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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

Tempus Fugit Memento Mori - Time Flies Remember Death 

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Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Hypocrisy of the Left, Protectionists and Tree Huggers

Marxism, socialism and environmentalism – wrong all the time but apparently this is okay with society.

by StFerdIII

Though it is obvious that Islam poses the gravest threat to Western civilization, an internal threat is just as real. It is the intellectual refuse and nonsense of the Left and its media friends. The left is composed of an ugly, incoherent and primitive array of groups - liberals, tree huggers, multi-cult activists, ‘dude I love you’ types, climate change ‘experts’, protectionists, eco-fascists, feminists, anti-corporatists, academics, Michael Moore and Phil Donahue lovers, Hollywood morons, and those who praise Castro, Chavez and Europe’s 6 layered socialism. These groups have nothing to offer to aid, help or improve our real world. They are in effect the ‘Non’ group. The ‘No Group’ does not want freedom, personal choice, rational economics or individual responsibility. It wants a top down, regulated, government protected, mandated and coddled existence.

These pin-heads are as deadly a threat to liberty as the Islamo-fascists.

In the modern world era, fantasy ideology, according to Lee Harris [Civilization and its Enemies], has replaced despotism, feudalism and Orientalism as the main enemy of civilization. Since the French Revolution ideologues from Napoleon and Rosseau to Lenin, Mao, Gobineau, Sorel, Nietzsche and the current ‘Post Modern’ Academics, have attempted to destroy reality and impose their own twisted and perverse view of life and society. Rejecting reality and imposing a fantasy world on believing, frightened or incompetent populations, has allowed ‘intellectuals’ to fasten tyranny, fascism and intolerance onto Darwinism and philosophy. Hitler for example screamed that race based war was the driving force of civilization and only uber-menschen would survive and dominate. In order for a race to win the struggle a form of Nazism was necessary to mobilize the population and create the right state and proper ‘Volk’.

Some simple modern examples indicate the pernicious and even evil intent of those who support leftist politics:

-In Canada the socialized, North Korean style health system kills between 10-20.000 people per annum, due to misdiagnoses, wait times, and unhygienic hospitals.

-Recent studies highlighted in many books [see Lomberg’s The Skeptical Environmentalist, for example], state that the left and eco-movements have lied about environmental catastrophe’s for decades. Examples of this includes Lester Brown’s yearly book of doom [World Report]; Global Cooling in the 1970s which is now ‘presto!’ Global Warming; land and river pollution [remember acid rain?]; and the usual litany of no more oil, copper, wheat or other commodity products; have all been proven false. Even air quality is better now than ever in each major city in the West – thanks to technology.

-In New Orleans since 1965, eco-fascists have prevented the proper building and maintenance of dykes and levees in order to protect bird and marshland habitat. The result is 971 people dead thanks to Hurricane Katrina. Birds are more important than humans.

-Holland now recognizes polygamist civil marriages [remember that Gay Marriage is NOT the slippery slope according to the Hollywood types]

-2 Canadian scientists fed the UN’s Global warming model with random data, bad data, controlled data, and good data. Incredibly all the results were the same [but remember human activity is responsible for the one million variables that make up climate and climate change].

-90 % of money targeted for poor programs never reaches those in need, instead being used for bureaucratic costs, and other programs.

-The UN made $21 billion from Iraq in the 1990s whilst 300.000 were murdered and French, German, Russian and Chinese firms made billions in illegal contracts and sales. UN money is fomenting terror against Israel used to spread anti-Jew propaganda and support refugee camps ie. terrorist recruiting centers.

-In Afghanistan Muslim women were being burned alive by their polygamist husbands for displeasing them, or in the case of one woman - so he could martyr her [RDI Montreal report]. One woman was married at the age of 5 to a 50 year old man and was beaten, raped and then slightly burnt. When interviewed she was 18 with a small child. But remember invading Afghanistan and liberating these people was a mistake and millions of babies would die as the US would carpet bomb and destroy the country.

-The 1995 US welfare reform was supposed to destroy US society with [according to ABC, CBS and CNN], millions of poor children roaming US cities. After the reforms poverty has declined, welfare case loads have fallen by half, and recent surveys indicate that those who were on welfare are now making substantially more and are improving their lives.

-During the 1970s and 80s the left produced wage and price controls; gas shortages; high inflation; unilateral disarmament theories [after all the Soviets loved their children too]; apologia for Mao and Castro; and UN-Internationalism which has been an abject failure.

The left has been wrong on every single issue ranging from the moral, to the environmental, to the economic, and to the military, during the past 400 years. Now we have whole economic sectors – liquor, health care, lumber, fisheries, agriculture, banking, energy – under the direct or indirect control of government or a few government backed oligopolies. You would think that a modern population, supposedly well educated and well informed, would know that consumer choice, fair but free competition, and an open transparent legal and regulatory framework would produce goods and services in any market that would benefit all classes of people.

Yet today we still have the same tired fantasy ideologies in play. Only government, tree huggers and the sensitive granola bar eaters know what is best for us. The feminization of society, and turning all people into little children protected by mommy, is detrimental to all classes. A classic case is energy. By subsidizing energy and power systems by keeping prices low, governments increase demand, and limit supply. No supply is built since government controlled prices do not cover expected costs and profits. As the infrastructure degrades more subsidies are given to consumers and more debt is accumulated by the state as it desperately tries to keep its decayed infrastructure functioning. It is Stalinism redux.

We see the same stupidity at work in Canada and the US where instead of building oil refineries we have the socialists handing out cheques to consumers. Maybe these geniuses need a remedial course in economics. Prices will come down if you allow market supply and demand factors to work. By artificially distorting prices, you actually cause more energy to be consumed and less innovation to take place to replace for example, oil combustion engines with cleaner burning technologies.

Fantasy ideologies are at work in Islam but are also strong on the home front. It will take a lot of work to defeat both enemies but defeat them we will as defeat them we must.

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