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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Monday, June 12, 2006

The socialist mommy-state supports terror

Stop importing Euro-trash ideas and socialism

by StFerdIII

More than $4 million in welfare money was spent by Canadian taxpayers year to date to support the families and the 17 Muslim morons who had planned to blow up downtown Toronto. Yet according to the multi-cult loving Canadians, the 17 Muslims arrested for desiring to blow up downtown Toronto and murder thousands of people, have no ties to religion, similarity in background or common elements in their group’s makeup; which would allow authorities to use the words, ‘Islam’, or ‘Muslim’. I guess the same UN-loving, multi-cult mentality would apply to any and all white Christians who might be arrested in the future for planning to blow up large parts of a major city center. If all of the 17 terrorists were named Jesus I am sure the media would have little problem in implicating the evils of Christianity as being behind the terror plot. Yet the Canadian happy talk chatter is just symptomatic of the mental and spiritual contempt the elite and media have for Western civilization, reality and their love for the pagan fascism, called Islam, that threatens our very existence. Kissing the UN and the Euro-trash model of multi-cultism leads to fractured societies; corruption; hypocrisy; weakness and ultimately surrender. Look at Europe and witness how its mommy-state funds Islamic terror. This is the model the UN loving Canadians want to follow. The mommy state so assiduously developed by ignorant Europeans as a ‘third’ way between Americanism and Communism is a financial, cultural and moral failure. Look at the facts and don’t repeat the Euro-fantasist’s mistakes.

In Europe with a population now of 380 millions, 40 % of welfare payments go to Muslims who comprise about 10 % of the population. Many Muslims assume 2 or more identities to access what they consider to be a ‘legal tax’ on the infidel. Mosques in Europe preach that this legal tax or ‘jiyza’ is payment owed by the cross-worshippers to Muslims and that the Euro-welfare system must be plundered as part of the tax payments non-Muslims owe to Muslims. Welfare funds for children are routinely corrupted as well. A majority of Muslim families will send little Ahmed or little Fatima back to the home country for Koranic schooling, usually lasting many years. The Euro mommy-state then sends many and sundry payments for child support while Fatima becomes brainwashed in an airless hole of a madrassa somewhere. Upon returning 5, 10 or 15 years later she will of course bring a spouse from her native land – in an arranged marriage typically to a cousin. The welfare cycle then repeats itself. If you think this is a fantasy then do some primary research on this phenomena – over ½ of European Muslim families are developed along the lines of this model.

Thanks to spousal and family ‘reunification’ plans most EU Muslims are not Westernized but radicalized Islamists. They have no interest in Western culture, history, ideas, language, jobs or the concepts that have shaped the successful modern Western nation state. They are fundamentalist Muslims. This carries on through the generations. Thanks to the Euro-nonsense mommy state Muslims of any generation do not have any obligation or reason to integrate into their host nations. Thanks to Euro-money which funds Mosques, Islamic schools and extended stays back in the home country the Islamic immigrant community imbibes hate filled spite about Western culpability; racism; intolerance; oppression and wickedness. Combined with the totalitarian message of the Koran and the anti-humanist elements of the Sharia ; Europe has concocted its own home-brewed Islamic 5th column dedicated to the establishment of a European caliphate.

Muslim hatred for the Europeans is plain to see. Two thirds of rapes in Denmark; Sweden and Norway are perpetrated by Muslims who are less than 10 % of the population. Gang rapes of Western ‘whores’ showing skin is common throughout Europe with the Islamists stating that women who are not covered are prostitutes and open to rape. Thousands of Muslim women are murdered in honor killings where an entire family will decide to murder a women who has somehow dishonored the family by not following the Koran; dating a non-Muslim or talking back to the parents in public. In some Dutch cities 80% of all violent crimes are committed by Muslims and in cities such as Rotterdam and Den Bosch more than 50 % of Muslim youth are involved in crime. Muslims account for 70 % of the prison population in Europe and these centers are hotbeds of radicalized Islamist propaganda. Unemployment across Europe for Muslims is close to 55 % or 60 % and the education drop out rate is just as high. Most Muslims in Amsterdam, Malmo, Stuttgart or Madrid do not speak the host language and openly disdain it.

In short the Muslims milk Europe for cash, send it home in some cases or use it to build the Islamic 5th column. Yet the Euro-elite with its insipid, moronic happy talk of the multi-cult club, racial diversity, political correctness and the ‘one world model’ refuses to accept reality, adopt policies to protect itself or even acknowledge a threat. This idiotic view of the world is uniform across Europe from the elitist snots running the EU’s 6 layered socialist, sissy welfare system, to the average guy in the street who gets his news from the state managed radio, TV or school systems.

The French Arab riots of last year are just a foretaste of what the mommy-state and sickness of the multi-cult mentality has to offer Western nation states. Top down socialism; no job growth; massive taxes; systemic government wide corruption; conformity; media disinformation; a culture of non-thinking automatons; an arrogant provincialism; a disdain for work, creation, innovation and advancement – this is what constitutes today’s European ‘culture’. Yes some nice old buildings, bricks and stones exist. But what has Europe produced since 1900? Fascism, communism, socialism, the United Nations, the Holocaust and now the Eur-Arabia axis dedicated to anti-Americanism, cheap nationalism and an ignorance of reality.

The Europeans and the Arab-Islamic model deserve each other. Both ‘cultures’ are based on fantasy ideals – the Europeans on their sophisticated disregard for reality and fixation on communal socialism – and the Arab/Islamic model focused on fascism, annihilation of rights and individuality and the subordination of men and women to a moon cult. If the Europeans don’t wake up soon they deserve their fate – to be the white Arabs of a new Muslim empire.

In the meantime politicians in Canada and the United States can stop importing Euro-trash political and social culture. Most of us want to remain free, open to intelligent ideas and focused on improving our lives thank you very much.

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