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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Monday, June 23, 2008

The abyss of moral relativism.

Pink elephants and immorality.

by Lego Crag

One of the most disturbing things about the reigning zeitgeist of socialist-relativist theory, which permeates everything from the eco-fascist club, to explaining away 1400 years of Islamic war and terror, is the sheer hypocrisy and immorality of moral relativity. Post modern, anti-Western, Marxist relativity has some simple propositions, none of which makes any sense. It is a set of ideas which state rather absurdly, that nothing really matters, reality does not exist, tolerance is the epitome of intellectual development; and that all ideas are relatively equal or that all opinions are relatively similar in importance. It is in essence a philosophy of profound stupidity since it rejects the idea of an objective, factual truth. What an absurd way to view life!

By rejecting reality, evidence, common sense, and standards, not to mention 3500 years of Western traditions; the standard bearers of moral relativity come across not as sophisticated Obama-supporters, sipping latte and discussing Sartre, but as primitive, unthinking pagans, worshipping the idol of nothing, and following the false prophets of nonsense and mediocrity. Moral relativity is a disease which infects education, the media, the eco-cult, politics and entertainment.

Post-modern relativity and its associated nihilism originated from Marxist 'thinkers' [is there such a thing?], who maintained that the odious disease called Western Civilisation could only be destroyed from within by changing the institutions which controlled Western culture against its own civilisation. The media, the educational systems, entertainment, and the 'spirit' of the times, needed to be directed towards those ideas which were anti-Western, anti-Christian and anti-rational. Hence the moral relativist's insistence on emotion, 'tolerance' and a belief that all ideas and cultures are just as good as any other. Why should Western society dominate if in fact it is no better than any other civilisation? Why indeed should Western civilisation even exist in its current forms if, according to Marxist-socialist propaganda, it is a set of ideals premised on racism, hate, theft, immorality and anti-humanist philosophies?

The problem with moral relativity is of course it suggests nothing intelligent or constructive. It is a deconstructivist concept. Post modern relativity wants to deconstruct civilisation and expose its constituent parts to be somehow negative, evil, irrelevant, racist, predatory or anti-communal. Only by engaging in a society of 'equality', where all ideas, cultures and attitudes are relevant and worthy. In this regard Judeo-Christianity which is a set of complex ethical, legal and moral rules, should be dismantled and destroyed. No one – especially a Jew or Christian – has the right to judge or hold anyone else to a higher standard. Ergo self absorbed nihilism is the logical ex reductio of moral relativity.

We see such perverse illogic at work for instance in the educational systems of the West. Many schools and teachers are openly contemptuous of the 'truth'. Most hate Christianity. High school and university professors routinely punish or repress students or ideas, which they disagree with. Yet these very same individuals and institutions will intone tearfully about the need for toleration and exploring new modes of thought and explanation – as long as these avenues lead to their own beliefs that all matters are subjective and not objective. The educational system rejects almost in toto, the idea of an objective truth. Even in math and physics the ugly face of relativity is rearing its head.

The whole idea of post-modern relativism and objectivity is to reject and destroy 'modernism' or the humanist philosophy of the European Enlightenment. Enlightenment thinking was most easily expressed by Rene Descartes’s idea of the independent rational man [or woman] — the one who starts from his own thought ('I think, therefore I am'). This new Enlightenment man began to systematically build his world view from reason – not just from reason alone – but largely from objective truth and rationality. It was the thoughts of objectivity, reality, and truth of all which had their antecedents in ancient Rome, Athens and Jerusalem which allowed the Western world to become primus inter pares.

Post modern relativists believe none of it. For the cultural Marxist reality is optional. Communal, emotional and pagan spirituality is to be exalted. After all what is the point of progress they ask ? Such existential atheists such as the clinically insane Nietzsche, or the morose and usually psychedelic Sartre, prepared the way for contemporary Marxist postmodernism. These writers and nihilists propose a very negative and dangerous message. They want to abolish all claims to truth. For post moderns humans are not individuals as they are in the Western Enlightenment tradition – they are just extensions of the community or of general culture.

For post moderns, truth, reality, real progress and enlightenment are not important. Having everyone share the same culture, emotionality of community, and openness and toleration of all ideas is the vital point. With this attitude why bother defending Western civilisation against the barbarisms of socialized Nazism; or the fascist predations of Communism? Don't pagan fascisms make good points too ? Don't their critiques of the West resonate with plausibility? Why defend Israel against the Arab-Muslim desire and mad injunction to wipe it out? Don't they make some reasonable claims?

Relativity, where all thoughts, and all ideas are of equal import, is of course a massive fraud and idiocy. It would be akin to saying that all theories of unified physics are plausible and should be explored, or that Euclid's geometrical laws are aberrations and need to be calmly reordered into something else. Or that reality, the laws of economics, or the rules which govern turning natural compounds into usable objects should be ignored, or somehow changed to fit another concept of reality. There is in essence no point to relativism. It is a theory looking for a purpose.

But the destructive outcome of post-modern moral relativity is plain. It leads to all sorts of bad consequences. The truth is ignored. Evil rationalised away. Standards no longer defended. Objectivity scorned. Ethics and Christian morality avoided. Progress and work eschewed. The negative effects of such a theory are truly boundless.

For those who worry about the survival of the West in the face of a universal and hostile Islamic pagan cult, then redressing the moral relativity which rots Western society is absolutely mandatory. Whether enough care is another matter entirely.

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