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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

Tempus Fugit Memento Mori - Time Flies Remember Death 

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Friday, May 24, 2013

The banality of cults from Darwin to the State

The word stupid does apply.

by StFerdIII

 The lunacy of modern cults.

Cult of Darwin

Evolution is simply the cult of stupid. It has to be said. It is just stupid. No proof whatsoever exists to support it. Geology, the fossil record, DNA construction and common-sense tells you that Darwin's cult is a laughingstock. Darwin a clergy-school drop out and fantasy novelist, was a product of the mid-19th century's obsession with phases, stages, universal theories, stability and progress. Hence Hegel, Marx, Darwin and later the Russian National Socialists [Communists] and the German National Socialists [Communists] developed inane and scientifically putrid dogmas on how the world, society and politics 'evolve'. Like these other phase-theories the core of the cult of Darwin is a theology which degrades the human, minimizes the incredible products of nature, minimizes rationality, eschews science for rhetoric and relies on tautology as 'proof' [There is no God, therefore 'evolution' is true.]. The basic Darwinian premise that complex DNA happened by chance in a soupy mixture and then was 'organized' through time, random chance, genetic mutation, natural selection and other buzz-words and empty hyperbole; into sponges, then flat-worms, then amphibians, then reptiles, then mammals, then lemurs and chimps and finally into humans is so banal, unsupported, irrational and contrary to the evidence, that one can only assume a high degree of insanity in the holder of such a cult ideal. That is why it is taught as 'fact' by the school-system. Indoctrinate the kiddies. Debase the human. Elevate the cult.

Cult of Abortion

1 million foetuses, known as humans, are killed each year in North America. This cult of convenience conflates 'rights' with murder. This is one reason why Rome fell. I would wager that 99% of pro-abortionists are members of Darwins's cult in which the human embryo is really a salamander, or a reptile, or a flatworm, or a sponge, or a mass of 'tissue' until some magical moment like the day before conception, when suddenly it is a human. Ergo murdering the salamander or whatever the 'thing' is inside the uterus is fine. Pace Gosnell and the murder factories in Canada and the US, it is 'justified' to kill a baby born, crying on the table if the female does not want it. This is deemed a 'right'. It is a woman's prerogative after-all to 'manage' her own body even if that involves murdering a live child. The war on the human foetus and new-born is fine. God or Darwin forbid there should be a 'war' on 'female rights' and a recall or restriction on murdering humans. [But don't ever kick my dog or you will be sued under animal rights law].

Link [here] to the 'original' Roe of Roe vs Wade 1973 [ie the murder bill], who is for the record, a convert to Christianity and an anti-murder/abortionist. In fact contrary to media claims, she was never raped and never had an abortion, she was just a stooge for the femi-nazi and statist cults which hate humans and want to divide society into little groups to be managed or set against each other [war on women blah blah].

Cult of Warming now the Cult of Change

I would assume that 99% of Darwin's cult belong to both the cult of abortion and the cult of climate warming or changing [the Warmists like to change their story to avoid reality]. The trace chemical Co2 is 95% emitted by Gaia and is 4/100 of 1 % of atmospheric gases – in other words nothing. Using the logic of the WarmingFascistas we need to kill Mother Earth to save her. Co2 is a cooling, not a heating agent. There is no 'greenhouse'. If there was there would be no life on earth.

Ice ages are the climactic norm and we are heading into a cooling trend, not a warming or 'changing' trend as predicted by the pathetic 'models' of the corrupt and greedy cult of warm.


March 2013 – The Little Ice Age should be the story of the century, yet it’s only being announced quietly by climate scientists and solar physicists. Not a word is being mentioned by the mainstream media, who had a hand in selling the Global Warming propaganda that has become irrelevant as we slide into colder climate.

US solar scientists have announced years ago that the sun appears to be headed into a lengthy spell of low activity, which means that the Earth is far from facing a Global Warming catastrophe and actually headed into a Little Ice Age.

According to geophysicist Victor Manuel Velasco Herrera at the University of Mexico, in about 5 years the “Earth will enter a “Little Ice Age” which will last from 60 to 80 years and may be caused by the decrease in solar activity.”

The geophysicist slammed the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), saying their stand on global warming “is incorrect because only are based on mathematical models and presented results at scenarios that do not include, for example, solar activity”.

Cult of Islam is Peace

I would guess that 99% of the cult members of Darwin, abortion and warming also believe – rabidly – that Islam is peace, love and harmony. It all ties in together. Hate the human, especially the white-man, venerate the evil, diabolical, the murderous, the strange. At their core, members of these cults are self-loathers and irrational anti-realists. [But they do believe they are very clever of course.] Moslems over 1400 years, have slaughtered in their Jihad against the 'Unbeliever', some 150 millions or more. This is only surpassed by Socialists [National and Communist] and perhaps the Mongols if we toss in the plagues they carried into Europe. Islam's war against the rest is an established fact of the Muhammadan cult, embedded in the handbook of hate named Recital or the Koran; and the other main artifacts of Moslem cult theology. Every single Moslem outrage, attack, and barbarism is met by the Western media and members of the above cults with spin, yawns, indifference and lies. Adding to the stupidity are immigration systems which can't seem to satiate their appetite for members of the anti-Western, anti-Christian Meccan cult. Building the enemy from within is not highly intelligent, nor is transferring to them Trillions of dollars in oil payments, and welfare-handouts via the UN or 'development agencies'.

Cult of Gay

Members of the aforementioned cults would certainly be members of the queer cult. Lies such as the queer gene, or being born this way [maybe 1-2% of gays are born that way]; permeate the media and educational systems. Queerity is largely psychological, cultural and environmental. But today it is not only mainstream but superior. What better way to tear down the traditional family, and change the culture than by imposing deviant sexual practices on the young and suffuse the pop culture with the same and declare with a happy face the morbid lie that Queers are the best parents and the smartest, happiest people in history ?

Cult of Government:

Darwin, abortion, warming, Islam is love, queerity – these cults are all part of the cult of the State. The largest religion in the world is that of worshipping the state. The state uber alles and the cult which runs that state prima inter pares. The communal triumphant over the lowly stupid ape-man. In this vein Christians are vapid idiots, Christian civilization a joke and non-sequitor; Moslems and 'exotics' serene, sophisticated, civilized; and the earth Mother the true goddess. Since humans are one step removed from apes, it makes it easier to slaughter their young, manage their lives, impose the state on their primitive tendencies, and erect fantasies to neuter such things as individualism, the family, babies, heterosexuality, and cultural differences. After-all why should the communal trust an evolved sponge?

The collapse of civilization due to these cults is just a matter of time. That after all is the whole purpose of their construction. Who says 'evolution' is progressive ?

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