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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Monday, April 25, 2005

The Sickness and Immorality of Anti-Americanism

A cultural Marxist disease.

by StFerdIII

Anti-Americanism is the premise of the Canadian state. Canada does not offer a vision; a meaning; a life-force of its own. It is a state-managed, state-oriented, weak and insecure country. The insecurity and infantile nature of Canadian politics and of the general Canadian mind is evidenced through the virulent and disruptive anti-Americanism that plagues all levels and all aspects of Canadian society. It is a disease that harms the country and reduces it to a middling midget, bereft of self respect and international relevance. The latest manifestation of Canadian immaturity is rejecting the US ballistic missile defense system. That such an insipid and egregious mistake can be made by Canadian politicians only highlights the moronic, weak and effeminate nature of ‘Canadiana’.

As Michael Coren so aptly stated a few weeks ago, the pathology of anti-Americanism represents mediocrity and smug stupidity – not pride.


“At its most innocuous, it is a mere insecurity about our southern neighbours. At its most repugnant, however, it is publicly funded mediocrities screaming abuse at a great and noble nation because their own self-esteem is so fragile. With a malodorous stew of ignorance and malice, they pump Canada at the expense of deflating the United States.

They say that we are about peace and they are about war. Nonsense. We haven't been able to keep the peace for years even if we'd wanted to do so. We haven't the aircraft or the equipment. It's the Americans who send most of the aid and keep most of the peace.

They say we are informed and intelligent, they are insular and foolish. Harvard, Yale, Princeton and a plethora of world-class universities. Nobel Prize winners by the dozen, internationally renowned scientists, scholars and sages. Goodness me, they even produce better anti-Americans than we do.

They say we are sophisticated, they are dumb. Yet they have more symphony orchestras, more theatres, more libraries, more museums per head than we do in Canada.“

Indeed. In fact you can add other items to Mr. Coren’s list. There is more petty crime per capita in Canada than in the USA. More Americans go to college than Canadians. Americans earn 30 % more than Canadians and have living standards 25 % above the Canadian average. Americans give 3 times more to charity than Canadians and they read more books per annum than Canadians. Americans debated Kyoto in their Senate chamber and House. Canada had no such debate and has signed a ridiculous non-scientific accord that Europeans wanted to use to equalize their energy cost disadvantage with the USA. Further the noble Canadians free ride of the US Health Care technology sector, its drug and pharma sectors and of course the US military. It is hard to comprehend the adolescent meaninglessness of a nation that steals another state’s assets then pronounces itself superior.

Yet in the virtual reality of Canada’s little universe none of the above is well known nor mentioned in the state dominated media cabal that passes for informed debate in Canada. The depth of general ignorance in Canada is rather astounding. Government managed sectors, socialized programs, socialized education, massive redistribution programs and state sponsored and affiliated media ensure citizen compliance and ignorance. It is a society that stands for nothing positive – no dream, no vision, no emotional declarations of ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’, but a state built on negativity – what it is not, and what it does not like. Worst the philosophy is extended into smarmy, smug sanctimonious rhetoric. We are not American, therefore we are great. The vapidity of such philosophical drivel is overpowering.

The Economist magazine – a purportedly ‘right of centre’ newspaper that is sounding more like a Democratic party rag each month – did a study on anti-Americanism across the globe. It states nothing new but what it does not state reflects more than what it does report. The Economist totally misses the ‘free-rider’ issue of international relations and the impact that this has on the American political system. The US colossus which has stronger productivity, stronger economic growth and more innovation than anywhere on the planet is being ravaged by free – riding ‘allies’. The free riding takes various forms:


-Economic protectionism by allies. For instance in Canada whole industries such as banking, transport, communications, agriculture, utilities and power, are off limits to large foreign investments. Canada and other free-riders gain access through sectoral trade agreements to the US market while protecting their own ‘key’ industries.

-Military reliance on the US [in Canada Federal spending has increased 50 % in the last 10 years while defence budgets have been cut by 40 %]. If you were to normalize Canadian military spending [assuming Canada was a grown up country], you would have to triple the military budget or add $20 billion per annum. Suddenly Canadian ‘surpluses’ ie. Over-taxation are now deficits.

-Health costs. Socialized medicine precludes any form of service or technology competition. The importation of US drugs ensures that Canada forces the US to realize the gains or losses from pharma production.

-International costs and peacekeeping. The US is the biggest funder by far of the United Nations and all international aid programs, far in excess of what Canada contributes on a per capita basis or most EU nations as well.

-Currency manipulation. Canada still only has an 80 cent dollar and this will decline for various reasons to 75 cents or so this year. Such a weak currency supports exporters that support the Federal liberal party and it punishes consumers and other businesses. In Europe you can count on a weak Euro policy in the future as the EU tries to stimulate exports and gives up trying to be the international reserve currency of the anti-American group.

The hegemon over time grows weary of these costs. Historically this has happened after a period of war, dislocation and trouble. In a world of terror we are now experiencing the US growing tired of the strident rhetoric and large costs in propping up defenceless free riding nations like Canada and those in the EU. The costs of shrill anti-Americanism are trade disagreements, closed borders, and eventually a cessation of cooperation on international matters. In such a case scenario Canada’s standard of living will fall, and its economy will experience disruptions and in some sectors contractions and its international relevancy will be completely marginalized. Only US foreign investment in obtaining a cheap dollar location for product re-export back to the US will prop up areas of the Canadian economy.

Canada begins to stop its free riding habits, curb its anti-Americanism and establish adult principles of action and purpose the US has no choice but to ignore, than slap around its smarmy northern neighbor. The US is not perfect, but the Americans have many things right. Instead of adolescent posturing and infantile rhetoric Canada should pay its own way in the world, invest in the military, understand that security is the number one issue in the US and work with the Americans with respect and comprehension on a range of issues from trade to fighting terrorism.

Then again
Canada is a socialist country with a 40 year tradition of state sponsored nonsense and free-riding habits. As long as self serving opinion polls are anti-American then Canada will continue to be a small minded nation of mediocrity.

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