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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

Tempus Fugit Memento Mori - Time Flies Remember Death 

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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Why are Liberals and Socialists so Intolerant and ‘Illiberal’

The hypocrisy of the screaming Left

by StFerdIII

Someone should remind the tearful, nature loving left-liberals, that they are supposed to be tolerant. Apparently in their hysterical myopia, tolerance and debate is now viewed as ‘too nuanced and illiberal’. Currently we can see such maudlin, desperate figures in left-liberalism, as screaming Howard Dean chairman of the Old Democratic party; the pleading, sweating, repetitive Paul ‘clearly this is a Canadian value issue’ Martin the Prime Minister of the Quebec Mafia Gang that runs Canada; the arrogant insufferable Dominque de Villepin Prime Minister of faded fractious fainéant France; and their assorted allies in academia, ‘rights’ lobby groups, the gays and lesbians, the UNO and the media, all joined by a single overarching principle – Intolerance.

Intolerance is shown in many ways – in universities, in the media, and in political contests. In fact intolerance is shown in so many ways that a forest of books from former Marxist now Conservative writer David Horowitz, to Ann Coulter [god bless pretty Conservative blondes], to Victor Hanson, to Bernie Goldberg formerly of CBS, and many others, exist showing the dementia, and intolerance of left-liberalism and the left managed media. Gone are the days of JF Kennedy’s brand of big L liberalism – a strong military, lower taxes and an ‘inclusionary’ civil rights vision, or of Lester Pearson in Canada with a potent military, cautious spending, international institutional building while maintaining close alliances with Britain and the USA, or the forward looking Schuman of France using liberal markets and politics to pull together a divided Europe. Nothing like these forward thinking figures exists today in the left-liberal world.

There are no grand visions of life, liberty or intelligence which bind liberals today. There is no moral, philosophical unity of purpose or ideal. There exists in the left liberal view only, violence, petty hatred, ideas on the government ownership of society and the slapping down of debate. For the Western world, this is a catastrophe. The incredibly ironic outcome of fighting and winning three world wars is that government control, ownership and media manipulation informs all Western societies. Freedom is precious and if the small minds of the majority civilian population won’t push back against big-statism, then government will delightfully keep tearing away at private rights, property and freedoms until little is left. Political scientists call it ‘bureaucratic momentum’. Thus three world wars wasted. I call it the socialisation of the mind via the corrosive effects of screaming left-liberalism, which reduces citizens to non-thinking robots. On a grander scale it leads to fascism – the petty type which exists in
Canada – or the larger more lurid genre that dominates Russia.

Liberals hate debate. They hate answering to facts. They deplore logic. For liberals there are two important concepts: 1. Process is more important than outcome and 2. Caring is more important than resolving real issues. Arguing with liberals is impossible – they are entirely emotional and non-intellectual. If you are against gay marriage, which one can be for a whole variety of political-social-familial-tax related issues, you are branded a bigot and a neo-con. If you want to reduce taxes, you are demonised as being uncaring or a filthy rich narcissist. If you believe that school choice is valid, you are labelled an elitist. If you question supporting the corrupt UNO, you are vilified as pro-American. If you believe Islam and the
Middle East need reform you are a racist and baby killer. If you question why government needs to keep growing you are denounced as irremediably fascist and egotistical. If you mildly inquire into the immigration system’s dysfunctional nature you are obviously anti-multicultural and racist, obviously in immediate need of sensitivity training [given by lisping instructors wearing flowered shirts].

But liberals of course can do and say what they please. Ward Churchill, a lying useless so called Native professor can describe 9-11 victims as little Eichmans and still teach. There is nary a word in the liberal media on what a jerk and moron such a man must be. The New York Times can run 34 consecutive front page Abu Ghraib editorials, but during the 1990s hardly make a mention of Hussein’s 300.000 victims, or the infamous UNO ‘Oil for Food Scam’ which put billions into Hussein’s and the terrorists pockets while thousands of kids died from lack of food and medicine. Howard Dean and the Old Democrats can call their opponents ridiculous names with nary a dissent from the media and oftentimes applause. Paul Martin in
Canada can ignore his Parliament and the Constitution and use the government dominated media to demonize his opponents and evade an election against a corrupt government – and top national polls. Putin in Russia can use the media and judicial system to slap down, arrest or exile anyone opposing his Stalinist regime and attain 80 % approval ratings. The EuroCat elite can ignore what the common citizen is saying and push on with their 500 page nonsense of a Constitution, stuffing it down the electorate’s throat until they get the results they want in having a politically unified and morally bankrupt Europe. All the while socialising their little citizens through media, education and propaganda on the virtues of a Continent with no job growth, no economic growth, no military and corruption that makes the Liberals in Canada look like girl scouts [well that is a pretty close description in many ways].

It is hard to understand what the leftists now want in the world. The only thing I can think of is complete submission by the individual to the state. Oh I know they preach Global Warming baloney, that the UNO is great and good, that big government is moral, that socialised medicine is compassionate, that appeasing Islam is mandatory, that gay marriage is obvious, that political corruption is cool, and that there is morality or good and bad, that life is relative and that all cultures are equal. Yes I receive those messages. Yet I am still awaiting to be enlightened and uplifted by this philosophy. Maybe a Gay Papua New Guinean, writing as well as Shakespeare, while on Sabbatical in
North Korea, while studying the Koran and listening to old Stalinist speeches and watching Hitler reruns, can inform me of the chosen path and teach me why his society has never produced anyting of use. From my vantage point I can only see that the creation of the modern world has been made through Orthodox, Judeo-Christian virtures and Western enlightenment and Western dominated historical development. Call me crazy but I don’t see anything different from the big statist, loony left liberalism today, that has not been tried and failed in the past.

But then again I am just a stupid white heterosexual male who does not read the New York Times, dance in homo-erotic parades or recite the Koran by heart. Shame on me.

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