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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Saturday, April 14, 2007

5 good reasons to first halt then reform non-European immigration

National referendums are needed

by StFerdIII

No politician will ever utter the truth about immigration but the evidence is pretty clear. Immigration is a mess. Contrary to media myth and educational lore, immigration is not necessary to national survival nor is it a moral requirement. Immigration has always been based on 2 key principles; economic needs and cultural assimilation. The current immigration policy in Canada and the USA is broken; borders are unsecured; our cultures are being demeaned and changed beyond recognition; Muslims congregate in urban centers, many of them unsupportive of Western society; and our political-economic structures are being burdened. It is time to halt non-European immigration , though of course any reform is met with the usual mindless chanting about racism; intolerance or ignorance.

5 good reasons to stop the current immigration process:

1) A Nation
A nation is not a half-way house; a motel or a convenient low tax jurisdiction. A nation is blood, soil, history, culture and language. If any of these 5 elements are missing you don’t have a nation but an extended empire of some variety. If you mix these 5 elements by having for instance 2 languages, different blood lines and disparate cultures, you don’t have a nation but a polyglot confederation – doomed to eternal internal strife. A nation is a collectivity with deep roots founded on these 5 key elements. Current immigration policy in both the US and Canada ignores what makes a nation.

2) Assimilation
North America is not a place of immigrants. Until recently most North Americans were born in North America – in fact over 85% are native born. The lie that ‘we are all immigrants’ is tiresome. Sure past waves of migration over centuries developed the North American population. But human waves and migrations developed every country on earth. In North America, in times past, the immigrant waves of migration came from similar cultures, with similar mores, attitudes and ambitions and were premised on economic and cultural requirements.

The lie that we are all immigrants is oft-repeated. You might as well say that Germany is a land of immigrants since what now constitutes the Germanic group came from Eastern Europe, the Russian steppes and Central Europe to form a mixed population – now called ‘German’. North America developed a sophisticated and prosperous culture – due to assimilation in forcing people to conform to: British institutions; British values, British laws and liberal economic ideals. There is little here that supports the attitude ‘we are all immigrants so open the borders and let the human flood tide roll in.’

The greatness of North America in times past was that it took people from different lands and created Canadians and Americans. Yet those days are past. Current immigration is forcing us, the native born North Americans, to assimilate to immigrant culture in some romantic post modern fantasy of ‘multi-culturalism’. Sorry but cultures are not relative.

3) Culture
Cultural Marxism maintains that all cultures, ideas, thoughts, expostulations and brain cramps are equal – except white Anglo culture which is inferior, racist, degrading and evil. In this regard for example the black-culture of rap, ho-lyrics and violence is just as elevated as high culture, working, education, or reading something intelligent. Same for Islam – a political ideology of control, violence, intolerance and submission. For the multi-cult loving Marxists the world is one big happy family and culture is unimportant. Import people from around the world, allow them to settle in ghettos, allow them to keep their ‘culture’ and allow them not to integrate or support the majoritarian culture. This is cultural Marxism – the destruction of Western civilization through the perversion and erosion of cultural standards and intelligence.

After a few generations of such stupendous nonsense you don’t have a country but a collection of people living in a common zip code, with nothing in common.

4) Jobs
Immigration is a jobs program. In most major North American cities tens of thousands of immigrants collect welfare, use the educational system and health care systems, and have babies, all the while looking for work. As usual the mandarins in government, through inappropriate policy choices, have created a problem. They then assume a hubristic and moralizing air, and erect huge government programs to train and force employers to hire workers; design ‘rights and charter documents’ to ensure that ‘minorities’ get preferred treatment; and introduce ‘equity’ legislation to force companies to have ‘diverse’ workforces and hire immigrants.

To support these programs governments then use tax payer money to inform citizens that they are racist; sub-human and immoral for not fully supporting an immigration system they never voted upon, nor have any real understanding thereof. Immigration is a classic case of governments creating a problem, than spendiing other people’s money in trying to ‘resolve’ the issue by expanding governmental power.

It is obscene.

Immigration must fit the culture and job needs of the country. Any other form of immigration must be restricted. The lie that we need immigrants to sustain our economy is incorrect. We need productivity through technology and process improvements not more raw human labor. Standard of living is correlated with productivity and per capita generation not the number of heads. We also need a roll back of the mommy-state to reduce taxation and government burdens to allow people to be able to afford to have more than one child. [There is also a good argument to be made that a lack of faith leads to narcissism, pessimism and a decline in birth rates].

5) Security and Islam
Not all Muslims are terrorists but some simple facts are obvious. Islam has spent 1400 years invading any and all non-Islamic regions and has killed about 300 million people through war. Terrorism today is part of this 1400 year Jihad. Arab culture and Muslim culture have nothing in common with North American society. Islam is the anti-thesis and violent obverse of Christianity. Isolationists, socialists, Marxists, and anti-Western hystericals can deny that we are at war with Islam. But reality is factual – not abstract philosophies or UN mandates. Another Islamic attack in North America is just a matter of time. Unsecured borders, the flooding into our lands of Arabs and Muslims each year, and the cultural havoc wreaked upon for example Europe, by Islam must be prevented.

Islam and civilization have nothing in common.

These are 5 good reasons to first stop immigration from non-European lands into North America, and then to have a referendum on what type of immigration the people want. No-one in North America has ever voted for the multi-cult club. No citizen was ever asked on a ballot what type of immigration is best for society. Even after 40 years of socialist brainwashing I would bet that the multi-cult immigration strategy of unfettered 3rd world migration to North America, and especially Islamic and Arabic immigration, would be decisively rejected. The people want secure borders, the maintenance of our civilization and the ending of the tragically inane multi-cultural Marxist model.

The reasons to reform immigration are clear, rational and moral. We don’t owe the world our future. If we do then the rest of the world can reciprocate by building up prosperous, moral and wealthy societies and allowing North Americans to immigrate there with the ease that other people are allowed into North America. Until that time, the no-vacancy sign should be put outside the North American motel.

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