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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

Tempus Fugit Memento Mori - Time Flies Remember Death 

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Monday, October 2, 2006

Socialism in any of its many forms always fails

Socialism is as irrational and pagan a concept as Islam

by StFerdIII

Socialism is an ideological construct based on utopian concepts, cheap emotionalism and a rejection of reality. It is the ultimate form of irrational collectivism, ranking alongside paganism, Islam, and stone-age communitarianism, as an outrage against the Western Enlightenment tradition. In the West, Marxist ideals and organizations proliferate and dominate whole sectors including: unions, academia, protected industries, the media, and basically anywhere that the harsh reality of competition, flux, innovation and responsibility is kept at bay. Socialism flourishes in the minds of the weak, the powerless, the angry, the cosseted and protected, and the marginalized. It is a dangerous illusion with a long and sordid history. It is hard to believe that in an age of education inflation and availability to all, that Marxism and socialist theory not only are practiced, but still thrive.

Some variant of socialism has always permeated human organizational thought. Pre-modern pagan societies were by necessity communitarian. Survival depended on group and tribal cohesion in the face of a hostile nature and numerous enemies. As society developed from nomadic to settled agricultural communities individual responsibility became more important. In agricultural settings the ethos in a hostile, anarchic world would remain collectivist, but the beginnings of labor division, a political hierarchy, and decentralized economic and social activity were obvious. The tendency towards individualism and unit division of labor, all within definable social, economic and political processes has only accelerated as civilization has mutated from agriculturally based societies to the industrialized and information intensive modern age. Yet the allure of collectivism, protection, and socially guaranteed security and redistribution of wealth remains strong echoing the ideas of Plato, Christ’s Sermon on the Mount, Saint Simon, the Fabians, Robert Owen, Marx, Gorel, Rousseau, Gorky, Lenin, and the modern movements of social-democratism. It is an ill conceived evil that is hard to destroy.

The modern age developed enough technology and capital based processes which allowed the division of labor and individual responsibility within larger forms of economic and social development. Markets are the key precursors to having a democratic and orthodox liberal political system. The English Magna Carta agreement of 1215 was a political settlement recognizing the increasing wealth, economic virility and thus political power by the barons in their relationship with the King and state. Political plurality, democracy, and institutional development cannot occur without the development and creation of markets, price points, individual pursuit of profit and the allowance of trade, innovation and capital creation. Capital markets are prerequisites for modern democracy and force the creation of accountable and transparent political institutions. Without such developments capitalism is either constrained or perishes. Socialism of course is diametrically opposed to the chaotic world of orthodox capitalism and its political offshoot – liberal democracy. Given that the world is wealthier, cleaner, and better off today than at anytime in history this must strike the average observer as not only illogical, but perverse.

The modern world rejects the glorious history, rise and continuing development of the capitalist inspired Western Enlightenment tradition. Markets created the modern world. Even the Catholic church vilified as anti-rational and anti-capitalist is in fact historically and today, neither. The church was instrumental in forming capital pools that helped develop agriculture and industry especially after the fall of Rome in 476. Church capital allowed innovation and the development of techniques which allowed the so-called ‘dark ages’ to generate innumerable and important inventions ranging from the harness to eye-glasses. Architecture, guilds, pre-modern industry and education were all reliant upon church money and protection. The ‘dark ages’ were not dark – they are just not well documented, yet they teem with concepts and activity that presage the modern era. The creation of the modern capitalist economy has its antecedents in the middle ages and beyond.

Modern socialism and its stultifying and stupefying creed of paternal, elitist guidance, wealth redistribution and statist control was found in opposition to modern orthodox liberalism. As Europe went from a feudal society, to one founded on capitalism and political representation, the transition caused social and international change and conflict. Orthodox liberalism with its capitalism, free trade dogma and support for parliamentary and constitutional processes destroyed the old mercantilist, slave owning feudal structures of pre modern states. In any era of change dislocations will give rise to a counter ideology – in this case socialism and collectivism. From Dickens to Hobson and through to Marx and Lenin, and onwards to the modern 'social democrats' or 'liberal progressives', the socialist camp has created myths, complaints and utopian ideals all stemming from their perceived short comings of the new, or not so new, liberal world order. The fact that they and their modern socialist supporters have always been wrong is apparently unimportant to the modern academic and media mind. Socialism satisfies the basic emotional and child-like need for community and collective security and equality. It is a friend of power grabbing political opportunists. Like most infantile rages, it is dangerous and anti-modern.

Marx and Lenin were of course fantasists and probably more than slightly insane. Their theories were lies based on historical ignorance, distortions and bizarre dialectical concepts where history unfolds in some pre-determined manner [see Islam for similar nonsense]. What socialism amounts to is the following; the creation of an elite and a governing bureaucracy who plunder resources; enrich themselves and their supporters; establish control through appropriation of wealth and propaganda; and smash all centers of liberal-capitalist opposition including families, independent enterprises, independent education institutions and political expressions of freedom and accountability.

Socialism in its madness also has little practical concern for the ‘poor’. Poverty has been reduced to historical lows through markets, job creation, the pursuit of capital and wealth, and private charities and personal responsibility and caring. Statists and socialists care little for such concepts. Their base concern is to eliminate unfairness by making all relatively poor and this can only be done through a sensitive and caring elite. Socialist ‘sensitivity’ can be witnessed in the crimes of Hitler, Lenin, Stalin and the current obsession elites have with massive taxation, eco-cultism [climate change and assorted eco fascist ideals]; regulation and ever expanding government. The United Nations is just another expression of deranged Marxism with its focus on redistribution, debt forgiveness, and moral equivalency.

Socialism is an illness. It is the sick expression of modern dementia stemming from a rejection of the reality of the 5 senses. Like Islam it pretends to know all the answers. Like Islam socialism assumes that its dialecticism will conquer. Like Islam socialism mandates the creation of unaccountable and power mad elites who want to regulate society for their own benefit. Like Islam socialism rejects the Western Enlightenment tradition and demonstrates a puerile joy in racist anti-White, anti-Anglo creeds and tracts. Like Islam socialism wants to control, redistribute and remake the modern world. Like Islam, socialism in its modern form must be defeated. Like Islam, socialism is a dangerous intellectual madness that is anti-civilisational.

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