today's legal code. He beat his wife and had sex with his niece. Amongst his many perversions was to invite young little girls to bathe naked with him, so he could prove his 'self control'. It is anyone's guess what really happened during bath-hour. But this man is venerated as a Christ-like figure. Please.

-Clinton, the great American Liberal who now trots around the world devaluing US culture, appealing to international harmony and 'sameness' and who extols multi-culturalism was a bounding opportunist who perjured himself under oath in denying having sex with the rather ugly Lewinsky. Certainly little Monica was not the first visitor to his private Oval or Oral office to be coerced into fellatio or worse. Clinton is now re-branded as a centrist or pragmatist. His defense of international socialism and globalism compromises this view.

This list is certainly not complete. More could be added. But it is a true list of those who are smitten by their own greatness and importance and yet who are sexually regressive. There is little in their sexual lives that one could call ethical, sophisticated or elegant. Of course a list of conservatives who have engaged in sexual innuendo and perversions would undoubtedly be a long one. But i do believe a crucial difference is apparent. There are two main features of the men in the above list. One is the usual recourse to forced sexual acts and perversions. The second is with the great exception of Clinton, the very lonely minds and personalities that they possessed, along with the almost female-friendlessness of their existence. Denied of a normal intercourse with women, these men resort to a variety of coercive perversion and fetishes.

Sex through power and force. For the socialist Freudian analysis applies. Freud certainly was a genius even if many of his theorems were too obsessed with the sexual. In Freud's world-view, expressed through Civilisation and its Discontents which is in the main a novel if esoteric look at the development of civilisation and the psychological issues it might generate; sexual power, depravity and impulse accounts for a lot of the general psychosis one finds in society. He also married the sexual to the ego and the id. Perhaps he was right. Maybe not. Many believe he was either partially or wholly incorrect. But it seems clear that he was on to something. Freud's introspection was revolutionary and the psychology of human behavior tied to both external and internal forces and pressures was an invaluable revelation and development. The world of understanding behavior is richer from Freud.

So another statist and careerist socialist is caught in an act of rape and forced sex. This is hardly surprising. Kahn is just the latest in a long line of 'great men' who suffer from mental imbalances in which their desire to rape the rest of us for their own benefit sometimes gets played out in the confines of a hotel room with an innocent maid. A man devoid of Christian ethics and one who has no concept of traditional and Enlightened ideas about the feminine.


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