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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Monday, January 21, 2008

Free speech - but only if you agree with the State and the Muslims

Protecting Political Islam.

by StFerdIII

Statism is a disease. This malady manifests itself in the encroaching might of the state which is open to abuse and fraud. Consider the cornerstone of Western society, the ability to think and speak freely. This is now under attack through pre-modern 'Star Chambers', or government funded 'Rights' commissions. These are illiterate tribunals designed by government to crush dissent from what the state deems to be acceptable speech. It is something we would expect to see in an Islamic country, not a free Western one.

Throughout the West it is becoming a crime to criticise Islam. In the UK, Canada, and throughout most of Europe, hate-speech legislation has been specifically designed to protect poor, little Muslims from having their feelings hurt. In these socialiast-fantasy lands, Islam is portrayed as a faith, a religion of peace, and a cult of well-meaning intention. Criticising these poor little dears is not strictly forbidden.

But not criticising Western civilisation, whites, Christians or those dastardly Joos who build apartment blocks on Arab land! That is okay. You can call a white Christian male any variety of names. Some favorites are imperialist, fascist, red-neck, moron, racist and KKK member. Jews likewise get called all sorts of names. Like the white male Christian, most Jews just shrug off, or ignore these diatribes, as being expostulations of the ignorant and lame. They move on.

Not so the rational, peaceful, multi-cult loving Muslim. Oh no. Any perceived slight is met with tears, maybe outrage, perhaps violence, and increasingly – lawsuits. But not the expensive private kind of lawsuit. Oh no. Muslims avail themselves of the Orwellian state apparati known as 'Human Rights Commissions.' These are free, tax payer funded, and have absolutely zero cost at a personal, professional or legal level, for the aggrieved and very upset little Muslim. Poor little things.

Human Rights Commissions [HRCs] are the expression of statism run wild. All Western countries had in place before 1970 ample sets of laws and precedents protecting people – any people of any race, creed, or belief – from slander, libel, and hate. HRCs do nothing but usurp these laws.

They are staffed by non-lawyers, political appointees and the politically correct. They don't follow laws or due process. They usually convict whoever is brought before them. In Canada fully 100% of HRC cases have found the defendant guilty. Not bad. A 100% win rate is certainly enticing for Muslims to use as a process, to further their political agenda.

The basis of HRCs is profoundly insane. HRCs exist so that people don't have their feelings hurt. Across every country the HRCs are not there to uphold the laws [we have courts which do that]; but they exist to protect 'minorities' from being 'slandered' or unjustly attacked. Except for Jews, White Christian males and conservatives [a dying breed] of course. For those aforementioned groups please slander away!

In the Canadian system the pathetic nature of the HRCs is summed up by a main clause, which outlines the reason for their pathetic existence: 'Messages that make use of allegedly true stories, news reports, pictures and references to apparently reputable sources in an attempt to lend an air of objectivity and truthfulness to the extremely negative characterization of the targeted group have been found to be likely to expose members of the targeted group to hatred and contempt.'

Orwellian in the extreme. So if you quote from the Koran, an Imam, Islamic history, their websites, Al Qaeda pronouncements, taped messages from the local hysterical Mosque, Muslim demonstration speeches, Arab and Muslim government announcements, Arab and Muslim newspapers, or Muslims caught on TV or video; you can be held libel for hate speech. If you for example you quote Koranic Suras advocating the destruction of Jews, Christians, and misogyny against women, that is your fault. You can and most likely will be prosecuted for a hate crime.

If you write an article or a book and source it from Muslim sources and your spin is not hagiographical enough for the HRC censors, or their clients, those fun-loving, sensitive and deeply caring and concerned Muslims, you will be hauled before the Inquisition and questioned on your piety and devotion to the multi-cult state. You will be expected to bow on a bended knee to the whims and beliefs of the state and declare your eternal allegiance to state sanctioned thought and religion.

The fact that not a single Muslim, Imam, Mosque, or Islamic radical activist has been brought before the Tudor styled Star-Chamber is very telling indeed. Daily there are pronouncements across Muslim society in various forums, articles, sites, books, and gatherings which are treasonous, poisonous, racist and supremacist. Yet the HRCs and their state funded apologia remain stupidly inert against these travesties.

There is no chance that such inquisitions would be brought to bear against a fascist-paganism such as Islam.

If Muslims believe that their Arabian moon cult is a worthwhile spiritual endeavour, then they should attempt debate, conversation, rational discourse and take opportunities to convince. Instead they engage in adolescent tears, crying, fetal positions with their thumb in their mouth, and screams for mommy to help them. This is not a cult of intelligence, as much as a paganism of mournful, childish stupidity.

Islam and Muslims have murdered, since 9-11, over 250.000 people across the world, and injured a similar amount. Instead of pouting and running off to the nanny-state demanding a blue blanket and a bottle to suck on, perhaps Muslims might want to focus their efforts on reforming their cult and dragging it into the real world.

Or perhaps they have another agenda to push?

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