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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

Tempus Fugit Memento Mori - Time Flies Remember Death 

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Friday, January 2, 2009

The very confused and disturbed modern Liberal-socialist mind.

Hypocrisy, illogic, and immorality. Let us count the ways.......

by StFerdIII

Modern day 'liberalism' which is a pot-pourri of cultural marxism, relativism, socialism, class warfare ideology and of course eco-fascism is a disturbing and confused rubble of ideas and non-beliefs. For the chattering spitting modern liberal the modern world is a disaster to be made pure and whole through governmental action, eco-fascist cultism, and a return to the splendid days of pre-modern elitist rule. Liberalism is more than a mental disease – it is a societal disease.

These small mental and cultural progeny of lunatics like Nietzsche, Sartre, Derrida, Gramsci, Lenin, Marx and the various priests of the eco-cult, are as much a danger to civilisation as those wonderful Muslims who maintain that 7th century pagtan Arab development is the apogee of man's progress. Modern liberalism is the addiction to state power; socialised economics; class warfare, identity politics, race baiting, a hatred of white Americans and Jews and perforce capitalism, and a fascination with fascism in any garb including Islamic theocracies or failed dictatorships like Chavez, Castro, or the KGB now retarding Russia's development by one generation.

There are innumerable ways in which one can reveal the deep bathos of confusion and illogic, in the illiterate dogma of modern socialism and liberalism. On any issue the modern liberal-socialist is as about as clear as Obama trying to answer a question on economics or foreign policy; or about as intelligent as Al Gore opining on a topic he knows nothing about [ie. climate or just about any topic for that matter]; or about as truthful as Hillary Clinton ruminating about how fast she pushed her fat decrepit body under heavy Serbian sniper fire in Bosnia. Liberals are liars and ignoramuses and need to invent stories to hide what little they don't know.

The modern liberal is thus probably clinically insane. He, she or it [metrosexuals are usually quite liberal], display an unlimited capacity to lie, and widespread affectations of anger, rage, and ignorance suffused with bi-polar tendencies, and possessing multiple and conflicting personalities. How can one say this? Let us count the ways – only some mind you – and certainly not all.

The Poor:
Liberals and socialists waffle on about saving the poor. Yet few liberals and socialists are themselves poor, and the policies they prescribe – protectionism, government regulation, higher taxes and more government program spending – hurt the poor the most. Improved trade over the past 20 years for example, has resulted in an average savings of $9.000 per family. Liberal reply? Stop trade, shut down NAFTA and protect our workers!

Poverty rates:
These have collapsed since 1950 from 25% of the population to 5%. Yet the modern liberal addicted to class warfare, continues to lie, distort, and demand that poverty rates are higher. Liberal politicians and their socialist friends are not concerned about the poor per se, but more about increased government power and keeping the massive poor-homeless-social welfare industry in good health. This industry after all is instrumental in keeping class warfare rhetoric alive, and is a large financial supporter of left-wing politicians.

Free speech:
Liberals and chattering socialists believe in free speech – as long as it is the kind they like. Any speech opposed to their dogma or which criticisizes their chosen political projects such as Gays, Muslims, minorites, or women who want abortion on demand [ie who want to murder children], are to be denied free speech. Human Rights charters and commissions are government interventions to limit free speech and impose state propaganda and mind control. But don't worry the sputtering modern liberal will demand that you agree that he, she or it, believes in freedom!

The military:
Modern socialists and liberals rose up in the 1960s and basically demanded an end to the military in all advanced countries. Outside of the US they got what they wished. For the modern liberal the world is one big happy family; there is no evil; the Jews are to blame for the 1400 year Muslim jihad; and Musliim terror, Iran, and regional dictators and insane nationalist leaders do not exist. For the diseased liberal the military is equated with fascism [a very stupid analogy], though a cursory glance through history would reveal that defenceless nations are not only powerless and leaderless, but they eventually perish. But don't worry liberals are really patriots and strong on defence.

Don't touch the lungless frog! But aborting fetuses on demand is fine! In North America 1 million fetuses are flushed down toilets and thrown into the garbage every single year. This is the largest industrialised mass murder in history. But hey stop driving your SUV mother earth has a fever! Nature to be loved, babies to be wiped out.

Liberals and socialists are largely anti-Christian but strongly pro-pagan. Earth cult worship is the oldest form of human organisation and it is in most ways deeply anti-human. Elevating natural life over human life was part of the Nazi creed [along with veggie diets and forced exercise]; and it informed the more bloody of human civilisations such as those of Carthage and the Mayans where humans were executed and their blood used to soak the soil to propitiate mother earth. Yet the modern liberal will profess that he, she and it, are obsessed with love, human welfare and little babies. Yeah sure they are.

Liberals love government and the more the better. But there are unintended consequences and trade-offs with big government that the little liberal mind can't comprehend. Raise taxes and tax receipts fall. Socialise health care and people die. Managed supply and price control products and the market collapses. Erect massive bureaucracies such as those which exist in Europe and your culture and society wither.

The dirtiest and most polluted tracts of earth lie were controlled by former or current Communist and Marxist regimes. The cleanest lie in wealthiest states. Modern progress and technology ensures a clean environment. Yet liberals would like nothing less than to eradicate industry, retard technology and stop progress by recreating massive state power. How this helps the environment or anything else for that matter including culture, living standards, innovation or morality is anyone's guess.

Liberals profess to be humble and moral. Reality reveals the opposite. Liberal elites are technocrats who wish to rule society and who view the common person as a sack of soap to be thrown around or more properly to be ignored. For liberals power and the tools which accrue with power is the important factor. Lies, immorality, anti-historical messaging and a colossal ignorance of facts and reality inform the modern liberal mind. They are in short, not to be trusted.

These then are just some of the ways that the confused, arrogant, chaotic and warped liberal-socialist mind displays the clinical symptoms of insanity. Is it any wonder that Barrack Obama the most marxist US politician since Jimmy Carter does not know the number of US states. For Obama and his liberal friends the reality that there are 50 states does not matter. If they say there are 57 or 607 than that is the right answer. If they say that Globaloney Warming, Muslims, Gays, the multi-cult club, and statist philosophy are to be believed, embraced, enshrined and protected, than that is the answer. Who are you, the little person, to comment on what these great minds think?

This then is the core of the liberal-socialist disease. It is an anti-humanist, anti-rational philosophy where humans are not humans but toys, and robots to be commanded and sneered at. Liberals actually hate human kind and despise modern civilisation. This will be their downfall. Anti-humanist and anti-civilisational programs never last, and never succeed.


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