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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Friday, December 1, 2006

Cultural Marxism and destroying the West from within

As grave a threat to our civilisation as Islam.

by StFerdIII

When asked about the long-term survivability of Israel, then President Richard Nixon clenched his fist, raised his thumb and then gave the negative Roman sign with the thumb down. As asked by Pat Buchanan in his book, ‘Death of the West’, who was in the room when this occurred, why would a President who saved Israel during the Yom Kippur war of 1973, have such a decidedly pessimistic view of survival of a Western state in a sea of hostile, rapacious, and immoral Islam? Nixon knew the answer, namely - ‘cultural Marxism’ - and the prevailing ethos of an elite, the media, the so-called ‘intellectual class’, the educational establishment, and the post-modernists who are as rabid about destroying Western culture as they are in destroying the tiny state of Israel. In Nixon’s long term view of history, Israel is doomed, not through war, but through the deracination of Western states from their cultural history, thanks to the vicious assault of cultural Marxism.

What is cultural Marxism? It is the anti-Western cultural component of Marxism. It is also known today as ‘political correctness’. In essence cultural Marxism is the totalitarian rejection by a confirmed elite, of anything that they do not deem to be just; correct; truthful; or acceptable. The politically-correct or cultural Marxist, believes that all historical development is premised on the use of power through the interaction of race and sex. Some races, in particular the white race, and only the male sex, have had power over all groups in recent history. According to cultural Marxists this simple fact means that the white male race is the only group culpable for historical crimes. Since the white male race stole, usurped, connived, enslaved, or used power immorally, they must be stripped of their ability in the modern world, to rule and control other groups. Cultural Marxism is at its core, anti-white male, and anti-modern.

The key premise of this cultural Marxism is thus: the modern world and all white male institutions must be changed and in some sense destroyed, before we can have a ‘cultural balance’. For the cultural Marxists all historical development is viewed through this prism. Thus certain groups are heroic and must be defended; pagan Indian tribes; blacks, mulattos; gays; women and especially feminists; and the oriental races. These groups and other minority rights victims must be empowered to control and then govern, the egregious and immoral white race, with its sordid history of power, blood, and criminality. Charter of rights; hate-speech legislation; affirmative action; gay-rights and marriage; acceptance of deviancy; secularism; anti-capitalism; anti-semiticism; big government and cultural relativity, all flow from the underlying accusations found in cultural Marxism.

The intentions of cultural Marxists lead inevitably to the rewriting of history. Like Orwell’s dictum ‘he who controls the past controls the future’, the Marxist ‘newspeak’ which emanates from the cultural Marxist warriors and believers, knows no limits. All previous experiences must be recast and rewritten. This is called in the intellectual circuit, ‘deconstruction’. This concept means that the cultural Marxist must take any experience, text, work, historical fact or occurrence; remove all truth and objective reality and insert the desired fantasy.

Thus do we find that the American founding fathers were contemptible racist slave holders; that the British empire invented slave trading; that pagan Indians were more intelligent and advanced than the conquering Spanish; that Shakespeare is about the suppression and even rape of women; that the Bible is racist and sexist; that the Muslims and not the Europeans created the scientific revolution; that blacks never engaged in war; that Communism was a noble experiment perverted by a few leaders; and that all non-White societies were peaceful, loving, caring and in harmony with nature. All of the non-white male world is thus a victim. These ravings are deemed to be enlightened, factual and politically correct. They are of course, anti-modern, racist, intellectualized junk.

The cultural ethos of Marxism is simply accepted by the average individual today as the natural state of affairs. But the development of the elite’s fascination with post-modern or anti-Western theories, and in particular the creation of a victim-culture, has its pedigree in the Marxist doctrines of the 1920s. In particular an Italian Marxist named Gramsci is the intellectual father of Marxism’s cultural philosophy. His anti-Western sentiments and ideas of cultural-revolution were accepted and developed by the socialist Frankfurt school of 1950; liberal and social-democrat parties on both sides of the Atlantic from 1950 until today; and by the entire elite-university-media complex. What was once a fringe Marxist cultural rant, is now mainstream culture.

The driving motive of cultural Marxism is the destruction of the West. Gramsci felt that the economic premises of Marxism were wrong and would never lead to the overthrow of Western society. As a committed Marxist he and his intellectual progeny, developed the theory of cultural destruction. The idea is simple and sound. If you want the West to collapse and be replaced with a Marxist or communal concept you have to detach the modern Western world from is cultural roots. This means eradicating the prevailing ideas and beliefs which animate the Western world.

The cultural annihilation proposed by Marxists is the overthrow of the Christian-capitalist ethos of Western states. Gramsci, the Frankfurt school, Marcuse, and other cultural Marxist revolutionaries believed that once you removed the cultural concepts of the Christian-capitalist philosophy which permeated Western states, you would have a good chance at taking over society from within. Cultural Marxism is a stratagem to eradicate the West, not through an international working class revolt, but by changing the ideas and concepts that under-gird the very institutions and mores of Western society.

So what was once a fringe movement by deranged and impoverished Marxists in the jail-cells of Europe, and in exile during the 1930s in New York, has come to dominate modern culture. Political correctness; rewriting of history; hatred of Jews and capitalism; disgust with American so-called criminality and imperialism; obsession with gay and lesbian ‘rights; hatred of traditional Western culture; scorn at the concept of the traditional family; revulsion at the unending litany of white crimes; contempt with all symbols of ‘white power’; and the creation of a victim culture has taken over the media, the universities and most of the political elite.

Ideas do matter and culture informs all. Maybe Nixon’s assessment, based on his pessimistic and brooding fear of cultural Marxism is accurate not just for Israel, but for Western civilization.

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