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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Mommy state and Human Rights Bills – why they are dangerous

Only lawyers and anti-modern protestors benefit

by StFerdIII

Civilisation and progress flow from liberty; individuality; well defined laws and legal processes; military strength; an open and free economy; and a culture of virtues that value work, spirituality, community responsibility and innovation. Civilisation and progress are not derived from legally inspired utopian projects. Human rights ‘bills’ are one such attempt at rewriting history and creating an elite inspired utopia. These human rights conventions invert the principles that allow a society to flourish by upending the culture of responsibility and creating a ‘victim’ culture. In Britain, Canada and Europe, human rights bills and processes have now created a judicial elite that has usurped their Parliaments and imposed an unaccountable and uncontrollable elite upon their populations. So far the US has escaped this inversion of civilisational development. This is yet another reason why the US remains mankind’s best hope as a guarantor of a better future.

In Canada in 1982 the Canadian parliament sitting on a hot day afternoon in June with almost no members present pushed through, rather slyly, a ‘Charter of Rights’ document enshrining human rights, multicultural rights, aboriginal rights and through various clauses – a general ‘right’ that any and all minorities will be free from majority oppression. Yet no such contra rights exist – meaning the there is no freedom by the majority to reject the intolerant oppression by a minority. Gays and Muslims come to mind as do massive and unnecessary native Indian claims on land and money. This bill was passed in an empty Parliament, without a referendum and with little or no public debate. It highlights the poverty of Canadian socialism. What nation willingly creates a victim mentality with no public discourse ignoring democratic and accountable processes?

The Charter of Rights in Canada has had debilitating effects on the Canadian state. The victim culture driven by this charter created a cadre of highly paid lawyers who have taken every opportunity to promote the claims of various ‘terrorized’ groups. All groups were of course already protected by existing laws, but the legal elite needed to embed their dominance by creating a supra-charter. Instead of following the procedures of parliamentary processes which respect contracts, individual rights, one law for all citizens, and transparency in processes which mitigate corruption and fraud, the ‘rights’ industry elevates the opposite. Extra-legal processes, political appointees, left wing judges and a universal longing to place human rights and by extension, lawyers, at the heart of political power, ensure that freedom and individuality are subsumed by a legal tide of touch-feely ‘victimology’.

In Canada for example using tax payer money which funds gay, feminist, native Indian and Muslim groups, lawyers have pushed through legislation, outside of Parliament and public debate to give these and other groups special status within Canadian society. Gays and feminists funded by the tax payers and supported by the judicial elite have changed non state institutions such as marriage; forced government to fund alternative but counter productive and unnatural life styles; destroyed the value of the man inside the family unit through no-fault divorce and state transfers of a man’s estate to the female; and created a culture of promiscuous and easy sex [called ‘liberation’], low standards and lower values. Native Indians receive $40.000 per family per year in direct cash transfers, legal title to 2 provinces and other millions of hectares of land, free education, job preferences in government, and widespread legal and media support. But this is not enough. Indians are poor, unemployed, uneducated, mired in substance abuse and living in a fantasy pre-white man’s world, where their stone age paganism, which did not have the energy or the wit to invent the wheel, a written language, a stable economy, or a division of government power, but was based on mysticism, war, savagery, poverty and ignorance is rewritten as the epitome of mankind’s development. All thanks to the taxpayer. It is hard to not to view the Charter as an unmitigated disaster and obnoxious increase in government and legal power and taxation.

In Britain the same story applies. The British Human Rights bill has created a whole series of victim groups that access the mommy-state for funding. Muslims are a recent case in point. Mosques, schools, newspapers and various militant Imams across Britain all live off the welfare state. Yet under the British human rights legislation if one criticizes Islam and equates it with terror, you will more than likely be prosecuted for a hate crime. Muslims routinely use the bill to shut down criticism of their fascism even when they declare, rather boldly, that Britain must be turned into a caliphate. Police and anti-terror units routinely show abject and humiliating deference to Islamic ‘sensibilities’, never mentioning Muslims and terror in the same sentence, removing their shoes and avoiding prayer rooms when they investigate radicalized mosques, taking forever to eject from Britain radical Muslim leaders that call for jihad against the British state and ignoring the escalating violence against Jews and ‘crossworshippers’ committed by Muslims, not to mention female genital mutilation, and honor killings of women who diss the family. In essence the ability of Britain to defend itself has been effectively castrated by the human rights and mommy-state ruling elite.

The evidence against human rights bills is pretty compelling. It divides society up into little groups where the only overarching philosophy is the mommy-state socialism and its secular religion of moral and cultural relativity. History is rewritten so that human progress is not based on the Western Enlightenment tradition and cultural virtues but rather by luck; exploitation and white racism. Various groups receive a massive transfer of wealth from other tax payers creating a multi-tiered society of payors and victim receivees. The mommy-state secular construction is then ruled by an all-knowing technocratic judicial elite who will impose their fantasy world of universal ‘rights’ to usurp national culture; cultural progress; and the virtues that allow societal development. In place of freedom and individuality we have Orwellian logic, non-democratic processes and a victim culture of obscenely size premised on historical fantasies.

Human Rights bills are a dangerous and expensive move in the wrong direction.

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