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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

Tempus Fugit Memento Mori - Time Flies Remember Death 

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Cultural Marxism and the real racists.

Hating whites is racist.

by StFerdIII


One of the hallmarks of Cultural Marxism is to denigrate whites, through the use of racism or reverse discrimination. Denigrating whites and calling them racists or any other names, is racism. Pure and simple. Demonizing whites is no different than whites verbally or physically brutalizing darker skinned people. When CNN, NBC and the rest of mainstream media, along with the elites and educational establishment constantly call whites 'racist'; or endlessly intone that any opposition to a black man's ideas, program, or political leadership is based on race-hatred, then we have a clear case of left-wing cultural Marxism bias and reverse racism. When black politicians can lie, distort, or invent stories about being spat on, yelled out, or called a Nigger, with impunity, than we are dealing with a cultural shift that is as profound as the lurch to economic and social Marxism initiated by the Black Jesus himself – a moniker he most likely would approve of, since it is contra-white, divine and omnipotent. Simply put, the people crying the most about racism, are the racists.

Most Americans do not know that much about cultural Marxism. But they should. They elected the greatest cadre of capering Marxist baboons in history, to run their country in 2008. Or destroy it, more appropriately. Hillary Clinton's hero and Masters thesis guide was Saul Alinksy the radical Marxist writer and 'thinker' who advocated violence as a means of upsetting the white-male social order. The Black Jesus was drenched in anti-capitalist teachings at Columbia and Harvard, learning to hate a nation which gave him unparalleled opportunity and wealth. Pelosi, Reid and the Dumocratic caucus view redistribution, state power and equalization as important as the theft of contracts and monies for themselves, and their enormously enriched families.

What is good for the little people, is not good for the elite. Cultural Marxism is at its core a racist theology with much in common with Obama's Black Power theology – itself a racist, anti-white pattern of belief. I defined it as follows writing 4 years ago:

The key premise of this cultural Marxism is thus: the modern world and all white male institutions must be changed and in some sense destroyed, before we can have a ‘cultural balance’. For the cultural Marxists all historical development is viewed through this prism. Thus certain groups are heroic and must be defended; pagan Indian tribes; blacks, mulattoes; gays; women and especially feminists; and the oriental races. These groups and other minority rights victims must be empowered to control and then govern, the egregious and immoral white race, with its sordid history of power, blood, and criminality. Charter of rights; hate-speech legislation; affirmative action; gay-rights and marriage; acceptance of deviancy; secularism; anti-capitalism; anti-semiticism; big government and cultural relativity, all flow from the underlying accusations found in cultural Marxism.

The intentions of cultural Marxists lead inevitably to the rewriting of history. Like Orwell’s dictum ‘he who controls the past controls the future’, the Marxist ‘newspeak’ which emanates from the cultural Marxist warriors and believers, knows no limits. All previous experiences must be recast and rewritten. This is called in the intellectual circuit, ‘deconstruction’. This concept means that the cultural Marxist must take any experience, text, work, historical fact or occurrence; remove all truth and objective reality and insert the desired fantasy.”

The above is important. In order to hate whites, you have to demonize them. Give them horns, fangs, volumes of spittle, white sheets, pointy hats and red eyes. The Jews are usually characterized as hook-nosed, gypsy-skinned, dark-haired shysters, wearing funny hats, with a black overcoat, with slitted fleeting eyes looking greedily about for victims. That is how the Nazis portrayed them. This is how the Arabs and Muslims show them to their children and in their propaganda. De-humanizing the Jew allows you to kill it – since 'it' is not a human. Same for whites.

Racism against whites, even by white skinned people is not enough of course. You have to rewrite history. All whites are evil slave-owners. All blacks, Arabs, Muslims, Mexicans and Orientals, are peace-loving sophisticates, dedicated to truthful inquiry, tolerance, love and in touch with the dear earth Mother. Only whites slave-traded. Only whites denude non-whites of their resources. Only whites wantonly destroy the earth mother. Only whites are fascists. Only whites have a terrible culture. Only whites – and maybe Jews – are insidious monsters plundering the globe in their lust for brutal, and bloody world domination.

Kill whites and be happy.

The cultural Marxists are in control of most political parties in the West. This is a fact. There are only three parties in the West who reject cultural Marxism – the Freedom Party of Geert Wilders in Holland; the Republicans in the US, and perhaps the Conservatives in Canada. All three of these parties, who embrace a wide swathe of society, non-whites, gays, females, males and people from the great array of socio-economic levels, are called by the media: fascists, racists, slaves of Wall Street [or Bay Street, or the Amsterdamse Bourse], and intolerant. They are targeted by the cultural Marxists for endless ad-hominem attacks and puerile name-calling. So who are the racists then ?

Witness the Health Care Deform vote on Sunday in the US. Thousands of peaceful protesters who do not want the Europeanization of their state showed up in an orderly, and quite peaceful protest. But than the white hating Black racists and their cultural Marxist allies got involved. Whites were accused of spitting, name calling and other sundry acts of 'violence'. All of it unsubstantiated and false.

One can view the clip of a Black Democratic Congressman, named Cleaver, supposedly being assaulted with verbal threats, the word nigger, and with spit. Funny thing, none of it happened. The video is clear – no names were called, and no spit was ejected from the mouth of a foaming white racist towards the pure and austere body of Mr. Cleaver. No proof exists of someone calling Barney Frank what he is – a fagot. Perhaps lisping queer might have been better. Or twinkle toes homo. But nary a 'slur' against Frank's 'sexuality' was uttered. Pity. Lots of slurs were thrown at Congressmen voting No. Money was thrown in their faces by redneck Liberals and Dum party supporters, followed by epithets and screaming about the No-voters being the slaves of Wall Street and Insurance firms. But amazingly the media did not pick up on that. Funny how that works.

But consider the greater crime of CNN, NBC and the usual array of idiotic reporting. There may have been one incident in which a sexual or racial comment was made by Tea Partiers. Many more were made by Dum party knaves as it turned out. But on the newscasts, one person who might have done something egregious, turns into 'people', which turns into 'the crowd', which turns into 'the entire Tea Party movement', which then is equated with Whites. How can any normal, intelligent person conflate one incident which did not happen, into all whites ? That is racism.

Cultural Marxism is at its core, a racist theology of white hate. One reason why American blacks are the largest single group of converts, in the world, to Islam, is the obvious fact that they hate whites. They are black racists. The Great Prophet Obamed is a close friend of one of these racists – Louis Farrakhan who runs the anti-white, anti-Jewish black group the Nation of Islam. These fascists and racists want to eradicate whites and Jews from America, and establish a black caliphate. How charming, how benign, and what an expression of victims rising up to fight off oppression !

It is not intelligent, nuanced or sophisticated to be on the side of racists and anti-white losers. Hating people due to their skin color is a sign of a very small brain, lying in a very primitive body. It works both ways. You can't hate white racists for their treatment of blacks, and then ignore the proliferation and violence of those who espouse the cultural Marxist hatred of whites.

But then again Marxists, socialists, converts to Islam and Co2mmunists are not renowned as the most intelligent of people.  At least we know who the real racists are - and it is not 'whites'. 


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