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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

Tempus Fugit Memento Mori - Time Flies Remember Death 

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Modern Slavery. Slavery means Freedom !

Or some Nazi slogan to that effect.

by StFerdIII

Freedom ? What a quaint concept. Who needs it ? Don't you want security instead ? Slavery is the new freedom.  Why wake up in the morning and have to worry about your 'health care' ? The state will manage it for you. Why wake up with any worries at all ? Guarantees need to flourish. We are an immoral, stupid, unenlightened society. Look at the vast tracts of the socio-economy which have escaped regulation and government control ! These wrongs need righting. Only hunched over white racists, who pine for G.W. Bush, and who desire to own slaves and slaughter darker skinned humans disagree. Fascists.

Human rights don't include just health-care. They must include everything. Clothing, food, income, jobs, 'the human right' to go to university, the 'right' to own a nice home and a few cars, the 'right' to dental-care, hair-care, car-care, shoe-care, body waxing care, shoveling-snow care, sex change care.....all of these and more are fundamental aspirations that a caring, loving society should provide. Only moral, intelligent and truly perceptive people understand this. No one can possibly argue against the morality embedded in National Socialism as evinced by say the Nazis, the Russian Fascists, or today's heroic state cult of choice – the Chinese dictatorship. Strong man and strong state rule are the only methods to 'coerce' rights and 'enforce' disciplined 'morality' and ensure that 'no one is left behind'.

So we need to use nice words to cover up the end result – slavery. National Socialist sloganeering to hide slavery is legion throughout modern history. Covering up slavery with pretty words is as old as the propaganda used by Sargon the II on his colossi as he enslaved neighboring states in Mesopotamia – always using the 'moral imperative' as a cover for his slave based imperialism. German Socialists were likewise, [as were the Russian Fascists], very clever at positioning the communal slavery to the socialist state as a positive. Witness some of the more laughable slogans created by those fun loving German Socialists [yes Fascism is socialism, sigh]:

  • “No one shall go hungry! No one shall be cold!";

  • “Winter Relief drive during the years 1933-1935. That is socialism in action. Support the Führer!”;

  • "Before: Unemployment, hopelessness, desolation, strikes, lockouts. Today: Work, joy, discipline, camaraderie. Give the Führer your vote!";

  • “Hitler is building. Help him. Buy German goods.";

  • "Germany is free!” [from 1938];

  • “Comrades at the front — Comrades for life. Advice and assistance in all areas of need."

Heart warming slogans all. The Germans in the 1930s implemented massive state socialism. Everything was guaranteed. Health care, jobs, education, incomes, daycare, free transport, even baby clothing, was deemed a right to be passed out by the caring paternal state to its children-slaves. Under National Socialism or Russian Fascism, the individual was viewed as essentially a child for life. Everything would be a 'right' and communal imbalances were to be fixed by the all knowing, all powerful and all-caring state.

For the Marxists or National Socialist, less freedom means more. Work and be free. Obey the state. Islam has the same ethos. Obey the church and state in the guise of the moon deity of Mecca and his or it's representative on earth, the so-called 'Prophet'. Different angle, same nonsense.

So what have we today in the West ? It is the not-so-creeping advent of the slave state. We are all slaves. And slaves in all areas of life. Freedom died when the government became the single most important actor in our lives. When government replaces real culture, private charity, true faith, private business, individual responsibility, familial ties, and individual genius, the game is over. When the state is the main actor in each and every aspect of your life – as it is today – the loser is civilization. Freedom ? Anyone who says you are free is a liar. You are a slave. Consider the following:

1. Your House: Own a home - government's love it. They make money off of housing transactions. And lots of it. Sundry taxes, state-mandated mortgage insurance, and 'fees' all clang happily into the coffers of the government. The housing market is 12% of the modern economy. The government taxes both the supply and demand of it.

But most importantly the state can tax you in your static abode.  Carbon taxes, Mother Earth fees, Children's future 'investment charges', all these and much more can be levied on your in your immovable domicile.  It is much harder to sell a house than leave a rental contract. Once you pony up for the huge mortgage you are stuck - you can't leave, you can't change your mind, you can only hope to sell one day and then go rent and hide. Otherwise you are just a golden duck in the bathtub to be cleaned by the government.

2. Taxes: 50% or more is your real tax rate. If you read history you will find that revolts against oppressive taxation usually occurred around the 30-40% level. In Islam, Dhimmis lose 70% of their production [called the Kharaj tax for the Muslim lovers]. This current real tax rate means that you are little more than a Roman knave paying for the empire's upkeep and extravagance, soon to be upgraded to a Dhimmi slave producing wealth for the Meccan moon cult. 

3. Government workers: They make 50% more in pay each year than private sector workers [or slaves], and over 300% more over the working lifetime, once you add in benefits, pensions, days off etc. and the ability even to have 2nd jobs [police, firemen etc.]. You work for them you peasant.  Enjoy it.

4. Mother Earth and the Children's future: 4 layers of government control every aspect of your life. From bicycle helmets to not eating peanut butter at school, to the propaganda of recycling [most of which ends up in a land fill]. Programs, redistribution of money, welfare, subsidies, regulations....all sold to help the children and mother earth [with tearful ads showing proud Indians hugging trees].

5. State schools: The government would love to enforce tax-payer funded public daycare. Than the gay-sex, Globaloney-Warming, Islam-is-peace, Marxism-is-holy, propaganda, can start at age 2 instead of age 5 or 6. Easier to create slaves when you have control over the young ones. Islam does it torturing young minds into Jew and American hating primitives. Melding the complexities of reality into state or cult approved 'books' such as the Koran [for Muslims], reduces the need to think, to educate and to live in reality which in the words of Thomas Sowell, becomes optional.  There is a direct correlation between the expansion of unfettered state education and programs, and the inability to be creative, think, innovate, or understand how the modern world came into being.  Call it reality distortion. 

6. Great Man worship: The Prophet Obamed as God, is an example. The benefices of the state replacing the immorality supposedly, of the individual. All hail the Dear Leader and his clique.

7. Self-loathing: Usually slaves come to believe in their own powerlessness and uselessness. There must be a reason why they are forced to endure such a painful existence. The fickle 3 fates who cut the threads of life determining birth and expiry are blamed; or perhaps family karma; or maybe a God is punishing them for sins of lives past. Self-loathing is an attribute of the beaten man. Look around today. How many Americans hate themselves and their country ? Many, most, a lot ?

8. Ignorance. Slaves are not renowned for knowledge or erudition. Exceptions abound, but for the most part, the slaves are illiterates. They are kept that way by their masters. You can't look around the West today and make the claim that intelligence has increased in the past 100 years. In some ways the collective is much dumber in the rudiments of real life, than circa 1900.

9. Skills. Slaves usually don't possess much more than physical power. Today most people can't build, create, trade or do much on their own. They can't survive one weekend on their couches, let alone 1 day outside of the comforts of the modern world. Skill development in the context of the real world is missing, with most people contented to be entertained rather than engaged; or believing that they need to 'socially engineer' outcomes, rather than learn real and valuable skills which lead to wealth and job creation, true enlightenment, and self-worth.

Summary: Slavery ended in Europe around 800 AD. The serfs were land owners and only had 30% or less of their production taken by their lords. The serfs of the supposed 'Dark Ages' never existed. It is another hoary myth. In the age from 500 AD to 1500 AD an almost innumerable list of inventions in every sphere of human activity can be cited. Slave societies don't produce innovations. Free societies do. Whenever tax levels rose above 30% in the poorly named 'Middle Ages' social unrest and oftentimes war, followed.

As the Western world moves inexorably towards state manufactured slavery an obvious question presents itself. Who is smarter ? The innovating and self-reliant 'peasant' of the 'Dark Ages' who did not put up with corrupt and excessive state control and power, or the narcissistic Youtube and Myface generation of today so obsessed with Obama-worship; eco-fascist idolization; statism; and mindless entertainment ? The question answers itself. Slavery is evil, irregardless of the sloganeering.


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