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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It is not a suprise that Western socialists and liberals support Islam

Socialism and Islam have much in common

by StFerdIII

The left wing elements of the modern world, including academia, unions, bureaucrats, the media, political opportunists and self-appointed experts have always aligned themselves with fascism and totalitarianism. So it goes with Islam. It is a peculiar and perverse fascination. The two creeds – socialist Marxism and fascist Islam - have prima facie, nothing in common. Yet one common element unites these two perverse and destructive ideologies. It is their hatred of the Christian West and the modern world. In fact the ideology of Islam resonates with communitarian Marxism, and there is much in similarity between extreme socialism and the fascist totalitarian construct of an Islamic state. Indeed the entire Islamic world, save Iraq and Afghanistan now under Western imperial domination, is a broad and ugly swathe of Islamic Marxist orientation. Perhaps the Western left sees its salvation and continued relevance in the power of the Islamic model – which is another variant of extreme socialism.

A hatred of Christianity, modernity and individuality permeates both concepts. To the ignorant socialist and Marxist all capital accumulation is the work of criminals, mafia and exploitation. Surplus profits must be sent back to the workers or to the ‘raped’ territories of the third world. In the secular socialist age, Christianity is viewed with contempt and loathing. For the fascist Islamist the Chrisitian imperialist West including the Jews, are to be destroyed, since Islam is the only means of organizing men into a rigid, totalitarian and pre-modern state. Islam mouths the words socialists and Marxists cry to hear, ‘communitarianism, equality, no profits!’. It is these anti-modern and anti-Western platitudes that allow Western socialists to wave Hizbollah flags, march with Islamic organizations in Western cities that support terror groups and terrorist regimes, and demand through their media and political elite more Islamic immigration, more appeasement and a soft approach to the Iraqi and Afghani wars. The idea is that we better not make the fascists angry. Apparently this is why Hitler and Communism were defeated. Socialists would love nothing more than to destroy the modern world and Christianity. In this program they view Islam as an ally.

It is not hard to dig up Western panegyrics to ideologies that want to destroy freedom. Rousseau, Dickens, Marx, Hobson, Sartre, the Fabian society, John Reed [in his terrible Bolshevik paean still taught at Universities ‘Ten Days that shook the world’], Walter Duranty, J.M. Keynes, Galbraith, amongst innumerable other illuminati’s, down through to the modern fascist apologists and anti-Western idiot-savants such as the Guardian, New York Times, Ward Churchill, George Soros, and the UN, including countless politicians and action groups that vilify the West while giving support and direct aid to the enemy of civilization. As in conflicts with past fascisms most of the Western elite along with their socialist friends blame the West and its policies towards Islam for Muslim violence. A cursory reading of reality and history makes this absurd line of ‘reasoning’ nothing more than typical socialist, fatuous nonsense. Yet such stupidity drives the debate over our response to an ideology that has nothing to do with religious ideals.

The Democratic leadership in the US, the Liberals and NDP in Canada, the effeminate and hypocritical Social Democrats, Greens and other assorted Marxist imitations that dominate Europe, along with the usual cabal of alphabet soup media, all piously intone that it is the capitalist West and the Jews, that are fomenting Islamic unrest. From Jews building apartment blocks on barren hillsides, to Pope Benedict’s criticism of Islam [and then apologetic groveling], to the Iraqi war, it is the West, and only the West that wants war with Islam. In fact Islam, according to these beacons of intellectual greatness, has never been at war with the West. This illogic ignores rather incredibly, the bloody 1400 year Islamic jihad and the spread of pagan Arabism by sword and blood. The left wing liberal political elite and their media friends gently inform us that Islam has no problems with the West – just Western policy vis-a-vis Islam. This line of gibberish is fascinating in revealing the depths of ignorance of the left wing elite.

For most of its history Islam has rejected the overtures and intellectual clap-trap put out by Western socialists. Marxism was rejected in the Arab-Islamic world initially because it was godless. Socialism was perceived early in the 20th century by radical Islamists as nothing more than just Western imperialism in another guise. But over time this has changed. If you read the Koran you will find many references that fit in nicely with Marxist ideals. There are plenty of passages and strictures which reference collective ownership; socialized production; prohibitions against profit; jihad against infidels and Jews; and the strict enforcement of community principles and ideals in lieu of individual responsibility and initiative. Islam is the average socialist’s dream – society operating as a collectivity that follows orders from an elite.

In the modern era socialism and Islam have gone hand in hand. Certainly Islamists and jihadists have fought against Marxists and Communists in Afghanistan, Turkey, Algeria and elsewhere. But just as certainly we have in most modern Islamic states, a socialist orientation and Marxism now combined with Islamism to create a peculiar and lethal hybrid. In Egypt, from the death of Nasser in 1970 onwards, the regimes of Sadat and Mubarak actively encouraged the Islamisation of society, in part against armed Islamist groups, but also in conjunction with an ever expanding statism. It is hard to make the case that Egypt is not a socialist-state controlled entity. The Nasser model is replicated across the Muslim-Arab world. There is not one state under Islamic control in the modern world, which is not socialist in its internal orientation. Iraq and Afghanistan are the only exceptions – thanks to Western imperialism.

This is why the Western left wants Islam to win the war on terror. For them the Islamists are the under-dog, the little guy, fighting off imperialism and Halliburton, to make the world a better place. Marxists and socialists support Islamic groups and demand more toleration of the intolerant ideology of Islam simply because Muslims or large elements of that group want the destruction of the modern world. In the fog that surrounds socialist thinking it is the capitalist, modern world that is to blame for all the ills of life. In that sense the Western left has plenty in common with the fascists that drive forward the Islamic jihad.

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