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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Hate Speech used by the Left

Conservative haters using words like fascism have no idea what they are talking about

by StFerdIII

Bush is a fascist. Blair is a fascist. The West is a fascist culture. The West kills. Before the white man only peace and harmony reigned. The Arab world is peaceful. Islam is an ideology of peace. Bush lied and thousands died. No war for Oil! The sloganeering left and sneering socialists long ago lost their collective minds. Now stupidity and ignorance leap into new territory to gain attention. Thus we have fascist conspiracy theories and fascist labels trotted out by those who are supposed to be sensitive, kind and caring. That such a collection of idiots can even utter such nonsense highlights a lot about the ongoing vilification and self-immolation that is occurring amongst the elite, the media and the university-professor crowd. It is not only embarrassing but dangerous.

For the uninformed fascism has some common elements none of which apply to the constitutional parliamentary systems found in the USA, Canada or Britain. To apply the emotionally and intellectually damaging label of ‘fascism’ to the Bush regime for instance, is to engage in a level of immorality that is dangerous to the serious prosecution of the war on terror not to mention damaging to common sense. Bush and the Western regimes have nothing in common with the pagan fascism of the Hitler or Soviet cults. To equate Western society with fascism is to ‘relativize’ the destructive regimes that murdered millions with our Western society which has liberated; saved and improved the lives of literally billions of people. It is outrageous that such comparisons are made.

Yet being made they are. Here are some choice examples of left-liberalism’s lost moral and intellectual compass:

-anti war protestors in major cities showing Bush with a Hitler mustache
-pro-ILLEGAL immigrant activists portraying Bush and other officials in a Nazi uniform
-Ward Churchill professor at the U. of Colorado calling Twin Tower workers little Eichmanns
-Cindy Sheehan long time anti-war activist calling Bush a fascist and a terrorist
-Michael Moore declaiming that Bush is a fascist killer of Iraqi ‘minutemen’
-Hysterical left wing Blogs saying that Bush and not Hussein, is the real fascist
-Leading Democrats calling Gitmo Bay a ‘gulag’ and equating the war on terror with Nazi expansion in Europe and beyond

It is hard to take these people seriously BUT 50 % or so of the population apparently does. Where do these people come from and what educational background and reading foundation can create such adolescent minds and automatons, so self absorbed and ignorant that it calls into question whether all adults should have the right to vote? In any event fascism which has always historically, albeit in many different forms been the default organization for society, has nothing in common with our Western civilization. Here are the main elements of fascism:

-Worship of one party or one leader
-Ideology and propaganda as reality
-The Cult as a religion
-Police control and terror
-Racism and Supremacism
-Cross class appeal
-Economic Autarchy
-Illiberal theories and hatred of the West
-Jihad, War and World Domination
-Inevitable collapse due to economic and moral stagnation

If you analyzed any of the main fascisms in history including; Islam, Nazism, Mussolinism, Communism or even present day China, you will find these common elements. And yes Communism is a totalitarian fascism that fits the above elements. If you swap Hitler’s absurd race theories with Communism’s classless society you have in effect the same regime and implementation of fascism. Islam is a pagan pre modern cult that again fits in nicely with the above elements.

To state however that Bush and the USA are fascist or that members of Canada’s conservative party are working towards a fascist state, or that right wing ideas are somehow fascist is utter nonsense. Fascism has nothing to do with ‘right wing’ or conservative concepts. Conservatism stands for limited government; freedom; economic exchange; a strong military; individual and civil rights; equality before the law and a recognition that the Western world is the greatest and most moral civilization ever wrought in the history of mankind. Fascism stands for the opposite. It is incredible that people, Hollywood airheads and media snots could even imagine that a man like G. W. Bush for whatever his failings, is fascist. Invading Iraq to protect national security interests and destroy a nexus of terror and evil is hardly representative of fascism or a pedigree derived from Hitler.

The left and the screaming socialists do themselves a hearty disfavor by engaging in such rhetorical and intellectual nonsense. You might proffer for instance, some good objections as to why invading Iraq is wrong. But then to leap over the fence of rationality and insist that Bush or any other conservative politician is trying to impose a Nazi regime just illustrates your vapidity and lack of self control. The Western world, including the US, stands in total opposition to the age old scourge of fascism. For the current generation to not understand this base fact makes on wonder about the intelligence level of our society and its educational and media institutions. It is even more obscene that 50 % or more of the modern nation state’s electorate votes for politicians representing such extreme mental paralysis. Yet this is what we have to fight. The domestic battle against extreme socialism and liberalism is just as vital to win; as is the external war against fascist, expansionary and quite pagan Islam.

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