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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

Tempus Fugit Memento Mori - Time Flies Remember Death 

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Top Ten 2010 Resolutions to become a valued Marxdroid-Diversity-Intolerant robot!

Government demands it. So does Oprah and the Black Jesus.

by StFerdIII

To be a good statist-governmental knave you have to follow the patterns of pop-mainstream culture. Cultural patterns determine a lot in the world. When the trend is towards blatant state power; collectivity; pagan irrationality; Mother Earth worship and a hatred of anything to do with markets, freedom, thinking, independence, military preparedness, or civilization – than heck why not join the fun ? Why not engage in self-loathing, historical rewriting and Oprah inspired mindlessness ? Here are the top ten things that any person who is not yet a knuckle dragging ignorant Liberal-Marxist can do to rectify their obscene sense of independence and non-conformity.

Resolutions to join the cultural mainstream:

  1. Join a human-hating cult. Death cults are the rage. Islam the 5.000 year old Arabian moon and death cult is now declared to represent 'peace' ! Why not join the fun ? Revisionist historians will soon be saying the same about the Marxist inspired Fascisms of Nazi Germany and Lenin's Soviet model. Hating humans is cool. The more dead humans the more fun life is ! Join now don't wait.

  1. Support Mother Earth no matter how irrational the project is. Hating humans is not enough. You need spiritual fulfillment and enlightenment. Mother earth is your Goddess. Worship her. Love her. Do everything for her and if she has pity on you she might not destroy your children's, children's future. 

  2. Scream and yell everyday during 2010 that Globaloney Warming is real. Even if 875 records for cold temperature are set in December 2009, and even if Co2 which is a natural chemical necessary for life and is only 1 % of all gases in the atmosphere and which has no impact on climate; and even if all the Globaloney Warming claims were based on criminal, fraudulent lying data which benefited the UN, and its supporters; and even if L Ron Gore the eco-whore is a clueless idiot; you must ignore reality, the last ice age, the fact that Co2 levels are at their lowest in millions of years and chant each and every day, “Globaloney Warming is real”. You will feel much better and morally superior.

  1. Buy the Mother Earth tshirt, hat and bumper stickers. This will soon be a new law anyways. You have to wear shirts with logos such as “Kill all the children and save Gaia” or hats emblazoned with “Abortion is a Mother Earth right”, or bumper stickers with “The Earth is your mother.” All denote a person of massive intelligence and moderation. 

  2. Pray to the Prophet Obamed every night. Get down on your knees like a luckless moron and pay homage to the greatest God in history. A man who supersedes Zeus and Christ. The most perfect divine creation. Thank the Great Man for coming to cleanse your sins, and save us all from ourselves.

  1. Set up an Obamed shrine in your house. All Western celebrations from Easter, to Thanksgiving, Christmas and national holidays must be recast as incantations to the genius of the 1/3 Black Man from Hawaii who represents the superiority of minority, diversity in the face of white cultural oppression and unmitigated societal Fascism. 

  2. Watch the Mainstream Media every night and practice your hate scream. Only the BC or BS [pun necessary], networks can be viewed and of course the ultimate pop-stupidity - Oprah. You will believe everything they tell you – and repeat it as fact while flicking your hair. Hating markets, white men, individualism, America, Christians and Jews is mandatory. To confirm your intolerance you must scream for 5 minutes at the TV at the mere mention of any of these words – code of course for white man Fascism. How disgusting it all is. 

  3. Watch Gay porn. State schools show grade 6 students gay porn in order to sensitize them to sexual 'differences'. Why not you ? Gay porn can be a family event. Forget movie night. Have instead Gay porn night and celebrate with your family the grandeur of anal and lesbian sex. You will feel more sophisticated and cultured for doing so. 

  4. Kill a Jew or Christian. Arab culture is supreme – the Arabs and Muslims invented civilization or so the really smart people keep saying. So why not join in and get involved ! Arab culture has murdered millions of Jews and Christians in the past 1400 years – why not add to the total ? Jews and Christians are cult worshipping idiots aren't they ? Unlike Muslims, Obama-supporters; Globaloney Warming fanatics; Scientologists or Marxist-Feminists, the Jews and Christians are irrational, devious little demons plotting to run the world ! Kill a few and spill their blood to cleanse the world's pain ! Kill early, kill often ! 

  1. Demand more socialism and higher taxes. Who the hell needs freedom ? What a waste of time. Health care and large swathes of every market are government run or controlled. Government is moral, indifferent, caring, and concerned about you. Government loves you! We need more neo-Platonic love from the state. More love is good. Ergo more government is better. Socialize everything dammit and raise taxes to do so. The really smart people tell us that high taxes and government ownership lower costs, and make everything more efficient. So just do it !

10 easy steps and 10 facile resolutions to join the mainstream idiot parade. Who doesn't want to belong ? Community and mass sentiment are so warm and inviting. Individuals are evil. Markets immoral. All businesses corrupt. Whites racist. Christian and Jews pale in cultured sophistication and intelligence to the Arab moon cult. Science should be irrational paganism. Mother Earth is supreme.

The above program will ensure that you fit right in to the chattering stupidity of pop and mainstream culture – everyone's aspiration of course. Think not. Just act now !


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