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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

Tempus Fugit Memento Mori - Time Flies Remember Death 

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

The lightness of the charismatic, mystical leader

Socialists-fascists and power mongers, are usually lighter than air mystics.

by StFerdIII

Charismatic leaders are in the main, usually the most dangerous leaders a society can embrace. The historical record of the great 'charismatics' is for the most part a litany of failure, butchery, death and oppression. There are some exceptions – mostly in the spiritual and religious realm not including of course the pre-modern war mongering fascist Mohammed. No, in general the more dynamic a candidate is, and the more that he relies on mystical charisma for support, the more emtpy, populist, and prone to authoritarianism he will be. Hussein 'Kid Dynomite' Obama reflects this reality.

The charismatic mystic, with simpleton and incorrect solutions to complex problems has been a continuous theme in modern history. There are no shortage of examples. What these leaders share in common is a fascination with the following: creating a new world utopia; state coercion and state force; limiting freedoms; controlling markets; endless state propaganda; and creating a crisis to justify the leadership-charismatic cult. From Mussolini to Mao these are truisms. Beware then of the dynamic mystic.

Thomas Carlyle, the 19th century British historian and political scientist invented our modern appreciation of the 'great man' theory of history. For Carlyle great men formed the flow of events and determined the outcome of conflicts – be they social, military or political. His theories had a great impact on the psychology of the 19th century. Carlyle's theories when combined with Darwinian conflict, leads ineluctably to an intellectual fascination with charismatic peronsality and leadership.

Great men theories and 'will to power' concepts also lead directly to an assault on freedom, a reduction in the division of powers, a curtailing of the market and innovation, and the establishment of state coercion and violence. Carlyle and Darwin helped created the ethos and the 'zeitgeist' or spirit of the times, which gave rise to the 20th century's fascination with fascist and pagan leadership. Intellectuals, the media, the universities and the popular theorists of the late 19th century paved the way, for the rise of the charismatic mystics, who murdered and destroyed their way through the 20th century.

Nietzche's idea of a 'superman' leader; Sorel's obsessions with Marxist revolution being achieved via a strong leader; various writers and academics forwarding racialist theories of 'super-races'; Hegel's dialecticism being 'managed' from above; class disenfranchisement being alleviated by the 'state'; these and other populist notions were running wild before World War One. Charismatics do not arise from barren soil. They must be cultivated and grown.

Lenin's personality cult; and the rise of pagan mystics such as Mussolini, who hated Christianity and Hitler who attempted to create a pagan-Norse society of racists are the obvious results of the populist clamor for charismatic-mystics. Modern fascism in its incarnations of national-socialism, or communism, is premised on the destruction of the modern world, and the creation of a communal, state managed, pagan-reality, to replace the boredom of liberal-bourgeois living.

The charismatic leader constantly creates a crisis to manufacture fear and gain the loyalty of the populist mass. Free bread, some circuses, a public spectacle or two, combined with state coercion, military occupation, propaganda and the destruction of all freedoms are some of the outcomes of the charismatic-mystic cult. Loyalty to the leader and the cult supercedes reality. Better to be loyal, than dead, if you are the average citizen-slave.

This pagan fascination with oriental-style leadership worship, and a rejection of reality is still on display in Cuba of course. Castro created and has maintained a perpetual crisis, by setting up the US as the bete-noir and so-called predatory imperialist power. Thousands of Cubans were murdered in the past 50 years in a sacrifice to the Castro cult and their economy, freedoms, and collective intelligence have all been massacred. In 1950, Cuba was the 4th richest country in the Western Hemisphere. Today it is the 4th poorest. So it goes with the charismatic-mystic pagan cult leadership.

Now look at the current US populist mystic – Hussein Obama. This chattering marxist-socialist is following in the path of other lighter-than-air mystics such as Jennings Bryan, Woodrow Wilson, JFK [whose first 18 months in office were a disaster]; and even that insufferable idiot, Jimmy Carter. A man built on nothing, with no experience, a policy platform consisting of massive state power aggrandizement; and complete ignorance on economic, trade, military or border affairs, is a typical incarnation of the charismatic-mystic.

Like Hitler, Castro, Peron, Stalin, Mao, Mussolini and others, the Hussein Obama charismatic program is limited to offering simpleton solutions to complex problems that in the main, outside of foreign affairs, security, and the military, the state cannot solve. The idea is this: 'vote for me, i will solve all the issues'. When asked how a massive increase in state power, coercion and non-transparent force will solve these issues, the charismatic-mystic will simply smile and say 'trust me'.

Hitler and Mussolini offered state-centric and ridiculous notions of how to solve for example, unemployment, stagnating incomes or inflation. The end result of Nazi Germany's economic program was not, as University courses and moronic academics believe, an increase in economic power, but the opposite. By cutting off trade, replacing private investment with public; creating state work programs; ramping up the welfare state and taxes; and nationalising industry, Germany by 1939 was on the verge of bankruptcy. War in 1939 or soon after was inevitable if the Nazi party wanted to maintain its power.

All the charismatic-mystics have been military and economic disasters. This says nothing of the human rights violations and millions of dead, wounded and tortured – all in the name of making a 'brave new world'. Their power rests on charisma; buying votes; cheap populism; and eventually state coercion, indoctrination and propaganda.

This is not to say that Hussein Obama is another marxist mystic who will murder conservatives en masse. But it is obvious that men like Hussein Obama, who do not understand that modern economies and foreign affairs are complex creatures unresponsive to simpleton solutions and ideas, is a very dangerous radical. He is probably the most dangerous man in America.

Which is why the media, college 20 something airheads who know nothing about life but have been dutifully indoctrinated by a pathetic education system; racialists and black power seekers; and feminized bearers of the white guilt syndrome; all flock to his charismatic-mystic banner. Why bother to think, rationalise, or ruminate on complex questions of economy, trade, illegal immigration or Iraq, when the leader can solve it with idiotic rhetoric, smiles and arm-waving? Why bother with intelligence when feeling good and emotional satisfaction are more important?

Why indeed. Yet this is how countries and empires fall apart. Europe succumbed for three generations to the charismatic-mystic myth – a mistake it will never recover from. In fact Europe's future eradication is a certainty as its post-modern Christian world is taken over by the intolerant and domineering Arabian cult called Islam. Europe's demise can be traced back to the bastardization of ideas put forward by Darwin and Carlyle.

Be aware of the charismatic-mystic, they are usually the most dangerous men on the planet.

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